10 Best Linux Laptop 2023 – Powerful & Cheap Laptops

best linux laptop

Linux laptops are a great way to get started if someone likes to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of compelling reasons to upgrade to Linux laptops. Linux is an open-source operating system. The best part is that it runs quicker than Windows on older technology. It’s also less vulnerable to viruses, so … Read more

Graphics Card Not Detected: Bring It Back Now!

Nvidia graphics card not detected in Windows 10

In the world of computing, encountering issues with your graphics card can be a frustrating experience. Everyone who went through this problem knows just how big of a problem this is. Your machine becomes practically useless. Finding the solution as soon as possible is a lifesaver in this case. Now, I would like to talk … Read more

MSI Afterburner: How to Download and Use – A Comprehensive Guide

MSI Afterburner on Windows Tips

MSI Afterburner is a renowned overclocking utility for graphics cards that also provides detailed hardware monitoring information.  It is compatible with most GPU models and brands, not just these products. I will guide you through the concept of MSI afterburner step-by-step, starting with how to download and use this powerful tool. The Downloading Process Before … Read more

What is NVLink and How Does it Differ from SLI: NVIDIA’s Powerhouses Compared

NVLink vs SLI

When I talk about high-performance computing and gaming, it is always more than obvious that the quest for more power and efficiency never ends. NVIDIA, a leading name in the graphics industry, has introduced several technologies over the years to boost the performance of their GPUs. Two such technologies that have garnered attention are NVLink … Read more

GPU Fans Not Spinning: Main Causes and How to Fix Them

GPU Fans Not Spinning

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are the heart of visual computing. They’re responsible for rendering the beautiful graphics we see in video games, simulations, and other visual applications. But like any piece of hardware, they can run into issues. A common problem many users face is the fans not spinning. It can be alarming, as these … Read more

How Much VRAM Do You Need For Gaming? What You Need to Know

Back in the day, when I first ventured into the realm of PC gaming, I was overwhelmed by the myriad of technical jargon thrown my way. Terms like CPU, GPU, RAM, and especially VRAM seemed like an entirely new language. My first gaming rig was a humble setup, and to be honest, I didn’t give … Read more

10 Best 20000mAh Power Bank 2023 – Best Portable Charging Devices

20000mah Power Bank Power Bank

At FKGoldStandard, we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when our device’s battery icon turns red during crucial moments outside the home. That’s why we understand the importance of a reliable power bank, especially one with a 20000mAh capacity. Venturing into the market for the perfect portable charger might seem simple, but the vast array of … Read more

5 Best Online Games for Football Fans


There are plenty of options when it comes to satisfying your American football frenzy online. The cyberspace teems with various games that hold you at the edge of your seat and bring out the strategic planner in you! This article will guide you through a selection of top-rated online football-themed games renowned for their thrilling … Read more