10 Best Linux Laptop 2023 – Powerful & Cheap Laptops

best linux laptop

As someone who spent years searching for the best Linux-supported devices, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various laptops, each claiming to be the ideal choice for Linux users. Through trial and error, extensive research, and a passion for open-source technology, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about what truly makes a laptop … Read more

The Amazonian Apple Snail – Alabama’s Grossest Invasive Species

Amazonian Apple Snail - INVASIVE SPECIES

The Amazonian apple snail (Pomacea maculata) hails from South America. It is now making its way to Alabama. It is known to be harmful to aquatic ecosystems. It competes with native species for food, habitat, and resources. This snail also has a slimy reputation, due to its strange appearance. It leaves behind a slimy trail. … Read more