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  • Central Texas College tailors programs to Soldiers around the world

    Fort Knox Army Education Center

    Two of the more popular college programs at the Fort Knox Army Education Center are the associate degrees in general studies and applied technology, offered by Central Texas College.

    “These degrees are tailor-made for career Soldiers,” said the CTC site director, Pamela Regester, “because they provide a lot of room for elective credit based on military schooling and on-the-job experience.”

    Post Education Services Officer, Robert Eagin, agreed.

  • VA denies accusation of covering up negative suicide information


    Stars and Stripes

    Mideast Edition

    House Democrats on May 6 angrily accused top Veterans Affairs officials of lying about suicide trends, covering up negative data, and ignoring mounting deaths among former service members.

    “This is not a bureaucratic situation with numbers. This is life or death,” said House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Filner, D-Calif. “I think there is clear evidence of a cover-up, and I think there is criminal negligence here.”

  • Kentucky native forms organization for Middle Eastern U.S. translators


    Turret Associate Editor


    How does a Walton, Ky., native end up heading a non-profit group devoted to helping Middle Eastern translators who risked their lives helping U.S. military personnel?

    And what does that have to do with Fort Knox?

  • Flapping of butterfly wings could cause huge waves


    Turret Contributing columnist

    In December 1972, meteorologist Edward Lorenz presented a paper at a meeting of scientists in Washington, D.C. The paper was titled, “Predict-ability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?”

     Lorenz found the answer to be somewhat in the affirmative, and chaos theory was born.

  • Project honors Jewish veterans

    Library of Congress

    The Library of Congress Veterans History Project, a program of the American Folklife Center, commemorates Jewish American Heritage Month with a special series of 10 first-hand stories of Jewish veterans of World War II.

    The Web presentation is available at www.jewishheritage.gov/.

  • $2,000 bonus for referring a recruit can become lucrative


    Turret Staff Writer


    With gasoline inching its way toward $4 a gallon and grocery prices climbing by the week, many folks are wondering what they can do to help make ends meet.

    Here’s a suggestion for you: ARS-SMART.

    That acronym stands for the Army Referral System-Sergeant Major of the Army Recruiting Team. The program pays a $2,000 bonus to Soldiers, Army component retirees, and DA civilians for each new Soldier they refer to recruiters.

  • Combs named new Knox football coach


    Turret Sports editor


    Fort Knox High has named its new head football coach.

    Brandon Combs will join the Eagles after leaving Kentucky’s Lewis County High after two years as head coach.

    Fort Knox Community Schools Superintendent Todd Curkendall and Knox High Principal Sarah Turner interviewed Combs in April for the position. 

  • Bicycle helmets required on Fort Knox, safety a concern

    Fort Knox Safety Office

    The weather’s turning warmer as the days are getting longer, and more and more cyclists are taking to the roads.

    Along with using personal protective equipment, rider actions and reactions play a major role in contributing to injury-free cycling enjoyment. The following safety tips will help ensure safe summer cycling:

    n Bicycle helmets that have been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission must be worn by all personnel on bicycles, including family members who ride bicycles on Army installations.

  • Governor appoints 10-member state BRAC Task Force


    Moving forward with his earlier commitment to be prepared for full implementation, Gov. Steve Beshear announced Friday the members of the Governor’s Task Force on Military Base Realignment.

    The task force was created by Executive Order March 26, in order to supplement the state’s efforts in expediting the federal governments 2005 Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure recommendations.

  • New law gives Soldiers more control over death gratuity


    Fort Knox Legal Assistance Office

    An important change in federal law now gives Soldiers more control over who receives an important government benefit. Beginning July 1, Soldiers will have total control over who receives this benefit.