Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV Review 2024 – What You Can Expect from This Powerful Desktop

In this Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV review, we are going to discuss this new desktop variant from Dell’s famous Inspiron lineup.  

This desktop computer comes with a decent set of specs & a Dell Inspiron 3650 Power Supply that might be considered ordinary by many.

But if you are on a budget and are looking for something concrete, this desktop might have something to offer. Before coming to any conclusion, let’s take a look at the specs inside and see where they excel.

Without wasting any more precious seconds of yours, let’s dive right in.

Dell Inspiron 3650 i7

Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV

Below the Dell Inspiron desktop intel core i5 review and Dell Inspiron 3650 specs i3 is the power button on the front, there are a couple of USB ports, a headphone jack, and also a media card reader.

There is also a DVD writer which can be handy as well. All the other I/O can be found at the back. This is not a hefty desktop, but you are better off without moving it very often. Overall, it is the same design we’ve gotten used to.

Power Supply

Power Supply in a Dell Inspiron

The processor in the Dell Inspiron 3650 i7 is an Intel Core i5 6400 chip. It is a quad-core processor that comes from the Skylake generation.

It comes with a clocking frequency fo 2.7GHz that can go up to 3.3GHz with the help of turbo boost technology.

The iDell Inspiron 3650 power supply upgrade processor scores a neat score of around 6500 in CPUMark which proves that there is a lot of power in this chip.

It can run through your everyday tasks without any issues. Even if it comes to some high-end tasks, this processor can handle it without any performance issues.

Dell Inspiron 3650 Compatible Graphics Card

Graphics Cards

This Inspiron 3650 Intel chip is well supported by the 12GB RAM in the memory department. This is a pretty amount of RAM and can be handy for the modern-day user.

You can multitask to your heart’s content and have tons of browser tabs open. It can also be very useful for some technical stuff like running virtual machines and other ones.

The  Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV is not a gaming desktop. The only graphics solution in it is the integrated graphics card that comes along with the processor.

This integrated GPU is perfectly fine for casual gaming.

If you are a serious gamer, then you might not get a lot from this desktop. You might be able to play some mid-range games with decent settings.

If you are willing to reduce the settings to the lowest, then you might even play some high-end games as well.


Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV

The Dell Inspiron 3650 1TB Serial  ATA hard drive takes care of your storage needs. 

The Dell Inspiron i3650 desktop hard disk here is a slow one by modern day standards, but it does give you ample space to play with.

The Inspiron 3650 motherboard specs also come pre-installed with Windows 10 which is the latest Windows operating system out there.

If you had a good time using Windows 7, then this OS will make you fall in love with it.


There are 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and also a 5-in-1 media card reader. The Dell Inspiron 3650 CPU upgrade tray-load DVD drive can be useful for many as well. When it comes to wireless connectivity,

the i3650-3756SLV desktop supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n wireless standards.

Design and Build

The Dell Inspiron 3650 i7 features a compact and sleek design, with a black matte finish that gives it a professional and modern look. The front panel houses the power button, two USB ports, a headphone jack, and a media card reader.

Additionally, there is a DVD writer which can be handy as well. All other I/O can be found at the back. This is not a hefty desktop, but it is better to avoid moving it very often. Overall, the design is functional and familiar.

Audio and Video Performance

The Dell Inspiron 3650 i7 is equipped with integrated Intel HD Graphics, which is suitable for casual gaming and everyday use. For video playback and streaming, the integrated GPU delivers smooth performance with decent image quality.

The desktop also features built-in speakers that provide clear and loud audio output for a satisfactory multimedia experience.


Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV faqs

Can I upgrade the graphics card on the Dell Inspiron 3650 i7?

Yes, you can upgrade the graphics card on the Dell Inspiron 3650 i7, but it is crucial to ensure that the new card is compatible with the existing hardware and power supply.

How do I upgrade the RAM on the Dell Inspiron 3650 i7?

To upgrade the RAM on the Dell Inspiron 3650 i7, first, check the maximum RAM capacity supported by your system and the type of RAM (DDR3 or DDR4). Then, purchase compatible RAM modules and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing them in the available RAM slots.

Is the Dell Inspiron 3650 i7 suitable for video editing?

The Dell Inspiron 3650 i7 is suitable for light video editing tasks. However, if you plan to work on more complex video editing projects, you may want to consider upgrading the RAM, storage, and graphics card for better performance.

Can I connect multiple monitors to it?

Yes, you can connect multiple monitors to the Dell Inspiron 3650 i7 using the available HDMI port and additional display ports on the back of the desktop. Ensure that your monitors are compatible with the available display outputs.

Can the Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV handle virtualization and run virtual machines efficiently?

Yes, the Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV can handle virtualization and run virtual machines efficiently, thanks to its Intel Core i5 6400 processor and 12GB of RAM. However, the performance largely depends on the type and number of virtual machines you plan to run simultaneously. If you require more resources for intensive virtualization tasks, consider upgrading the RAM and processor to handle multiple virtual machines better.

Virtualization software like VMware Workstation or Oracle VirtualBox can be installed on the desktop to create and manage virtual machines. Keep in mind that running several virtual machines simultaneously will consume significant system resources, so allocate resources accordingly to ensure smooth performance.

How can I improve the gaming performance ?

To improve the gaming performance of the Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV, you can consider the following upgrades and optimizations:

  1. Upgrade the graphics card: The integrated Intel HD Graphics is suitable for casual gaming, but upgrading to a dedicated graphics card will significantly enhance gaming performance. Ensure that the new graphics card is compatible with the existing hardware and power supply.

  2. Increase the RAM: Upgrading the RAM will help the system handle more demanding games and applications. Check the maximum RAM capacity supported by your system and the type of RAM (DDR3 or DDR4) before purchasing compatible RAM modules.

  3. Optimize the settings: Adjust the in-game settings to find the right balance between performance and graphics quality. Lowering the resolution, texture quality, and other graphics settings can improve the frame rates and overall gaming experience.

  4. Keep drivers up-to-date: Ensure that the graphics card and other system drivers are updated regularly to take advantage of performance optimizations and bug fixes provided by the manufacturers.

Can I replace HDD with an SSD for faster performance?

Yes, you can replace the Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV’s HDD with an SSD for faster performance. Replacing the 1TB Serial ATA hard drive with an SSD can significantly improve the system’s boot time, application load times, and overall responsiveness.

Before replacing the HDD, make sure you back up your data and create a recovery drive to reinstall the operating system on the new SSD. After installing the SSD, you can either clone the HDD to the SSD using cloning software or perform a clean installation of Windows 10 on the SSD.

Keep in mind that SSDs tend to have less storage capacity compared to HDDs at the same price point. You may need to choose an SSD with sufficient storage space for your needs or consider using an external HDD for additional storage.

Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV Review – Verdict

Overall, this Dell Inspiron 3650 desktop computer here is a decent machine for the money you pay. It has excellent processing power, enough memory, and ample storage space as well.

If you are on the search for a cheap desktop that is capable of getting things done, this is it.

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