The 2024 NFL Draft ─ What Should You Expect?

The 2023-2024 NFL season has ended, leaving many Kansas City Chiefs fans celebrating an unforgettable victory for the team that will be etched in NFL history.

During the final game, the Chiefs showed everyone their prowess, defending their status as the best team by winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy back-to-back. With the excitement still buzzing in the air, NFL fans, experts, and bettors are waiting for the next big thing: the NFL Draft.

But what is there to expect for this season’s draft? Is there something that fans should look forward to? From trades to prospect rankings, the information we’ll discuss today can help you gain an edge in winning. There is no guarantee, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an informed bet, right?

QB Caleb Williams Will Be Drafted First

Most sportsbooks, offline and online, like FanDuel, enlisted Caleb Williams as the favorite player to be drafted first in the 2024 NFL Draft. Williams is a clear frontrunner, presented with a negative sign and a huge number.

Williams was a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at USC in the past. Looking through the NFL Draft big board this year, anyone won’t doubt that Williams will be drafted first. He is a very talented football player who showcased his skills through a series of games he participated in during college.

Williams possesses a natural talent that even previous quarterbacks didn’t have. Williams’ future in the league is promising as he enters the football professional scene. As a very promising player, many expect him to be the first pick overall in the upcoming draft.

The 2023 NFL Draft Will Bring an Experience Like No Other

There’s no denying the excitement surrounding the NFL Draft as many anticipate it every year, wanting to see and analyze how the season will possibly proceed. It mirrors the thrill that the NFL Playoffs provide, especially when the team themselves makes both good and questionable trades.

So, for three days, starting on April 25 and ending on the 27th, fans and bettors alike will witness the intensity that this year’s draft will bring to this season’s table.

And the best part about it? Anyone can enjoy it for free!

With the youth-focused Play 60 Zone, demonstrations, and the opportunity to acquire autographs from new players and NFL legends alike, the 2024 NFL Draft experience will surely be like no other.

And as long as you register, you can go see the draft action by yourself, with a friend, or even bring the entire family with you! Moreover, this year’s event will be hosted in Detroit, allowing city dwellers to experience the NFL draft live.

Of course, anyone outside Detroit is also invited to attend and experience this year’s draft. To acquire your free ticket to this three-day event, register for the NFL Onepass App or their website.

Any adults registering for the event can also register up to five children to accompany them to the event.

2024 NFL Draft Schedule

This year’s Draft schedule, as previously mentioned, will be held from April 25 to April 27, 2024, with the Round 1 draft experience starting at 8 P.M. ET on April 25. Round 2 and 3, on the other hand, will start at 7:00m P.M. ET on April 26.

The draft theater will accommodate guests from 8 pm to 11 pm. However, expect that the theater will be open before the event. The exact opening time hasn’t been established yet, so make sure to keep yourself updated to secure a slot.

The gates on the 27th will open for the guests at 12 P.M. ET. This will be the last day of the event, focusing more on family-friendly activities. So, if you plan to bring the little ones along, this will be the best day for you and your family to see the draft.

Improved Security

Aside from the fun stuff, discussing the security of one of the major sports events worldwide is vital. If you’re worried about your and your family’s safety and security during this event, you must know that state, local, and federal agencies offer security throughout the three-day event.

The Detroit fire and police departments, Transport Security Administration, Detroit Homeland Security, FBI, and others will closely monitor the event.

The NFL’s Vice President of Security has already met with Detroit Police Chief James White and Deputy Mayor Todd Bettison to devise a plan to ensure everyone’s security at the event.

This is a huge event that involves big names in the sports industry. Moreover, the NFL Draft has been happening every year. So, you don’t have to worry about security, as the authorities are doing a great job making events like this safe for everyone.

Enjoy Detroit’s Culture, Music And Cuisine


Last but not least, experiencing Detroit’s culture, music, and food is something else you should anticipate if you choose to participate in the 2024 NFL Draft. Isn’t that the most thrilling aspect of traveling to a new location?

If you want to travel, you will definitely like what Detroit has to offer. Those who appreciate both nightlife and music will be pleased to learn that Detroit boasts a lively music scene when you come.

Famous venues like Saint Andrew’s Hall and the Fox Theatre, in the heart of Detroit’s booming music scene, present both established and emerging acts that add to the NFL Draft experience.

The city’s dedication to its deep jazz roots is evident in spots like Cliff Bell’s, where the lively jazz culture of Detroit is kept alive through nightly shows in cozy atmospheres.

Meanwhile, Detroit’s food landscape mirrors its diverse and innovative spirit, with eateries like Selden Standard and Grey Ghost introducing creative culinary delights that mark a renaissance in the city’s food culture.

To taste Detroit’s iconic fare, American Coney Island serves up the city’s beloved Coney dogs, linking patrons directly to its rich gastronomic tradition.

Moreover, the  Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) will further demonstrate the city’s enormous cultural diversity. It is home to an extraordinary collection of over 65,000 works of art, boasting its display of the antiques of the ancient world and the unique modern pieces of today.

The museum honors Detroit’s industrial past while delving deeply into the city’s cultural center. It is also well-known for Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry Murals.

2024 NFL Draft Live Stream

Can’t attend the draft in person? If so, don’t fret! The Internet has you covered.

You can watch the draft on your TV or through your mobile devices. If you want to watch the event on your TV, you can tune in on ESPN, The NFL Network, and ABC. Moreover, if streaming online is the only option for you, you can download the NFL App, ABC App, or ESPN App on your smartphone.

The NFL website offers different ways to watch the 2024 NFL Draft, and it provides a complete list of ways to experience it.

Final Words

The NFL Draft is one of the largest sporting events of the year. It predicts the possible outcome of the playoffs, amplifying the thrill through exciting trades and risky recruitment. So, if you plan to participate this season, it’s important to make the most out of it by staying informed.

And if you’re a new fan, don’t ignore the draft. It holds a preview of some of the best young talents and what they could bring to the teams that draft them, even possibly changing the League as we know it.

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