Amazing Facts About 10 Best Dictation Software 2024 – Master the Art of Speech-to-Text

Best Dictation Software

Are you Freelancer, a Content Writer, Journalist ,Columnist or a Student?

Do you fed-up with typing so many documents, Emails, letters, and school assignments either for a teacher or a student ( online class due to COVID-19)?

Do you feel pain in upper part of your body?

This article gives the list of the 10 best Voice Recognition Software through which the burden of your work will become less or we say that it is also a Time-Saver software.

Dictation software provides its best to convert your voice into text but still, it is not 100% accurate that your spoken words are those that you want to write in your text.

So, before you finalize your text you have to check first.

Dictation Software In COVID-19:

Dictation Software In COVID-19

Due to this pandemic situation COVID-19, where the economy decreases, the working on the internet increases, so it would analyze that typing is very difficult for an individual especially for writers.

Either you are a Journalist or a Columnist. Novelist or Poet, Article Writer or Business Writer, Erotica writer or Copy Writer, Freelance writer, or Game writer,

Dictation software helps in composing your document, your report, and makes your life easier and comfortable instead of you are using the typing tools.

According to analytics report that in this pandemic situation, the demand of dictation software will be increase day by day.

Free Version Of Dictation Software:

In the last few years, according to the Analytical Reports, the demand for dictation software increase day by day. Its special tools help to convert voice into text and compile heavy documents, memos, letters and reports easily and more comfortable.

Dictation software not only helps in control the power of your computer but you can easily write while walking, cooking or even breastfeeding.

Here are the some list of free version of Dictation Software :

  1. Apple Dictation
  2. Windows Speech Recognition
  3. Google Docs Voice Typing
  4. iFlytek – iFlyDictation
  5. (Web)

1. Apple Dictation Software

It is the best free dictation tool for Apple device. MAC and iOS comes with the technology of Voice Recognition. It is easy to use to create Emails and typed documents but not controlling the various desktop such as playing music, opening files etc.

Enhanced dictation supports 20 language but default dictation supports 31 languages.

Sometimes it becomes irritating and inconvenient when Enhanced dictation takes long time about 40 seconds. It provide great job in short messages on mobile devices.

2. Windows Speech Recognition:

Windows Speech Recognition operates in clouds. This voice-to-text device is not only control in operating desktop but also in compiling electronic form, email messages and on navigation websites.

The main and unique feature of Window Speech Recognition is to support different languages, vocabulary and phonology that are used in different field such as engineering and medical.

3. Google Docs Voice Typing:

Google Docs Voice Typing is the best speech recognition software. You just want to install Google account and Chrome.

When you start using their browser, dictation software become effective with in a few minutes. It supports English language.

It supports the system of  Online, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Windows, Mac.

4. iFlytek – iFlyDictation Software:


It is a China based company software and based on intelligent speech in the field of Speech Recognition Software.

This tool is available on iOS and Android and also support English, Mandarin and Cantonese and also supports to manage in writing and strokes input.

5. (Web): (Web) use Google Voice Recognition to convert voice into text, but it only supports Google Chrome Environment and Google Chrome in Android Environment.

This software does not perform good function when there is a noisy environment. This Speech Recognition Software take a few minutes to ready and convert your voice into text so you can format and edit your documents as you give commands to the devics.

It also supports the system  Windows, Mac, Linux

Paid Versions Of Dictation Software

Here are the 5 best Dictation Software which helps you to compile your documents through voice into text, either they are students or businessmen,

But wait; Don’t forget that this is not 100 % accurate, but due to the rapid increase in technology, hope so that this will cover soon.

  1. Dragon Home 15.0
  2. Dragon Professional Individual 15.0
  3. Nuance Dragon Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13 (Old Version)
  4. Nuance Dragon Medical Practice (Edition 4)
  5. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 with Digital Recorder
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1. Dragon Home 15.0

This new version, Dragon Home 15.0, provides the best intelligence speech recognition on especially design for home use especially for the students who have to complete their assignments due to COVID-!9, all classes are gone through online.

The design uses Nuance Deep Learning Technology, which is 3x faster to transcribes words into the text than typing with no spelling mistakes and features are 99% accurate from the first beginning of the text which especially helpful for students to complete their assignments.

The main and amazing feature of Dragon is that it adapts your voice and environment while dictation. and also seems more natural while dictating.

It supports Skype and WordPerfect18 but also have a full control on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Dragon Professional Individual 15.0

dragon 15

If you are a businessman, and you are faced with difficulty in the compelling heavy documents, letters reports, so Dragon Professional Individual 15.0 can help you to do your work faster and accurately both in and out of the office.

Voice Recognition not only support smart phone but also transcribe your recorded files into text.

Get doumentation at any time any where with more powerful cutomization fast and 99% accurate.

3. Nuance Dragon Dragon Home

Have you ever listen these words “Old is Gold”, same case happen here .

Dragon’s old version fastest more accurate to interact with your computer has the ability to create, format, and edit your documents more accurately and fast than typing on a keyboard and using a mouse.

It works on the platform where a minimum of 2 GB for 32 bit or we say that it is also a Window Speech Recognition.

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10; 4 GB for 64 bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 10.

It also supports on Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013.

It doesn’t support dictation into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. For EMR support, please use Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

4. Nuance Dragon Medical Practice

Online Training Video - Dragon Medical One

Are you afraid in going for hospital because of COVID_19?

Do you think when you visit doctor, you will be admitted in the hospital where the Corona Viruses surrounds?

So, Here is your solution:

And it sounds to be good that through Nuance Dragon Medical Practice (Edition 4) when a doctor gives you a voice note and you have received in text form.

Now you feel relax because this software translates the voice into rich and high-quality clinical transcription.

And the speech recognition are filled with medical terminology.

5. Dragon With Digital Recorder

Dragon- Transcribing an audio file created on a digital recorder

Are you wearing glasses and your eyesight become week due to spending along time in front of the computer while compiling, editing, and making documents?

Does you feel pain while typing on long and lengthy documents or making reports?

In COVID-19 are you doing online work as feelancer and you have to write a lot of content on your computer?

So don’t worry; Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 with Digital Recorder organized your work more productivity on your PC.

The dragon makes it easy to find images, videos not only on the computer but also in digital voice recorders and on smartphones.

With a simple note command, you can enter5 a text and graphics in a documents.

it can also provide relief to the programmer for online applications, registration forms, shopping check-out fields, and more.

How To Get Good Accuracy While Using This Dictation Software?

  • When you want to dictate your documents use a wireless microphone that cancels the noise.
  • Use wireless Bluetooth and headset microphone in Speech Recognition Software.
  • The voice should be speak will be slow and clear when you use the dictation application
  • When you use Dragon Speech Recognition, there will be a minimum of noise.
  • When you want to speak make sure that you have a written source to practice.
  • Speaks Naturally. Before finalizing your text be careful about punctuation, comma, underline the words if necessary, and complete the formatting in Voice Recognition Software.


dictation software faqs

Can dictation software be used for transcribing interviews or recordings?

Yes, dictation software can be used for transcribing interviews or recordings. Many dictation software programs have the ability to transcribe audio files into text, making it convenient for tasks such as converting recorded interviews or lectures into written form. However, it’s important to note that the accuracy of the transcription may vary depending on factors like audio quality and the clarity of speech in the recordings.

Is it suitable for individuals with disabilities or physical limitations?

Yes, dictation software can be highly beneficial for individuals with disabilities or physical limitations that make typing difficult or impossible. People with conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, or mobility impairments can use dictation software to convert their spoken words into text, reducing the need for manual typing. This can significantly improve accessibility and enable individuals to continue their work or communication tasks more comfortably and efficiently.

Can dictation software be used for multiple languages

Yes, many dictation software programs support multiple languages. This allows users to dictate in their preferred language and have it accurately transcribed into text. The availability of language options may vary depending on the specific dictation software, so it’s essential to check the supported languages before choosing a particular program. Some dictation software may have extensive language support, including commonly spoken languages worldwide, while others may focus on specific languages or language families.

Can dictation software be used for real-time voice-to-text translation?

Yes, some dictation software programs offer real-time voice-to-text translation capabilities. These programs use advanced speech recognition technology to convert spoken words into text instantaneously, allowing users to see their words appear on the screen as they speak. Real-time voice-to-text translation can be beneficial in scenarios such as live transcription during meetings, conferences, or interviews, where immediate conversion of spoken words into written form is required.

Is it compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, many dictation software programs are compatible with mobile devices. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, you can find dictation apps or software that can be installed on these devices. Mobile dictation software allows users to dictate on the go, making it convenient for capturing ideas, taking notes, or composing documents while away from a computer. The compatibility of dictation software with mobile devices may vary depending on the operating system (e.g., iOS, Android) and specific app requirements.


The technology field, we couldn’t deny this fact that dictation software is one of the most amazing inventions which not only helps to complete their work for a businessman more quickly and fastly but in this pandemic situation.

Whereas everyone has compulsory to use the typing skills, either they are students or works are doing their work from home.

So, these 5 best dictation software is very helpful but still, we can’t ignore that point that it is not 100 % accuracy

Therefore, whenever this software should use before finalization first check, Although there are many inventions that increase rapidly in the technology industry, hope so later on, it provides 100% voice convert into text.

Which Software you are going to try first?

Or May I skip anyone of your favorite dictation Software, which you already used and satisfy with that software?

Let me Know by leaving the comment below right now

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