Fort Knox Commander

    As the BRAC changes continue at Fort Knox, I’ll use my column this week to let you folks know a little about what is changing at Fort Benning, Ga., and the Maneuver Center of Excell-ence.

    Many employees at Fort Knox have a decision to make about whether they want to move with the Armor School to Fort Benning.


    Blood Donor Recruiter

    Fort Knox Blood Center

    With more than 40 years of service to the military and the Fort Knox community, the Fort Knox Blood Donor Center will officially close its doors, forever Sept. 30, slightly more than a month away.

  • Dear Tara & Star,

    I was told that recently our education benefits have changed through the passing of a new GI Bill. Do you have a list of the new benefits? I am an officer and already have my degree; however I was told that I might be able to transfer my benefits to my spouse to go to college. Am I even eligible and is that possible?

    Dan; Fort Hood, TX; Active Duty Army; 10 years

    Dear Dan:


    Turret Staff Writer

    My commute from Louisville eats up about a quarter tank of gas per day. Actually, it’s a little less now that I cruise at a steady 54 mph on I-65, the Gene Snyder Freeway, and Dixie Highway.

     While slowing down to the recommended fuel-saving 45 mph would no doubt boost my mileage, getting in the way of 18-wheeled death isn’t worth the pennies

    saved. Tractor trailers can kill.

  • By KELLIE ETHERIDGE/Turret Staff Writer

    Circumstances recently forced me to enter an auto repair and parts store—I will refrain from saying the name to protect the guilty parties—and patiently waited for some assistance. When it was my turn, I said to the young man behind the counter, “You see that car out there?”

    His response: “Yeah, you need a new one.” 


    Fort Knox Commander

    As I prepare to take my daughter, Leslie, back to Kansas State University, I am reminded of the excitement that the new school year brings.

    It is a time of transition in our commun-ities as our children realize the days of summer are behind them, and it is time to meet up with their friends and teachers in the classroom and begin the learning process once again.


    Fort Knox Legal Assistance Office

    This month celebrates the 233rd anniversary of the Army Judge Advocate General Corps. In order to truly appreciate its role, it is necessary to look at the past and recognize the important responsibilities of judge advocates throughout this nation’s history.

    On July 29, 1775, Gen. George Washington appointed attorney William Tudor to his staff. This date is known as the birth of lawyers in the military and as the birth year of the JAG Corps.


    Fort Knox Commander

    I am pleased to announce that the ROTC and U.S. Military Academy cadets have successfully finished their summer training on Fort Knox, and I congratulate all those involved with hosting these events.



    True, my children were not actually conceived in the back seat of a moving vehicle, but they sure have been raised in one. That’s standard-issue for a military childhood, especially during the summer. If you aren’t in the middle of a coast-to-coast PCS move, then you are certainly visiting relatives who live as far away as humanly possible.

    We were doing both. So I snatched up this article in the local paper called “Traveling Happily With Children.” I was looking for insight. Inspiration.

  • By SPC.


    7th Military Public Affairs Division

    Despite the glare of the summer sun, about 70 Phantom Warrior troops from the III Corps Headquarters Command met at the Warrior Way Post Exchange before hitting the streets to emphasize motorcycle safety and awareness with a slow and steady ride July 3.

    The riders lined up in seven groups of 10 before heading out on their 22-mile trip to the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area entrance and back.


    Fort Knox Commander

    While Fort Knox has many facets to its mission, they all boil down to one focus—taking care of Soldiers. As the commanding general of the United States Army Armor Center and Fort Knox, I can’t imagine trying to accomplish that mission alone. Fortun-ately I haven’t had to.

  • Commonwealth of Kentucky

    Monday, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo took the lead in the promotion of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) safety statewide by completing his ATV certification training at the ATV Safety Institute in Knott County.

  • Installation Voting Information Office

    Where is my “legal voting residence?”

    For voting purposes, “legal voting residence” can be the state or territory where you last resided prior to entering military service or the state or territory that you have since claimed as your legal residence.


    Fort Knox Commander


    Brigadier General, U.S. Army


    Over the recent Independence Day holiday period, the active Army experienced zero recordable fatalities resulting from off-duty accidents. To put this into perspective, this is the first recorded fatality-free Fourth of July holiday period the Army has experienced since the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center began keeping records in 1974.

    Unfor-tunately, there were three reserve component, not in-duty status Soldiers, who lost their lives in motorcycle accidents.



    My mother knelt beside me on the carpet. This is never a good sign.

    In the past, this behavior usually meant that I was six weeks pregnant. Or that Mom was praying about my terrible habit of playing Quarters endangering my immortal soul. This particular day she was reading aloud to me from “Positive Living” magazine.

    Which was kind of worse.


    Fort Knox Commander

    Like many others on this post, I’ve been here a couple of other times in my career. I was here as a new lieutenant in the 1980s and again a few years ago as the deputy command-ing gen-eral for USAREC. I like Fort Knox. I like the Armor history here and I love the Kentucky countryside, and I have to say I have never seen this post look as good as it does today. It is a thriving, changing, growing Army post with a very bright future. This is a great time to be the Fort Knox commander and I am proud to have that title.

  • Provost Marshal Office

    For guidance on motorcycle personal protective equipment and registration, refer to Fort Knox Regulation 190-5.

    All motorcycle riders will be required to wear the proper PPE and be in possession of an approved Army motorcycle safety course card, valid motorcycle license, valid proof of insurance, and a valid state registration.  Soldiers not in compliance with the PPE requirements will be required to park their motorcycle at the gate until the deficiencies are corrected. All others not in proper PPE will be denied access.


    Turret Editor

    Of all God’s creatures that shed their skins, humans do the most revolting job of it.

    A snake has the decency to shed its skin in a forest or creek bed. A cicada sheds its skin on a tree. Humans, however, apparently enjoy shedding theirs in public, preferably while talking with someone.

  • Tomorrow we celebrate the 232nd anniversary of our nation’s independence—an independence won by our Founding Fathers who pledged their lives and honor to pursue liberty and freedom from oppression.

    Rest assured, that commitment and dedication is still alive today.

    But defending our country’s way of life doesn’t always come easy, and that is why our brave Soldiers are actively fighting terrorism around the world. In fact, our Soldiers are also fighting for the freedoms of other nations so they too can enjoy what we celebrate every July.