232 Things That Start With S – Some You Never Recognized Before

Starts with letter S

Choosing the right educational resources to enhance your child’s understanding of the alphabet can be a daunting and time-consuming task. As parents, we strive to foster our children’s intellectual growth, helping them make sound judgments and develop robust language skills. However, this task isn’t always straightforward. But fear not, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve scoured the world of knowledge to compile a comprehensive list of things that start with the letter ‘S’. This includes a wide array of items, objects, and foods, all beginning with this versatile letter. Teaching your children about these ‘S’ items not only helps them recognize this common consonant but also supports their overall language development by introducing them to new words and concepts.

We’ve done the research and gathered all these ‘S’ treasures in one place, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. Now, all you need to do is scroll down your screen to discover them.

This post is brimming with fresh vocabulary that you can introduce to your child. It’s designed to engage their curiosity while also providing a constructive learning activity. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of ‘S’ and explore the many things that this wonderful letter has to offer. Let’s turn learning into an exciting adventure for your little one!

List Of Things That Start With S


The letter S is one of the most prevalent letters in English. Understanding it is essential to learning a language, even at a young age. We hope you find the material we’ve gathered to be very useful. A list of items to look into is as follows:

Sage Saddle Sand
Sandals Sandpaper Sandpiper
Saw Sand castle Saxophone
Scarecrow Scale Scepter
Sailboat Scarf Sculpture
Scythe Sea shell Seeds
Scissor Shingle Shirt
Shoe Shovel Sink
Skeleton Skates Skirts
Slippers Sled Snack
Sneakers Snow Snow Pea
Snowman Sock Soil 
Sorrel Spatula Star
Stamp Stethoscope Strainer
Suitcase Suit  Sunglasses
Sunflower Sweater Swimming suit
Sword String  

If you’re interested in expanding your vocabulary, this resource provides an extensive list of words beginning with ‘D’.

List Of Objects That Start With S


We’ll continue the list with objects that begin with the letter S. With the younger learners, your aim should be to teach them how to recognize the letter S as well as the sound it makes when pronounced.

We’ve conditioned our eyes to seek out details that we might otherwise overlook. So, here is the list we’ve put together for you: 

Straw Snow bush  Saffron
Sea thrift Sea holly Sand dollar cactus
Scarlet Hedgehog cactus Shrub Rose Siberian Iris
Seat Spine Script
Sapphire  Spade Swiss cheese
Sweatshirts Spray bottle Snow pea 
Sabot Sleeping bag Sugarcane
Swimming pool Smartphone Shoelace
Skateboard Stapler Scarf
Salt container Satin cloth Sugar container
Signboards Salad dressing bowl Snow strollers
Slap bracelet Sled hammer Ships
Starch Slinky Sachets
Stationeries Satellites  Stocks
Snickerdoodles Swings School bags
School Skinny pants Stuffed toy

Household Items That Start With S


The following is a comprehensive list of all the common household goods we encounter on a daily basis. From furnishings to cosmetics, we have everything you need in one convenient location. These elements are easily accessible by scrolling down:

Sofa Soap Scissors
Spoon Saucer Smoke detectors
Saw Screwdriver Sette 
Sheets Shelf Speakers
Shades Supplies Stairs
Stove Shoe rack Sewing machine
Stand Slicer Sanitizer
Strainer Soup bowl Stick
Scrubber Shower curtains Shower head
Sandwich maker Sewing kit Stamps
Sharpener Salad bowl Spices
Steamer Sock drawer Steak knife
Switch Showerhead Slicer
Shampoo Sunscreen   

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Edible Things That Start With The Letter S


We’ve selected a wide range of cuisines just for you to go through and discover all of them. Pretty sure there’s no one here who doesn’t love to try out new dishes and food items because we all love food, yes we do! Let’s see what we got here: 

Sailfish Salad Safflower oil
Salami Salmon Salsa
Sage Sandwich Strawberries
Salt Samosa Sangria
Sashimi Saskatoon Sauce 
Scratch Savoy cabbage Sausage
Seafood Seasoner Seed Cake
Seville orange Shadberry Shake
Shellfish Shortbread Shrimps
Syrup Smoothie Soup
Spaghetti Spinach Steak
Sugar Sushi Sweet
Soda Satsuma Seagrape
Sour cherry Splendor apple Star fruit
Stinking bishop pear Sunberry Strawberry guava
Santorini tomato Scallions Sissoo spinach
Snake Bean Snow pea  

Things That Start With The Letter S For Preschoolers


Is your toddler ready to start learning new terms to read and write? This post is for you if that’s the case! This is a list that needs to be kept in a note of. We’ve compiled a collection of basic teachings that you can use to educate your young child.

A brief overview of many items that start with the letter S will also broaden his or her understanding, and he or she will be able to use this vocabulary to construct better sentences in the future. Here are some topics on which you should instruct your child:

Sow Song Show
Same Sack Slope
Sip Spike Spin
Spark Spoil Sailor
Scrap Season Sequel
Sane Scrape Shadow
Salvage Scheme Serum
Sea Simmer Shriek 
Suburb Sullen  

Expensive Things That Start With The Alphabet S

Expensive Things

Lastly, after all of those inspections, it’s important to deliver you some pricey S-letter items. You can acquire this for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, and we hope you enjoy browsing through our choices below: 

Sapphire ring Silver jewelry Suzuki car
Smartphone Smartwatch Scanner
Smart alarm clocks Stone jewelry Silverware

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Final Words

Excellent! We’ve meticulously compiled a comprehensive list of items that start with the letter ‘S’ to assist you in educating your children and expanding their knowledge base. The letter ‘S’, one of the most frequently used letters in the English language, is a great starting point for introducing new words and concepts to your little ones. We’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to provide a thorough and engaging learning resource.

From a vast array of options, we’ve carefully handpicked items that not only align with your search intent but also offer substantial educational value. Our goal is to make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience for your child, and we believe our ‘S’ list does just that.

However, we understand that the world of ‘S’ is vast and varied, and there might be something we’ve missed. If so, we encourage you to share your insights in the comments section below. Your input is valuable to us, and it could help other parents in their educational journey.

Moreover, we’d love to hear about your experiences using our ‘S’ list. Did your child discover a new favorite word? Were there any items that sparked a particularly interesting conversation? Your feedback not only helps us improve but also fosters a community of parents dedicated to making learning fun and effective.

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