Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV Laptop – Powerful and Stylish

Dell Inspiron laptop

The Dell Inspiron i5559 7081slv is the latest model from the Inspiron series from dell. This is a touchscreen laptop that comes with a 15.6-inch screen in Dell model i5559. A lot of people still prefer bigger laptops like these even after the advent of ultra books. In this Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV review, we are going to take … Read more

ASUS F555LA-EH51 Laptop 2023 – Mid-Range Configuration

ASUS F555LA-EH51 Laptop

Welcome to this Asus f555la-eh51 Review. In this f555la-eh51 review, we are going to discuss these new windows laptops that come with a mid-range configuration. Asus laptop i5 Processor is not a pricey laptop and has a really good lineup of specs for the average mid-range user. Are you interested to know the laptop’s features? Then … Read more

The Amazonian Apple Snail – Alabama’s Grossest Invasive Species

Amazonian Apple Snail - INVASIVE SPECIES

The Amazonian apple snail (Pomacea maculata) hails from South America. It is now making its way to Alabama. It is known to be harmful to aquatic ecosystems. It competes with native species for food, habitat, and resources. This snail also has a slimy reputation, due to its strange appearance. It leaves behind a slimy trail. … Read more

Kentucky’s Big Cats: A Look at the 2 Different Types of Wild Cats Found in the State

Big Cats of Kentucky

Kentucky is home to two species of wild cats – bobcats and mountain lions. Bobcats are slightly smaller in size than their larger, lion-like relatives, but they are equally as powerful and important to the local ecosystem. In this guide, we will explore the features of these two impressive animals, their behavior patterns and habits, … Read more

10 Best Activity Trackers 2023 – Monitor And Track Fitness-Related Key Metrics

activity tracker

Activity trackers are devices that can monitor and track fitness-related key metrics as distance covered, calories shed, heartbeat rate, etc. With most tasks that require physical activity being automated, many of us lead a sedentary life. Here, stems the need for activity trackers. Something that started out as a standalone device has now become synchronizable … Read more