7 Best Fully Dimmable Alarm Clocks 2024 – Review And Buying Guide


Blessed are the people who wake up early to a single alarm call or no alarm at all. However, not everyone on planet earth is as blessed as that. Some alarm clocks sound annoying, and you feel like the sound is piercing through eardrums to shake your whole brain.

Fortunately, there are bedside alarms nowadays that allow you to set them according to your likings. As the name suggests, the dimmable alarm clocks can be dimmed to control the brightness according to your liking.

Unlike the traditional alarm clocks that would wake the dead from their graves, the contemporary alarm clocks show time on the LED screens, offer a snooze feature, and much more.

You also get to control the volume of the dimmable alarm clock and can have access to many useful features. This article consists of the 7 best fully dimmable alarm clocks that we can confidently recommend without any hesitation.

Our Top Picks for 2024

1. Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock – Alarm Clock With Dimmer



You can’t rely on your smartphone’s alarm clock when traveling for an important business meeting. You need to get your hands on a Travelwey Home LED digital alarm clock.

It is pretty affordable and features a simplistic yet durable design, to begin with. You can purchase it in black and white colors. Other than that, you can also take it while traveling as it has a compact design.

MoTravelwey’s dimmable alarm clock is the best thing you can get for your children as it has the most simple operation. You can dim the light intensity from 0 to 100 percent according to the darkness of the room.

It also features an easy-to-read LED screen that features red digits to prevent blue light transmission.

On top of that, it features three large buttons, one of which is the snooze button.

These buttons are easily accessible; you can even push the snooze button with your eyes closed.

Our favorite feature is the big night light at the top of the clock, which is easily accessible. You can turn it on whenever you need to for convenience.

  • Easy to read and set
  • Compact clock
  • It features a night light
  • Some people find it very loud


Overall, Travelwey dimmable alarm clocks are easy to read and set. It comes with many useful features which make it extremely popular. It has a simplistic design, with three buttons on the top, out of which one is a snooze button. Not only that, but it also features a night light that will assist you in the dark when you need it.

2. BOCTOP Desk Digital Alarm Clock – Best Dim Alarm Clock



The following product from our best fully dimmable alarm clocks is the BOCTOP Desk clock. This simple and sleek alarm clock comes in 8 different colors to match your room’s theme. The display of this alarm clock shows red digits, which are easy to see and prevent there is no blue light transmission. Adding to that, the LED screen shows temperature, current time, and alarm time.

BOCTOP Desk Alarm clock is easy to use; therefore, it is suitable for children and older people. You can easily set the timings and other settings by simply turning the knobs. The LED screen is fully dimmable according to your liking. Moreover, it has a compact design so that you can easily place it on a bedside table.

Other than that, it also comes with a large easy-to-access snooze button at the top of the alarm clock that allows for 9 minutes of snooze time. It also comes with a battery that operates during a power outage to show correct timings. Lastly, it also features a USB port so that you can charge your smartphone with it.

  • Small and compact
  • It comes with a battery backup
  • It features a USB port for charging phones
  • Issues with the temperature accuracy reported


Overall, if you are looking for an affordable and fully dimmable bedside alarm clock, then the BOCTOP desk clock is your way to go. It is small and compact and is travel friendly. The LED screen is quite vivid, making it suitable for people with weak eyesight. Lastly, you can install batteries in it that allows for backup when the power goes out.

3. Digital Alarm Clock By ROCAM



It’s high time you get your school-going kids an alarm clock to train them to wake up on their own. This remarkable digital alarm clock by ROCAM will be the best option for them. This sleek-looking alarm clock is fully electric and has a clear LED screen that can easily be seen from afar. Other than that, it has a durable structure; therefore, it’s safe around kids.

We love its red LED screen, which is best for the environment as there is no blue obtrusive blue light transmission. However, it also comes with green and white LED lights if you want to buy them. Besides, it has a large night light that offers six different lights that can easily be accessed when needed at night time.

It also comes with a large snooze button on top, allowing 9 minutes of snooze time. You also get a slide dimmer that allows you to dim the LED between 0 to 100 percent. Last but not least, this alarm clock renders easy operation and has two USB ports for convenient charging.

  • Easy to set the alarm and operate
  • Slide dimmer
  • Multi-colored night light
  • Issues with alarm sounds reported


If you are looking for a durable alarm clock with convenient controls for your kid’s bedroom, then this one is a good option.

ROCAM digital alarm clock features a bright LED screen that is visible even from afar.

It also features a slide dimmer that allows for dimming the light according to your liking. Lastly, it renders a pretty simple operation which makes it suitable for kids and the elderly.

4. REACHER LED Digital Alarm Clock



Waking up in the morning has been made easy with the REACHER LED Digital alarm clock. We love this alarm clock for its small and sleek design and convenient operation, making it best for people of all age groups. The thing we loved about it the most is its volume control. You can control the volume between 30 to 85 dBs, which is impressive.

Adding to that, you will love this alarm clock as it features a USB port that allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet when needed.

This alarm clock is as easy to use; you don’t even need a user manual to learn to use it.

Other than that, REACHER LED digital alarm clock is made with durable material; therefore, you can purchase it for your kid’s room.

On top of that, it comes with a unique feature that allows you to put this alarm clock on snooze by just tapping it on the top. You get a nice oval LED display that is visible even from a distance. The LED display doesn’t disturb your sleep pattern and is fully dimmable, which is a plus feature.

  • Small and compact
  • It comes with good volume control
  • It features a USB port
  • It does not come with batteries


Overall, this small and compact bedside alarm clock is travel-friendly due to its size and doesn’t take much of your side tables space. REACHER LED digital alarm clock allows you to choose the alarm volume between 30 to 85dB. Last but not least, it features a bright red LED display which can be dimmed between 0 to 100 percent.

5. Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud – Auto Dim Alarm Clock



The Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud alarm clock is specifically made for heavy sleepers to wake them up easily. This small circular alarm clock is so compact that you easily accommodate it in your travel cases and on the side tables. The best thing about this alarm clock is that it can produce up to 113 dBs of sound, which makes it best for heavy sleepers.

Another advantage of the Sonic Bomb Extra loud alarm clock is that the alarm tone and volume are adjustable so that you can set it according to your preference. That is not all about it; this alarm clock comes with vibration mode to make sure you wake up on time. You wouldn’t run late from your school, college, or office if you have a Sonic Bomb Dual Extra loud alarm clock by your side.

It also comes with many control buttons with clear instructions, which makes it easy to use the product. However, many people might find it difficult to operate it due to the many buttons. Other than that, it features a dimmable LED screen whose brightness can be dimmed to 5 levels. Lastly, it features 12/24 hours time capability which makes it convenient for everyone.

  • Small and compact
  • Extra loud sound
  • 5-level dimness and vibration mode
  • Its loud sound might disturb other people


Overall, the Sonic Bomb alarm clock is so loud that it can wake the corpses; therefore, it is safe to say it is best for heavy sleepers. It is small and compact, making it perfect for bedside tables. Other than that, it features 5 level dimness and vibration mode for more convenience.

6. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio – Alarm Clock With Dimmer Control

USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio


Next from our best fully dimmable alarm clocks review list is the USCCE digital alarm clock with some incredible features. First of all, it has a simple yet sleek design that complements your room’s theme. This dual-time alarm clock makes it best for everyone. It features a 3.4 inches LCD screen that can be viewed clearly from afar.

The display shows the actual time, alarm time, alarm tone, and temperature with accuracy. Other than that, the clock screen is fully dimmable; you can choose the dimness between 0 to 100 percent according to your preference. Adding to that, you also get to choose from 5 different alarm sounds that are all very pleasant to the ears.

Besides, it has an effortless operation, it features control on top and on the backside, all of which are prominent buttons with clear instructions. Also, the USCCE Digital alarm clock comes with a large snooze button that can be accessed even in the dark, allowing 9 minutes of snooze time. Last but not least, it also features an FM radio, 2 charging ports, and battery backup for ultimate convenience.

  • Easy to use and set
  • It comes with a large snooze button
  • Fully dimmable LCD screen
  • An issue with time was reported by one customer


Overall, this compact and sleek alarm clock is best for your side table to wake you up on time. It features five adjustable alarm tones and a fully dimmable LCD screen. It also features a large snooze button that can be accessed easily, even at midnight. Last but not least, you can set the dimness from 0 to 100 degrees which is fantastic.

7. REACHER Digital Alarm Clock – Dimmable Display Alarm Clock


REACHER Digital Alarm Clock


This is another incredible fully dimmable alarm clock by the REACHER, which boasts some fantastic specifications. The main highlight of this alarm clock is the wireless charging it renders. You can place your smartphone on top of the alarm clock for fast and convenient charging. Some phones might not be compatible with wireless charging; therefore, it has an additional charging port at their back.

Other than that, it features a large 6.1 inches LED display that displays accurate and clear timings. You can see the time at a glance regardless of the lighting condition of the room. In addition to that, the screen of the REACHER Digital alarm clock is fully dimmable, allowing for a comfortable sleeping time.

Another impressive feature it offers is that you can adjust the loudness of the sound to 120 dBs; therefore, it is excellent for heavy sleepers. This is not just an alarm; it also features an FM radio which can tune in to many channels; therefore, you can sleep while listening to your favorite songs. Lastly, this alarm clock is easy to understand, which makes it suitable for all age groups.

  • Wireless charging technology
  • It features an FM radio
  • 120 dB sound output
  • Only allow limited phone models for wireless charging


Overall, the REACHER Digital alarm clock is a decent product with a simple yet sleek design to grace your bedside tables. It features a large snooze button that allows you to have some more minutes of slumber. Other than that, it features wireless charging technology so you can charge your phones without the hassle of charging.

How To Pick The Best Fully Dimmable Alarm Clock

Since only a few people prefer alarm clocks over their smartphones, many people might not know what to look for in an alarm clock. Instead of going for the old-fashioned alarm clock, you should check out the contemporary ones with many features. If you find it hard to pick, worry no more, the following section mentions some of the factors you should consider before buying a fully dimmable alarm clock.


The dimmable alarm clocks are all about the fancy LED screen that vividly shows you the time. The display of your dimmable alarm clock must show large numbers so that people with weak eyesight can see them properly. Nobody sleeps with their glasses on; therefore, your alarm clock shouldn’t show small digits that you first have to look for your spectacles to see the time. In short, you should be able to see the time at a glance.

Dimmable Alarm Clock

Since we are talking about fully dimmable alarm clocks, therefore one mustn’t overlook this feature. A bright LED screen might interfere with your sleep pattern, especially when the room is pitch dark. Fortunately, the fully dimmable clocks offer manual or automatic dimming or brightening of the LED screen. This feature provides comfortable sleep conditions for everyone.

Alarm Tone Options

The problem with the traditional alarm clock was the sound it produced. Studies show that loud sounds can potentially cause many health issues. The contemporary dimmable alarm clocks are made after a lot of thought processes. You can have many alarm sound options that include melodious sounds. Therefore, it is recommended to look for the ones having many pleasant alarm sound options to wake you feeling happy instead of agitated.


It is always best to look for compact alarm clocks that you can easily take with you if you are traveling or staying somewhere else. Another benefit of a compact alarm clock is that it can easily fit on a side table without taking up too much space. You should also look for stable ones so that there are no worries about dropping them.

Easy Usage And Extra Features

Your alarm clock should be easy to set; a dimmable alarm clock with a complex setting puts people away. Therefore look for the ones that allow for effortless time settings. Besides that, look for dimmable alarm clocks that provide additional features such as internet connection, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and much more.


dimmable alarm clock

Q: What are dimmable alarm clocks?

A: Dimmable alarm clocks are alarm clocks with adjustable brightness levels on their display screens. This feature allows users to control the intensity of the light emitted by the clock, making it more comfortable for their eyes, especially during nighttime.

Q: Can I control the volume of the alarm on a dimmable alarm clock?

A: Yes, most dimmable alarm clocks come with adjustable alarm volume settings. This feature allows you to set the alarm volume according to your preference or the surrounding environment.

Q: Do dimmable alarm clocks come with a snooze feature?

A: Yes, most modern dimmable alarm clocks have a snooze feature. Typically, pressing the snooze button will give you an additional few minutes of sleep before the alarm sounds again.

Q: Are dimmable alarm clocks battery-operated or electric?

A: Dimmable alarm clocks can be either battery-operated or electric. Some models even come with a battery backup feature, allowing the clock to continue functioning during a power outage.

Q: Can I charge my smartphone with a dimmable alarm clock?

A: Some dimmable alarm clocks come with built-in USB ports or wireless charging pads, allowing you to charge your smartphone or other devices conveniently.

Q: Is it difficult to set the time and alarm on a dimmable alarm clock?

A: Most dimmable alarm clocks are designed to be user-friendly, with clear instructions and easily accessible buttons for setting the time and alarm. The ease of use may vary between different models, but generally, setting the time and alarm should be straightforward.

Q: Are dimmable alarm clocks suitable for people with weak eyesight?

A: Yes, dimmable alarm clocks with large, clear LED displays are suitable for people with weak eyesight. The adjustable brightness levels allow users to set the display to a comfortable level for their eyes.

Is a fully dimmable alarm clock any good?

Although smartphones have alarm options, most people prefer alarm clocks. The fully dimmable alarm clock is handy and has taken the place of wall clocks due to its versatility. They consist of a bright LED screen that clearly shows the time and can be dimmed according to your liking. Other than that, they are compact and have alarm options so that you can put them on your side tables.

What is the best fully dimmable alarm clock?

There are many great alarm clocks in the market with unique features, so it’s quite challenging to pick one. However, our top favorite dimmable alarm clock from the above list is the Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock. It has a small footprint; therefore, it fits in tight spaces. Moreover, it features a bright red LED display that can be dimmed.

What is the best LED color for an alarm clock?

The best color for the LED screen in an alarm clock is red, orange, or amber. The reason why is that they are suitable for the eyes and do not emit blue light, which might disrupt your sleep. White light is prone to give off such rays; therefore, you should avoid such alarm clocks.

Final Note

Fully dimmable alarm clocks

Fully dimmable alarm clocks provide great utility for the people who find it hard to wake up to the sound of their smartphones. Many people still prefer alarm clocks; therefore, the traditional ones have been revolutionized. We have listed the 7 best fully dimmable alarm clocks in the above list, out of which these three are our top picks.

Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock for its convenient usage and best performance.

BOCTOP Desk Digital Alarm Clock for its compact design and USB ports for charging.

REACHER Digital Alarm Clock for its wireless charging technology and loud sound output.

In a nutshell, alarm clocks will not only wake you up but will freshen you up with a pleasant sound. Smart gadgets such as dimmable alarm clocks provide many features such as the ability to dim it fully, extra features like USB ports, alarm sound options, LED screen, and much more.

Well-reputed companies with promising performance manufacture the products mentioned above. We hope you find the right product for yourselves.

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