Best Candy That Starts With A: Game With Names

candy that starts with a

Do you want to know the name of candy that starts with A? It is quite usual to look for the various candy names, especially if you are a candy lover. 

If you search in a wide range, you will get so many candies’ name starts with the first letter “A.” Wait a while, you do not have to bother; we have come up with the names of your favorite candies in a place. 

However, reading and learning about the candy names is like an exciting game. So, let’s dive into the candy world, which starts with A. 

List Of Candy That Starts With A

Have a glance over the names of the candies starting with A. Surely, in this section, you will get your favorite candy names.

Apple CandyAndies Chocolate MintsAplets & Cotlets
AirheadsAmarula CandyAyds Candy
After EightAltoidAlmond Roca Candy
Abba ZabbaAllsortsAniseed Twist Candy
Aero BarAhlgren’s Bilar CandyApplehead Candy
Almond JoyAkane’s Candy

Details About Candies That Start with the Letter A

What if you know details about these candies? Yes, to learn more about these candies specifically, scroll down a bit:

candies that start with a

1. Apple Candy

As we think about the apple candy, it’s nothing but a sweet apple candy holding a bar in the middle. The apple candy looks like a lollipop with a sugar coat over it. 

Though you will get various types of apple candy, the main ingredients are the apple. Apple candies are also available with the coating of red caramel or crushed peanut. 

It’s nothing but coating the apple with sweet ingredients and gives a shape like a lollipop. Various types of apple candies are available in the market, but the taste of homemade apple candy is always something different.

2. AirHeads

The dutch-Italian company makes the AirHeads taffy candy. It seems tangy and tastes chewy. But, possibly it is the most colorful candy ever. 

The Air Heads includes many flavors like blue raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, orange, grape, white mystery, pink lemonade, green apple, strawberry-watermelon, etc. 

3. After Eight

After Eight, mainly the chocolate bar thins of dark mint chocolate. In addition, Nestlé produces After Eight candy in various forms, such as the orange After Eights and milk chocolate After Eights. 

There are many varieties of After Eight like delights, biscuits, Mint & Blood Orange, Dessert, Strawberry, and Mint, but people like the thin mints most.

4. Abba Zabba

The name Abba Zabba is so interesting. Like the name, this candy is also very much popular as it is the taffy candy bar that holds peanut butter in its center. 

Annabelle Candy Company started to produce apple-flavored taffy and chocolate spread bar beside the other flavors. So, you will get this Abba Zabba candy with the taxi pattern yellow and black colored wrapper. Interestingly, they do not ever change the colorful packaging since the start. 

5. Aero Bar

You may visualize the sweet, crispy Aero Bubbles whenever you hear the name Aero bar, that is, the aerated chocolate bar. Right? But, Humm, you will be surprised to know that Aero bar is available in many varieties like Aero Biscuits, Aero Bubble Biscuits, Aero Mousse, Aero Ice Cream, and even in Aero Drinks. 

Aero bar manufactured by Nestlé offers various flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, etc.

6. Almond Joy

The Hershey Company manufactures the Almond Joy. It’s a different type of candy that fills with shredded coconut and is covered with milk chocolate. If you see the wrapper of Almond Joy, it consists of a blue color scheme. 

However, the company started to produce the Almond Joy bar in 1946 to replace Dreams Bar.

7. Andes Chocolate Mints

The mint filling small rectangular chocolate candies are the Andes. The Andes is also in different flavors such as cherry jubilee, chocolatey orange, mint parfait, raspberry cream, and toffee crunch.

However, it fills one mint-green layer in the middle and at the outside two cocoa chocolate-flavored layers. Primarily, the Andes chocolate mints were coated with green foil, but by the time the manufactures upgraded their packaging quality. 

8. Altoid

Have you had this various-shaped Altoid candy earlier? You will get this candy in so many flavors like mints, sours, gum, Altoids strips, Altoids Arctic, and so on. 

It’s a brand of mints that were available in distinctive metal tins in the past. But now, they updated their varieties and flavors in many aspects. Earlier, they used peppermint oil in the lozenge.

Moreover, in gum peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint, wintergreen, two sour flavors, apple, and cherry, are included in this candy. In Altoids Strips, peppermint and cinnamon flavor is available, wintergreen and strawberry make Altoids Arctic more delicious.  

9. Allsorts

Oh, we got one more candy with the letter ‘A’! Any particular company does not make the Allsorts. Around the world, so many companies are producing this type of candy regularly.

It is about an assorted confectionery mixture including liquorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavorings, and gelatin. 

It is also a very colorful candy and mixes chips, rocks, nuggets, plugs, twists, and buttons. Blueberry Cube, Strawberry Check is the most popular flavor of Allsorts. 

10. Ahlgrens Bilar Candy

The Swedish confectionery company produces the fruit-flavored sweet foam called Ahlgrens bilar candy. The unique design and the special marshmallow flavor make this candy so popular.

11. Akanes Candy

The Akanes candy is the most similar to loukoumi. Goats’ milk butter makes this Greek sweet exclusive. Though it is found in some regional units of Serre’s throughout Greece, it is also available. 

12. Aniseed Twist Candy

The fragrant taste is unique in this go-to cough sweet which is Aniseed Twist candy. It is the mix-up of pure aniseed oil and refined sugar. Interestingly, producers use the copper pan to boil the ingredients to a unique, strong flavor. 

13. Aplets & Cotlets

Aplets & Cotlets are baked in powdered sugar, which is like small jelly. In this candy, manufacturers use apple to make the Aplets, where apricots for Cotlets.  

14. Ayds Candy

Ayds candy is available in chocolate, chocolate mint flavor with butterscotch, and caramel flavor. But later, it also introduces peanut butter flavor.

Benzocaine is the main ingredient of this sweet candy which reduces the taste sense of humans that reduces eating. 

15. Almond Roca Candy

Almond Roca candy is like the hard toffee, which covers almond butter crunch with chocolate. It contains the ground almonds inside. Brown & Haley Co. of Tacoma manufactures this candy since 1914. 

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Final Words

Perhaps you have found your favorite one from the list of candy that starts with A. If you are a candy lover, then most of the candies are your favorite. Right? 

So, now you can play games with the names of candies with your friends and can have an enjoyable moment. 

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