List of 116 Things That Start with A – With Detailed Explanation

Things That Start With A

Looking for the things that start with A to surprise your beloved one? Or maybe you want to teach your child about the things that start with the letter A to enrich their vocabulary. No matter which one is your intention, we have got you covered. 

Today, we have found a handful of cool, learnable objects that start with A that will enrich your vocabulary. So, without any further ado, let’s hop right into the knowledge reservoir.

List Of Things or Objects That Start With A 

Here is the list of some popular things that start with A to look at:

  1. Ace: Playing Ace cards is one of the most fun games. It is an old yet most popular game ever. 
  1. Acrobat: Whenever we go out we find Acrobats on the roads. From dividing two roads to marking the holes at the sides of roads, we find acrobats at every sphere. 
  1. Airplane: The proverb goes that dreaming starts with airplanes. The airplane was first invented in 1903. 
  1. Alphabet:  who doesn’t recall their childhood memories about learning alphabets hearing the word alphabet? You have to learn this word when you want to see objects that start with letter a.
  1. Arrow: We consider Arrows to be the leads to every destination. 
  1. Art: Every creative element is art actually. 
  1. Automobile: Automobile was first invented in 1886. Carl Benz invented the first Automobile.
  1. Axe: Axe is one of the most ancient weapons. Still, we can’t think of cutting any giant stuff or tree without an axe.
  1. Abaya: Abaya is a kind of women’s clothing. It’s an elegant and beautiful costume.
  1. Accelerometer: An accelerometer is a measuring tool that leads us to measure acceleration properly. 
  1. Accessory: Accessory is a familiar word. Who doesn’t wear accessories? 
  1. Acid: Acid should be on the list when it comes to things that start with a. From scientific research to regular activities, acids are always there. 
  1. Actuator: Moving and controlling mechanisms would have been impossible without an actuator. 
  1. Adaptor: We all are familiar with Adapters since connecting two devices is done by adapter. Devices that can’t be connected directly are usually connected by an adapter. 
  1. Airbrake: Instead of using hydraulic fluid, air brakes work by using compressed air. An airbrake will cost around $235. 
  1. Airbrush: Airbrush is a tool that is operated by air. It is usually used for spray painting.
  1. Airbus: Airbus is actually from Blagnac, France. Airbus is considered to be the fanciest vehicle ever. 
  1. Aircraft: Aircraft fly by gaining support from the air. 
  1. Airdock: If you are facing hull maintenance problems then Airdock will be the most affordable solution. 
  1. Airdrome: Airdrome is the place where aircraft land and take off. Qamdo Bamda Airdrome is the largest Airdrome in the world. 
  1. Airfield: You might think airports and airfields are the same. Actually, except for not having terminals or paved runways, airfields are almost the same as airports. 
  1. Airscrew: Airscrews are more efficient, durable in a heads-up comparison. They work great but ensure safety before using them. 
  1. Aisle: Generally, it is found in churches, it is the path for new brides to walk in.
  1. Anchor: It is basically a metal attached to a ship or boat which helps to hold the ship or boat to a particular place.
  1. Android: In modern days, Android is the most popular word.
  1. Angiocardiogram: Angiocardiogram is a medical term that presents the radiograph of the heart and its blood vessels of a patient. 
  1. Angiogram: Angiogram is a kind of X-Ray that helps to determine evaluating blockages in the arterial system. 
  1. Angioscope: Angioscope is a miniature fiber optic endoscope that is sent to the heart through a catheter to produce specific medical treatments. 
  1. Antenna: It is used between transmitter and receiver. 
  1. Antibiotic: Antibiotic is a type of medicine. It is used to destroy microorganisms. 
  1. Antidepressant: Not only depression but also anxiety disorders, chronic pain conditions and much more can be dealt with Antidepressants.
  1. Antidote: Antidote is a drug against poisons. It is said that there is no poison in this world that doesn’t have an antidote. 
  1. Application: Writing applications used to be the most boring task when we were at school, right? It is basically the formal form of letters. 
  1. Applicator: We use applicators to apply substances to a surface. 
  1. Appointment: Appointment is actually an arrangement to meet someone at a place or time. 
  1. Award: Award is given as a reward for doing something really great. We all wait for an award at some point in our lives. 
  1. Agro: Agro is actually a synonym for a field where crops grow. It’s an agricultural term.
  1. Architecture: Architecture is a great form of career. This is basically designing buildings and monuments. 
  1. Archway: Entrances are called archways, it’s a synonym. An entrance formed by an Arch is called an Archway. 
  1. Armguard: Armguards made with leather are the most popular. 
  1. Armor: We wear armor for protecting our bodies from attacks or weapons. 
  1. Arteriogram: Arteriogram is used for seeing inside the arteries. 

Household Items That Start With A

Now let’s look at some of the household stuff starting with the letter A: 

  1. Address Book- Nowadays we don’t own an address book anymore. But before we entered this digital life we used to highly rely on address books. 
  1. Antiperspirant- Antiperspirant is basically used to fight against bacteria breakdown. 
  1. Air Conditioner- Household stuff starting with A must include Air conditioner. With this unpredictable climate of nowadays living without an air conditioner is now almost next to impossible. 
  1. Armoire- Many people think that armoires and wardrobes are the same but the main difference between them is that the armoire is more ornate than a wardrobe. 
  1. Air Mattress- Sleeping becomes more comfortable with an air mattress. They are soft, easy to handle, and medically helpful sometimes. 
  1. Alarm Clock- Have you ever imagined how difficult waking up in the early morning would be without an alarm clock? This super important regular household item was invented back in 1500 B.C.
  1. Armchair- Simply we call those chairs armchairs that have arms. 
  1. Aluminum Foil- From cooking to doing experiments in science labs, aluminum foil is a great companion of ours. Surprisingly, it is made with thin metal leaves. 
  1. Atlas- A bundle of maps is called Atlas.
  1. Air purifier- Purifying the air and getting rid of nasty smells is now the easiest task with an air purifier. 
  1. Album- Captured moments of our lives are stored in albums. 
  1. Alcohol- Alcohol is nothing unfamiliar anymore. From celebrations to household kinds of stuff, it can help everywhere. 
  1. Allspice- Allspice is a kind of spice. It is made with dead berries of a plant called Pimenta dioica. 
  1. Aloe vera gel- We can’t get enough of aloe vera gel when it comes to doing skincare, haircare, and more. 
  1. Alphabet magnets- Colorful alphabet magnets remind us of beautiful memories from our childhood. 
  1. Amazon Echo- Amazon Echo is a smart speaker. It is also known as Alexa. 
  1. Amplifier- We can hardly find any electronic equipment which is made without amplifiers. 
  1. Analog clock- Analog clock is made to read the daytime only. 
  1. Antique furniture- An antique furniture is loved by all. They are pretty, classy, and elegant. 
  1. Apple corer- We use Apple corer to remove cores from our apples. The whole task ends up being so quicker and easier with an apple corer. 
  1. Aquarium- Aquariums enhance the beauty of our house. 
  1. Ashtray- If you have the habit of smoking then an ashtray is your regular companion.
  1. Aspirin- Aspirin is basically used to reduce pain or fever. 
  1. Apron- Wearing an apron while cooking makes it one of the household stuff. 
  1. Awning- The awning looks super pretty honestly. Technically they are exterior walls of a building. 

Things That Start With A For Preschool

Want to enrich the vocabulary of your preschooler? Here are suitable learnable items that start with a for your kid:

  1. Alligator – Alligators roam around the rivers of swamp forests and jungles. You can also find them at the zoo. 
  1. Angel – A spiritual creation from god that is stronger and purer than humans. Also used as a compliment to express beauty and innocence.  
  1. Animal – The basic life form on earth that is visible to the naked eye. We, humans, are part of the animal kingdom too.
  1. Ant – One of the smallest perceivable creatures on earth. They have a lot to teach when you want your kid to learn some life advice along with things that start with a for preschool.
  1. Ape – Big monkey-like animals which are very strong. It is also said that apes are quite intelligent and some can even communicate
  1. Apple – The famous fruit that sparked the theory of gravity in Issac Newton. 
  1. Arm – An organ used to help animals do stuff. 
  1. Astronaut – The dream profession of many people as children. Astronauts are explorers of space beyond the earth.
  1. Audio – The artificial form of sound, which is typically made, recorded, and distributed. 
  1. Attire – Fancy or formal clothes are generally called attire.
  1. Asylum – It is a place for mentally sick patients provided by the government or some organization. In some cases, a refugee center can also be called an asylum. 
  1. Arcade – The 90’s classic gaming era began with the introduction of arcade games. 
  1. Area – It is the quantity of space that a certain object or place occupies. 
  1. Array – The word array is used to express compliments towards something that is very organized and huge in quantity. 
  1. Armor – Protects you from weapon attacks from your opponent. Traditional armors used to be made with iron.
  1. Amazon – The biggest swamp forest is called The Amazons. 
  1. Advice – A piece of wisdom given to one to improve their situation or life. 
  1. Adult – An adult is what you’d call a mature person, both physically and mentally. 
  1. Actor – Actors are men capable of performing certain acts of entertainment on stage or in movies. 
  1. Actress – Females who perform acting on stage or in movies are called actresses. 
  1. Ability –  The skills required to do a specific task. ‘Ability’ can also be used to express supernatural skills.
  1. Agree – Being on the same page with someone on a topic, you agree to express that you have the same opinion.
  1. Age – The natural progression of changes that happen within something. 
  1. Artist – Someone who practices art. As the art section can be very wide, an artist can be anyone with the mastery of a skill.
  1. Avoid – Avoiding is the act of keeping away from something or someone, or ignoring something. 

Cool Things That Start With The Letter A

Want to learn some cool words that start with A? Here you go:

  1. Autobiographies- These are generally written by the person themselves but sometimes others write it.
  1. Audiocassette – These are very old records for audio, one of the first methods to store audio. 
  1. Agriculture – You can basically call this farming, agriculture is the act of cultivating crops and livestock.
  1. Accelerator – Used to increase the speed of a vehicle. You can find them in any vehicle, car, motorcycle, and even boat.
  1. Archaeology – It is a topic that explores ancient humans through fossils from hundreds of years ago. Archaeology also studies past civilizations and animals.
  1. Aeronautics – This is a part of the study that studies the science of flight. Learning how flying vehicles work and how to improve them.
  1. Accumulator – It is a device similar to a battery that stores energy and releases it when needed. 
  1. Antioxidants – These are vital nutrients for the human body. They help prevent cell damage and also reduce the chances of diseases. 
  1. Appearance – How something looks from the outside. Appearances are really important to gain attention and appreciation.
  1. Atmosphere – The layers of gases and other molecules that protect our earth. 
  1. Admiration – The act of admiring something or someone. 
  1. Auditorium – It is a certain part of a stage or a stadium or a hall where the audience sits. 
  1. Aesthetics – It is a word to define many things at once, artistic, beauty, simpleness, etc. It is a very commonly used word in recent times. 
  1. Apocalypse – this is used to define a disaster or catastrophe. The end of the earth apocalypse is a very common term used in movies.
  1. Animation – It is moving images that create a video or a movie. 
  1. Amusement – The feeling of joy and fulfillment. 
  1. Abundance – It signifies something of a very large amount.
  1. Athletics – It is a number of sports and activities combined. Those to compete in this are called athletes. 
  1. Aluminum – The most common strong material used in this era. Aluminum is the 13th element in the periodic table of elements.
  1. Abstract- Something that is unique and pleasant to look at yet does not carry any meaning. 
  1. Artistic – Something that resembles art. It can be the act of doing something beautifully.
  1. Animated – Something that has been made into a video or a movie. It also means to draw and make something that was previously not an animation.
  1. Applause – The act of a crowd clapping their hands together. It is an honorable act for stage performances.
  1. Audition – It is a form of short interview targeted towards performances that require practical experiences to judge them. Musicians, dancers, singers, etc. are the ones to take auditions.

We Got You Covered

So now you know all about things that start with A. From cool, unique things to household stuff- the word A has its kingdom everywhere as you can see. So have some fun and learn these words to use anywhere and anytime. 

Undoubtedly, your vocabulary will impress anyone now! Thank us later! 

Have any unique words started with A in your mind? Let us know in the comments!

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