Xiaomi Is Working On A New 360-Degree Display Phone – A Look at MI MIX Alpha

Xiaomi 306-Degree Display Phone

It has been rumored that Xiaomi is working on a new 360-degree display smartphone with pop-up cameras.

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) has approved this concept, and it looks beautiful.

The company announced Mi MIX Alpha in sep, 2019 but never made it available.

Xiaomi wanted to sell it in limited volumes, but that never actually occurred.

The idea of making room for a new and expanded version seems to have been postponed by the company.

It seems like it, at least.

However, not each licensed model becomes an actuality, so take that into consideration.

Highlighting Features Of Mi MIX Alpha Successor

Xiaomi Mi Mix

The descendent of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha might have released with three pop-up cameras and 360 degree display screen.

It appears that this is a new and advanced version of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha.

That being said, this smartphone looks amazing.

Due to its wraparound screen, using it seems like a fantasy, but Xiaomi would obviously think of that if it ever becomes a reality.

In that regard, the corporate did a decent job with MI MIX Alpha.


Cameras are another interesting aspect of this smartphone.

The phone has three cameras and they are all tucked away.

A pop-up camera setup comes with the phone.

This helps the phone to retain its stunning look, and both of these cameras can be used as input or rear-facing versions.

The monitor can be used on both the front and rear.

Smartphone May Not Turn Out To Be A Reality

Mi MIx Alpha

It is impossible to ignore that this phone looks fabulous in the renders presented.

The issue is, it will be incredibly costly if it ever becomes accessible.

There was a price tag for the Mi MIX Alpha that Xiaomi revealed.

This is not meant to be a phone that a majority of individuals are going to buy.

It will become a premium-tier phone, almost a luxury item in a way if Xiaomi ever finishes making it.

It’s rare not to note and appreciate this phone in the lane, it’s distinctive.

That said, don’t anticipate Xiaomi to launch anything like that anytime soon, perhaps somewhere in 2021.

This Phone May Never Become a Reality

It’s difficult to deny the visual appeal of the Mi MIX Alpha, based on the provided renders. However, if it does eventually become available for purchase, it will come with a steep price tag. Xiaomi has already announced that the cost of this device will be quite high.

This phone is not intended for mass consumption. If Xiaomi decides to release it, it will be marketed as a premium-tier phone, making it a luxury item for a select few. Despite its exclusivity, there will undoubtedly be some individuals interested in acquiring it.

It’s difficult to overlook the Mi MIX Alpha’s unique and striking appearance. Its design is sure to draw attention on the street. However, it’s unlikely that Xiaomi will announce the release of this device anytime soon, perhaps not until 2021.


What is a 360-degree display smartphone?

A 360-degree display smartphone is a device that has a screen that wraps around the device’s edges, providing a seamless display that covers the entire device.

What are pop-up cameras on a smartphone?

Pop-up cameras are a type of camera module that is hidden within the smartphone’s body until it’s needed. When activated, the camera module pops up from the phone, allowing the user to take photos or videos.

How many cameras does the Mi MIX Alpha successor have? 

The successor to the Mi MIX Alpha is rumored to have three pop-up cameras.

Is the Mi MIX Alpha successor a new and advanced version of the Mi MIX Alpha? 

Yes, the Mi MIX Alpha successor is rumored to be a new and advanced version of the Mi MIX Alpha.

Will the Mi MIX Alpha successor be affordable for most consumers? 

It’s unlikely that the Mi MIX Alpha successor will be affordable for most consumers, as it will likely be marketed as a premium-tier phone and may be quite expensive.

When might Xiaomi announce the release of the Mi MIX Alpha successor?

It’s unclear when Xiaomi might announce the release of the Mi MIX Alpha successor, but it’s possible that it may not be until 2021 or later.

What is the appeal of a phone with a wraparound screen? 

What is the appeal of a phone with a wraparound screen

A phone with a wraparound screen provides a unique and immersive viewing experience, as the screen extends to the edges of the device and provides a seamless display.

Will the Mi MIX Alpha successor appeal to ordinary mobile users? 

It’s unclear whether the Mi MIX Alpha successor will appeal to ordinary mobile users, as it may be marketed as a luxury item and may not be affordable for most consumers. However, some individuals may be interested in acquiring it for its unique features and design.

Will the Mi MIX Alpha’s wraparound screen design have any impact on its durability and functionality?

The wraparound screen design of the Mi MIX Alpha is definitely unique and visually appealing, but it may raise concerns about the device’s durability and functionality. With such a design, there is a higher risk of accidental drops and damage to the screen.

Additionally, it may be difficult for users to grip and hold the phone comfortably, which could affect their overall experience using the device.

How will the Mi MIX Alpha’s pop-up camera design affect its performance and longevity?

The pop-up camera design of the Mi MIX Alpha is certainly innovative and helps to maintain the phone’s sleek, uninterrupted display. However, there may be concerns about the long-term durability and reliability of this mechanism.

With frequent use, the pop-up camera may wear out or become damaged, potentially affecting the phone’s overall performance and longevity. Additionally, there may be concerns about the quality and performance of the camera itself, as it may not be able to match up to traditional camera designs.

Final Thought


Some people would be interested, though.

A phone wrap-around could be appealing.

We have no doubt that it can be achieved.

We’re just not sure whether it will appeal to ordinary mobile users or not.

What is your opinion?

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below in the comment box.

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