Weird Restaurant Names From Across Australia

Weird Restaurant Names

Naming a restaurant in 2024 is a substantial task. You need something that will stand out from the crowd and get people’s attention. But what happens when restaurateurs choose a name that’s a little too extreme, gimmicky or pun-y?

Having a restaurant name that turns heads is certainly a way to beat the competition. A quirky name tells a story about your restaurant before customers even set foot in the door. But an unusual name could be the restaurant’s downfall if the joke behind the name becomes outdated.

Here’s a list of the weirdest restaurant names in Australia, from the pun-y and witty to the downright offensive.

Weird Restaurant Names in Australia

Gastro Park

Potts Point, NSW (no longer in business)

Though now closed, Gastro Park was an award-winning restaurant with consistently good reviews. People came for the funny name and stayed for the helpful staff and the food, which one customer described as “edible art”.

Putting “gastro” in their restaurant name was a risk that appeared to pay off for this business while it was open, but it could have been disastrous for a lesser establishment. 

Dingo Ate My Taco

Melbourne, VIC

This Mexican food truck has an undoubtedly Australian name, but Dingo Ate My Taco’s tacos actually come straight from Austin, Texas. This is not frilly, sophisticated restaurant cuisine- this is authentic, delicious, affordable street food. 

The punchline of the title- the cry of a grieving mother that was turned into a national joke- is a brave choice. But the name has clearly not put customers off, based on the long lines wherever this food truck parks.


Brisbane, QLD (no longer in business)

When written down, this looks like an innocent pun. When you have to say it out loud, you feel like a racist.

Thai Tanic

McMahons Point, NSW (no longer in business)

The original dad joke-named Thai joint is no longer afloat, but a few other establishments have since borrowed the name. Some of these restaurants serve super hot Thai green curry, so like its movie namesake, Thai Tanic is likely to make your dad weep like a baby.

Doot Doot Doot

Merricks North, VIC

What do you think of when you hear “Doot Doot Doot”? The muffled sounds of a house party next door? Is someone with a Scottish accent narrating an audiobook containing ellipses? Is a toddler trying to mimic the sound of a car horn?

Actually, Doot Doot Doot is the name of a fine dining restaurant and winery. The name may be unusual, but it certainly makes this business stand out from the more traditionally named wineries.

The Pie Minister

Pakenham, VIC

This is a brilliantly creative name that had the potential for a myriad of government-themed pies- but the owners have now renamed the restaurant Pie and Mighty. Another excellent pun, and much less controversial, but not as eye-catching as The Pie Minister.

Tequila Mockingbird

Paddington, NSW

This lively Latin American restaurant shares its name with a book about cocktails, which is fitting because Tequila Mockingbird serves cocktails along with Latin American food.

Fu King Chinese Restaurant

Chelsea, VIC (no longer in business)

Unfortunately, Fu King is no longer in business. We suspect that it was on the receiving end of a few too many prank calls. 

Massive Wieners 

Prahran, VIC

The name says it all: they serve foot-long hot dogs. And they’re open late on weekends, so you and your friends can enjoy massive wieners after a night out.

Prunella and the Priapic Prawn

Collingwood, VIC (no longer in business)

Prunella and the Priapic Prawn was open in the 1980s, so this whimsically-named restaurant has been closed for a long time now, but we can only imagine what kind of atmosphere it had.

Wat Da Pho

Melbourne, VIC

This Vietnamese place is as laid back as its name suggests, and the name seems to have worked in their favor.

LadyBoy Dining & Bar

Richmond, VIC

This bustling Thai restaurant may serve excellent food, and the name isn’t as extreme as some others- but do not, under any circumstances, try to find this restaurant by Googling “Ladyboy Thai”. Especially not on your work computer.

The Cod Father

Kedron, QLD

Ready for an offer you can’t refuse? The Cod Father is a throwback to childhood: a classic Aussie takeaway shop offering cheap and cheerful comfort foods. The name may be innovative, but the menu is pure nostalgia.


Explore the weirdest restaurant names from across Australia, from the whimsical and witty to the controversial and confusing ones.

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