11 Best MMO Gaming Mice 2023 – Upgrade Your Gaming Setup

Cyber sports are one of the top-notch cybersports addictions in the world. So, in case you use mice and a keyboard for your cybersports sessions, then the fact is that 50% percent of your connection with the PC’s cyber world is your mice.

Therefore, in situations when you are indulging in MMO games or games related to MOBA, your hand controlling the best gaming mice works much more than the other hand. Hence, MMO games require more mice action rather than FPS games where you just need it for clicks.

Besides, MMOs demand mice to monitor multiple things in a go. Therefore, you need mice that have the relevant buttons and compulsory customization that you need to control every bit of macros you a lot to it.

Our urge to bang on cybersports mice for gaming made us test a range of choices, to come up with the best MMO gaming mice currently available in the market for you. However, in case you need any suggestions, scroll down and take a look at our buyer’s guide of buying a reliable most expensive gaming mouse.

 Top Picks of 2023

Finding a perfect MMO muse was not an easy job, we went through hundreds of different mice in the market, of distinctive features, and budget to finally come up with nothing but the best for you.

Besides, our experts also tested each of them personally by playing games no them to make sure that they get the best MMO mice in the market. Hence, without further ado, let me take you through the top 7 MMO mice according to our research and experiences.

  1. Logitech G502
  2. Utech Smart Venus – Best Budget MMO Gaming Mice
  3. Razer Naga Trinity
  4. Logitech G602 – Best Wireless MMO Gaming Mice
  5. Logitech Daedalus Prime – Top MMO Gaming Mice
  6. Logitech G600
  7. SteelSeries Sensei – Best Multipurpose MMO Gaming Mice

Best Overall MMO Gaming Mouse

When we say the best overall MMO virtual sports muse, it means a mouse that managed to make us go WOW at every stage of testing. Living up to our expectations, we have Logitech winning this battle, as none can match up the brand for its remarkable quality and state-of-the-art products.

1. Logitech G502 – Best Gaming Mouse 2023

Logitech G502

In situations when you imagine a quality MMO mouse, the first thing striking our mind is a typical mouse having that 12-button grid on the sides. It is the same scenario when you think of the MMO cybersports sessions you might imagine of World of Warcraft.

Those who don’t know, it is the type of game this button layout would be best for this arrangement of buttons. However, the fact is that there is an assortment of Massive Multimedia Online (MMOs) gaming that often does not go well with this grid system.

Besides, there is a ton of products like gaming mouse under 100 plying style does not go well with any of them. However, the fact is that grip is an integral commitment!


  • 11 programmable buttons
  • On-board DPI switch
  • On-board button profile switch
  • Adjustable DPI from 200 – 12,000
  • Button to temporarily downshift sensitivity for enhanced control
  • Adjustable scroll wheel
  • Weight and balance tuning

Our struggle for fining the top of the best MMO cybersports mice compelled us to play with numerous cybersports mice of different price ranges. Finally, we all agreed to the fact that G502 is by far the best MMO cybersports mice at an astonishing price for the cybersports freaks. The G502 has 11-programmable buttons, which according to our opinion is quite sufficient for the World of Warcraft, and numerous games related to it. Besides, the personalization options, quality, along with the software at such a top price make this MMO mice the best mice you can get.

Now, the ball is in your court you can either go for the regular Logitech G502 MMO cybersports mice or the hero version of this Logitech MMO mouse. The hero version of these MMO mice by Logitech offers state of the art software and amazing sensor at a price which is almost double to the previous model. We think it’s a waste of money, and not at all worth paying double.

For all the MMOs cybersports freaks mouse personalization is utterly significant, and the G502 excel in this regard. Using the software of the Logitech G502 you can personalize each of the 11 buttons along with the DPI, the current macro profile you’re using, the weight, and even the balance efficiently without stress.

The Logitech mouse is designed in a way that it accommodates all sorts of gripping style along with adjusting in the palm of most of the users. Thus gaming mouse under 50 are the best pick for the lengthy marathon, and DOTA2 matches. Even though the mouse does not have an array of LEDs like the other MMO mice by the competitor brands, but we guarantee that you are paying the price for durability and top performance while paying for this product.

The Logitech software empowers you to do all sorts of customization. Furthermore, the software’s user interface is streamlined and relatively tranquil to function. The mice also have some of the button profiles that you construct along with storing onboard the mouse and contrasts manually.

However, a few of the users face the issue of bugs in the software here and there, frequently about the complex commands not piling up with the allotted keys. Nonetheless, the fact is that this sort of problem is something you will observe in the software of various gadgets.

Hence, in case you are aware of the fact that the majority of your time consumes at World of Warcraft or similar MMOs. Moreover, you need a grid fashion buttons layout, make sure you go through the rest of our products as we had a good collection of cybersports mice for MMOs and WOW especially. However, if the case is that you want the best to satisfy your MMO and relevant MOBA gaming styles along with accommodating other cybersports genres, and necessary PC tasks, then this mouse is picked for you.

Pros and cons:

  • 11 programmable buttons for personalized gameplay
  • Durable and comfortable design for extended use
  • Top-notch performance for MMO and MOBA gaming
  • Streamlined and easy-to-use software for customization
  • Accommodates various gripping styles and hand sizes
  • Potential software bugs with complex commands
  • Lacks extensive LED lighting compared to other MMO mice
  • May not be as suitable for games beyond MMO and MOBA genres
  • The scroll wheel can be loud and not as smooth as other mice


Best Price-Effective MMOS Gaming Mouse

The growing obsession with virtual sports is compelling several people to upgrade their cybersports gear with state-of-the-art products. But there is always the other side of the coin which is your budget. Every MMO players want the best MMO mouse, but not at the cost of a dent in his pocket. Therefore, we came up with Utech Smart. A label, that wins our hearts with remarkable quality, state of the art features, and astonishing budget-friendly price.

2. UtechSmart Venus – Best Budget MMOS Gaming Mouse 2023

UtechSmart Venus

The Utech Venus smart gaming mouse is a great mouse for people struggling with a restricted price window, but also the best gaming mouse on a serious note. The mouse has many astonishing features that you primarily see in high priced mice. Besides, to our surprise, an Amazon reviewer made a statement that he would go for the Utech mouse anytime, instead of the high price mouse worth 100$.


  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Adjustable weight and balance tuning
  • 5 DPI settings ranging from 50 to 16,400 DPI
  • Illuminated buttons

The highest limit of feature one can ask is all a part of the Utech mouse along with whooping 18-Programmable buttons at your macros disposal. You will get a regular 12-button grid layout over the thumb rest accompanied by the extra fire button, and a DPI up/down button. Moreover, you will get a button on the base enabling you to swipe between various saved profiles. You can modify these profiles in the software within along with the ordinary amendments, and button evaluations.

We have also seen complaints by numerous users that the software is sufficient but limited. Moreover, it is quite hard to use, which is an attribute of a costly mouse. Besides, you also get limited shade options, some button assignments do not live up to expectations, complicated macros are a difficult, and confusing interface for the gaming freaks. Traditionally you have to compromise on software with you buy a less price MMO mouse from a brand that is not so famous.

Set aside the software, as the Utech mice have a range of minute detailing features which are quite surprising for a mouse at such a reasonable price. The ring-finger rest, Teflon feet pads, braided cable, LEDs to show sensitivity, backlit grid buttons, and additional decorative lighting are a few of the features that make the Utech mouse feel like it is a higher price.  A removable weight-tuning cartridge is also part of this top mouse. The list of buttons and customization possibilities overall makes this mouse a sensible pick for all genres of gaming experiences.

Utech mouse is like a dream come true for all the gamers who are struggling with the restricted budget yet seeking for a good mouse. Besides, you do not have to pay the double or triple price as it has all the features an expensive mouse should have. However, the mice lack in the quality section of some of the features. To put an end, if you want a list of features, at a minimal price for the MMO sessions, then this is the best mouse you can get in the market.

Pros and cons:

  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Adjustable weight and balance tuning
  • 5 DPI settings ranging from 50 to 16,400 DPI
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Reasonable price with high-end features
  • Ring-finger rest, Teflon feet pads, and braided cable add to the mouse’s durability and longevity
  • Software is limited and hard to use
  • Some button assignments do not meet expectations
  • Complicated macros
  • Confusing interface
  • Quality of some features is lacking


Other MMO Gaming Mice We cherish

Besides, the one we just discussed, here is some of the other MMO mice that we love and stand close to our criteria of a great mouse to meet the requirements of the genre of the game.

3. Razer Naga Trinity MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity MMO Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga Trinity is the best MMO mouse, while the Hex is the top choice for MOBA. On the other hand, if you are an FPS lover, the DeathAdder is the best seller in the market. Overall, the Naga Trinity gadgets render a vast range of versatility at such a flexible price.


  • Up to 19 programmable buttons
  • 3 interchangeable side plates offering 2, 7, and 12 button configurations respectively
  • Optical sensor with up to 16,000 DPI

Trinity has impeccable in quality just like the products by the brand; still, it lacks in the quality department. Visit Amazon, and you will see a one-star rating by the gaming freaks complaining about the occasional mushy button clicks, buggy software, or even sudden failure of the device. Even though these issues are quite common in gadgets, when you are paying a heavy price for a Razer mouse, expectations automatically get higher.

Now, the R Naga Trinity is a mouse jam-packet with a range of features. The primary feature is that the whole product stuffs into Trinity. Therefore, in situations when you are seeking an inexpensive Naga, opt for the less price Trinity along with stock the additional side plates for situations when you need them.

Besides, the Razer naga mouse’s sensor is also supreme in quality since it is also Razer’s flagship FPS mouse in cover. The Razer naga mouse seems strong while a little on the small side, and emphasizes the smooth design aesthetics of largest Razer mice, and the RGB lights on majority of Razer gadgets.

There has been quite a complaint in the market by reviewers that the software is not easy, but that it is wholly able for your mixed macro and personalization needs. When you buy a mouse from a big brand like Razer, the level of your expectations is high in software. However, the Razer Naga mouse software offers you to customize the entire package of features of the gadget.

Now, let us talk about the major concern of every buyer the price. Razer naga mice have a reputation for being overcharged mice. However, the Razer naga trinity is like a breath of fresh air, with a list of features, and versatility that compels you to pay the price charged. Nonetheless, in case you do not think that the additional side plates are not usable, then our suggestion is to save some money by purchasing extra specifically.

Pros and Cons:

  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Adjustable weight and balance tuning
  • 5 DPI settings ranging from 50 to 16,400 DPI
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Reasonable price with high-end features
  • Ring-finger rest, Teflon feet pads, and braided cable add to the mouse’s durability and longevity
  • Software is limited and hard to use
  • Some button assignments do not meet expectations
  • Complicated macros
  • Confusing interface
  • Quality of some features is lacking


4. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

For starters, let us a quick look at the design, shape, and size of the mouse from the beginning. The reason is that these features can be useful or clunky, messy, or in a case, the best scimitar, based on your judgment. The Corsair Scimitar Pro is especially for gaming freaks, like the Venus and M901.

The mouse wholly concentrates on simple, quick, and precise communication with the 12 grid side buttons during the long sessions. Besides, the curves also distend in the middle, which is quite comforting to the hand and supports you in long sessions. Moreover, the button grid offers unusual stability, and it also fits your hand like a glove for the majority of gamers.

Even though the product is relatively higher than the M901 Perdition, it pays to go with a trustworthy company such as Corsair in more than one way. The product excels in a way that its software is by far the most successful among the rest of the competitors, it is tranquil to use and empowers you to do complex customization.

You can get the feel of a handheld fighting station with the strong and durable fashioning of the Corsair mouse. Frankly speaking, I would not recommend this one for FPS, RTS, and MOBA experiences, as it is not the perfect choice for this genre of cyber gaming. If you are a die heart fan of WoW, ESO, Guild Wars 2, and other games of a similar genre, then this Corsair mouse is your top weapon.


  • The ”Key Slider” system allows you to adjust the button grid position
  • Textured side buttons and grip pads enhance tactile feedback and precision
  • The onboard storage of macros and profiles
  • Polished, easy-to-use software with complex capabilities
  • Quality sensor

Corsair strictly focuses on the gaming needs of the MMOs; therefore, it has the entire feature it should have. So the question arises, is it a perfect mouse for every type of player? I’m afraid not, but it is a sensible pick for almost every type of MMOs and similar needs.

Pros and cons:

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable button grid position
  • High-quality sensor
  • Textured side buttons and grip pads for better tactile feedback and precision
  • Easy to use software with complex customization options
  • Not suitable for FPS, RTS, and MOBA gaming
  • Relatively higher price compared to other MMO mice
  • Not the best choice for players with smaller hands


5. Redragon M901 MMO Gaming Mouse

Redragon M901 MMO Gaming Mouse

Now, if you are struggling with a limited price, then the Redragon M901 is another smart pick. If you think that the Redragon mouse has managed to get a position in our list for the affordability factor, then you are completely wrong, it is beyond a price mouse. With the advanced sensor and smart software, it has several features of the Utech mouse. However, its remarkable software and other features make it overcome the famous mouse by Utech.


  • RGB backlighting
  • Ergonomic design
  • 7 mouse buttons and 12 programmable grid buttons
  • User Adjustable DPI: 1000 DPI – 24000 DPI
  • Adjustable weight tuning

I know it is getting repetitive, but we can’t resist comparing this Redragon gaming mouse with the Utech. One of the reasons is that it somehow falls under the same pricing criteria. Some of the features that the Perdition gaming mouse is denied off is the thumb rest of the Venus. Moreover, it also lacks LED sensitivity indicators, extra decorative LEDs, and miniature bonus touches like Teflon feet pads.

Besides, it also lacks the east DPI settings, which are integral for cyber-playing enthusiasts focusing on cursor precision. The MMO gaming mouse has whopping 16.8 million color choices in the available LED,  two distinctive body-color picks, and the major plus, which is software far better than the Utech mouse.

The Redragon MMO gaming mouse is far above the competitors in pricing, as you have to pay a slightly additional price for this one. Though, the profile editing, macro building, and lighting personalization are seen in several reviews to be less buggy and cumbersome compared to the top of the similar product. To quote about software in simple words, “it is pretty much what you would expect from a Chinese team on a limited budget, brutally efficient and packed with typos.”

Besides, you can say the same thing about the mouse as well. The Redragon mouse is jam-packed with features, thus making it a smart pick worth every penny you spend.

Pros and cons:

High-quality advanced sensor

  • Affordable price point
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable weight tuning
  • 12 programmable grid buttons
  • RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color choices
  • User-adjustable
  • DPI up to 24000 Smart software for macro building and lighting personalization
Less buggy and cumbersome software compared to competitors

  • Lack of some features like LED sensitivity indicators and Teflon feet pads
  • Some reviewers noted typos in the software
  • Thumb rest not as comfortable as other models
  • Lacks easy DPI settings for cursor precision


The Best 3 Mice

The modern era is a time of technology and innovations, every gadget you buy is getting compact and mobile. Currently, wireless mice are creating quite a stir in the market and virtual sports enthusiasts love the idea of a wireless mouse. So, our research of a good MMO wireless mouse brought us down to the subsequent 3 mice that you can consider:

6. Logitech G602 Wireless MMO Gaming Mice

Logitech G602 Wireless MMO Gaming Mice

The past couple of years witnessed a major shortfall in wireless mice and wireless gaming peripherals. There is one feature in a wireless mouse, that is not compulsory technically which is that it lacks a wire. This is compensation for numerous loopholes such as laggy gaming, too much recharging, high price, and more. The brand, on the other hand, is proving this claim utterly wrong with its G602 wireless gaming mouse as a breath of fresh air.


  • 250 hours of battery life per charge
  • 250 DPI – 25,000 DPI
  • Power-saving, accurate sensor
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • On-board DPI sensitivity controls
  • Performance/Endurance switch lets you decide how to use battery life
  • Battery Life indicator
  • USB Nano receiver stays in your computer and transmits wirelessly at 2.4Ghz

Logitech takes care of the factor which is a major loophole in most wireless mice. Even though the brand is not mentioning the accurate amount of milliseconds, the G602 mouse ensures “latency-free” gaming with this product and the majority of reviewers agree with it. Among the list of pluses, another point is that the wireless mouse is often on sale on Amazon which is below $40, thus, making it a top gaming mouse within the minimal price.

Besides, you do not have to stress about recharging the product like the G602 wireless gaming mouse functions on a 2 AA battery which offers a life of up to 250 hours, WHOA that’s impressive. However, in case this is a “con” for you, make sure that there’s thankfully a completely beneficial onboard battery life indicator along with a switch to smartly use battery power when you want.

After avoiding all the minor loopholes, let’s take a look if it can match up to the gamer’s demands. The Logitech wireless gaming mouse has 11 programmable buttons, which is not as high compared to the other mice in the market at varying prices.

Besides, it has limited total buttons as this wireless MMO mouse does not feature the stereotypical grid-style layout close to the thumb. Rather you will see a cluster of 6 buttons between the thumb and the palm and 2 between the palm and left click. We wholly recommend this layout for people who are willing to commit to the Logitech full-blown layout.

Now, talking about the significant software, the G602 software gets the edge of being developed by the big industry of the world. We would not stay that it is mind-blasting, but it will enable you to personalize any of the mice according to your gaming need. If you don’t like wireless mice, the g602 gaming mice is the best product to change your mind

Pros and cons:

  • Latency-free gaming
  • 250 hours of battery life per charge
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Power-saving, accurate sensor
  • On-board DPI sensitivity controls
  • Battery Life indicator
  • Reasonable price
  • Limited total buttons
  • Not suitable for all gaming genres
  • Software is not mind-blasting


7. ROCCAT LEADR Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT LEADR Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse

The brand ROCCAT is quite famous for adding a hint of creativity to the numerous button MMO gaming mouse for the past couple of years. The Tyon is one of the most famous products by the Roccat brand and is wholly recommended for people who enjoy ergonomic designs and a cluster of buttons. However, the quietest ion arises what makes Leader stand out amongst the competitors and the previous model for its features such as wireless ability and the range of funky features.


  • Unusual “intuitive” and ergonomic button layout
  • 14 buttons with 12 Programmable buttons
  • Super-sleek RGB illumination
  • Charging dock stand along with Charging cable

It would not be wrong if I say that the ROCCAT Leader is one of the sexist gaming mice on our list. The elegant matte black finishes along with the state-of-the-art RGB lighting effects create a gamer-gear aesthetic that’s a step further toward elegance. However, the unusual button assortment is the trump card of the product.

If you are an MMO gaming freak who is looking for a range of buttons but not at the same place, then this one is certainly a smart pick for you. If we talk about the buttons, the gaming mouse has 2 buttons encapsulating either side of the left and right-click on top. Moreover, two on the side on the top of the thumb, along with 3 paddle-types buttons above, on the side, and beneath the thumb which master performing two distinctive actions separately.

The story makes no end here; in fact, the paddle underneath the thumb is confined towards a function naming easy shift.  This function empowers all the buttons on the mouse to swipe with another function by a snap of a finger. The entire situation is quite a smart substitute for switching with the overall macros during the fly. The software of this mouse is on par with different big industries running in the same business. Even though, it gets buggy frequently and not top software just like the Corsair MMO gaming wireless mouse.

Now the question arises, does this wireless mouse have some drawbacks just like all the wireless mice in the market? The polling rate is sufficient that any of to be imperceptible, while there are no such issues with the Latency even with the speedy FPS games.

Do you think we forgot about the battery? No, you need to recharge the battery after every 20 hours since it has a fixed battery that you cannot replace. However, 20 hours of unstoppable gaming is quite impressive, as an average wireless gaming mouse cannot work beyond it.

You recharge the mouse on the charging dock that stands upright like a picture frame. No doubt the gaming mouse is pretty impressive, but it lacks behind in pricing criteria. The gaming mice are slightly high in price compared to the average gaming mouse you get in the market.

In situations when you think that the unusual and natural assortment of buttons is your kind, then no doubt you will enjoy every bit of this product. However, according to some reviewers, the layout will surely take some time to understand.

Leader gaming mice surely have the style and mesmerizing features that you want in the best gaming mouse. However, the ball is in your court to decide if you are ready to pay that price for the extraordinary feature.

Pros and cons:

  • Unusual and ergonomic button layout
  • 14 buttons with 12 programmable buttons
  • Super-sleek RGB illumination
  • Charging dock stand along with charging cable
  • Intuitive paddle beneath the thumb for easy shifting of button functions
  • Impressive 20 hours of battery life
  • No issues with latency even in speedy FPS games
  • Expensive compared to other gaming mice
  • Unusual button layout may take time to get used to
  • Battery is not replaceable


8. Razer Naga Epic Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Epic Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse

If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse, then I bet that the Razer Naga epic will be a reliable pick for the majority of MMO gaming enthusiasts all across the globe. It is not due to features such as the clean lines accented by RGB glow, or the strong build quality and wholly personalizable software. Rather the Razer Naga Epic wireless gaming mouse is that only product that outshines due to its 12-grid style button arrangement on the side. If you are gamers who can’t work without the grid style button, whiling drying within the limits of wireless MMO mice, then this is certainly the right pick for you.


  • 12-button mechanical thumb grid
  • Up to 8200 DPI sensor
  • 19 programmable buttons
  • Maximum 20 hours battery life
  • RGB lights
  • Tilt clock scrolling wheel

Despite it being high price, the Razer Naga gaming mice were quite a success before Trinity came into the market. The Razer Naga Epic has everything an evergreen MMO gaming mouse should have but lacks within the stunning RGB accented package. This is the advanced version of the Razer Naga is the better version of the previous model with the wireless attribute that makes it outshine it. However, these stunning attributes are accompanied by a slightly high price.

The Razer naga wireless gaming mouse is partially in small size and many reviewers complain about making the hand rest on the mouse quite troublesome along with approaching the button slightly hard. Hence, these two features are the pit holes of the wireless gaming mouse. Moreover, the wireless MMO mouse is weak in clear tactile signals, and the capability to modify the grid does not assist with macro accuracy.

 Even though the battery has a sufficient 20 hours life, but when it runs out of battery you can attach the wire, shifting it to the wired mode to use it as the Razer Naga Epic wire mouse. Razer Naga wireless mice are deprived of latency. Yet the affordability issue sustains, the Razer Naga Epic wireless gaming mice come with a heavy price tag. Without a doubt, it is the best product, but isn’t it a bit too much in price?

If you people are not a huge fan of 12 grid style buttons, and wireless mice, then there are a ton of other gaming mice in the market that can satisfy your gaming needs. However, if you want to opt for 16.8 million color choices of RGB lights, then I’m sure this one is for you.

Pros and cons:

  • 12 button mechanical thumb grid
  • Personalizable software
  • Up to 8200 DPI sensor
  • 19 programmable buttons
  • Wireless capability
  • Tilt clock scrolling wheel
  • Stunning RGB lighting
  • Expensive
  • Slightly small size
  • Buttons may be hard to approach
  • Weaker tactile signals


The 3 Best MMO Mice for Specific Games

There are a few mice in the market that goes well for particular types of games such as WoW, so we have some products that we feel would be great if you are a fan of any of those games:

9. Logitech G600 – Best MMORPG (WoW) gaming Mouse 2023

Logitech G600

The Logitech gaming mouse would have been our top pick overall, not due to the 12 buttons grid-style button layout. No hard feelings, but the grid-style gaming mouse are appropriate for MMO player, particularly for people who relish games such are the World of Warcraft. However, not a smart pick for overall MMO gamers.

In our opinion, G600 is a better candidate for the best overall MMO gaming mouse. Nonetheless, the mouse has the number along with the layout of the buttons that you wish. Moreover, software to control all of your macro personalization, strong enough to serve in years of unlimited gaming, and a price tag that is economical enough to help ou in further extension.


  • 20 buttons total
  • 12-button grid side panel
  • G-Shift button initiates secondary actions for all buttons
  • On-board macro profile storage
  • 50 DPI – 8200 DPI range

The Logitech G600 outshines all of its competitors, all thanks to the sheer ray of buttons, and the further facility of the G Shift button. This button immediately turns all of your buttons to execute an individual set of actions. Furthermore, the best part is that all of the buttons of this MMO gaming mouse are personalizable through the simple and easy Logitech software, which also renders the best detailing in the mouse configuration procedure. However, you can expect bugs to arise from time to time.

What’s more, is that the software can also empower you to opt from 16.8 million bright color choices to backlight your button grid. You also get the authority to switch the colors of the backlights cybersports between macros profiles. Tactile signals in addition to the series of buttons, and support for accurate control without any disturbance in the game are the features, make it the best overall MMO cybersports mouse of the market.

However, if you are a loyal player of WOW then none can match up the Logitech G600 wireless gaming mouse. The mouse is a fruit of all the hard work of experts regarding MMO gamer’s essential. Hence, we can proudly say that it is the best gaming mouse for MMO players with the best set of features.

Pros and cons:

  • 20 programmable buttons
  • 12-button grid side panel
  • G-Shift button for secondary actions
  • On-board macro profile storage
  • Accurate control and tactile signals
  • Reasonable price
  • Software can be buggy at times
  • Not suitable for all gaming genres
  • Slightly bulky and may not be comfortable for everyone


10. Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime – Best MOBA Gaming Mouse (League & Dota 2)

The best does not necessarily have to be expensive, and people who buy from Logitech can understand what I mean. The Team SoloMid supports Daedalus Prime and members of Cloud9 use them. We agree that the product is deprived of the glitz and glam of the few of the LED encrusted products out in the market. However, debating on the way any of the products will make you go mid is quite troublesome.


  • 6 Programmable buttons
  • On-board DPI switch with 4 settings
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Tuned and used by professional MOBA player

The Logitech cybersports mice are the favorite of MOBA gaming enthusiasts and it is particularly crafted for them. The target of this MMO cybersports mouse is mobility and hassle-free access to the buttons. A relatively smaller size mouse caters to the claw and fingertip grip style. Therefore, it is a smart pick for all MMO gaming freaks.

Even though the MMO cybersports mice are less in price and super light, the Logitech mice get a review regarding their quality, overall experience, and strength of it. Besides, you can use the software for utmost personalization, be it modifying the macros to amending DPI starting from 240 DPI to 4000 DPI respectively.

In case of speed, preciseness, and access to some of the significant macros that MOBAs need, this Logitech mouse is an excellent pick. It has everything an MMO gaming enthusiast can ask, with a price within the means of an average man.

Pros and cons:

  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight yet durable design
  • Used and tuned by professional MOBA players
  • On-board DPI switch with 4 settings
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Great speed and precision
  • Lacks fancy LED lighting
  • May not be suitable for gamers with larger hands
  • May not have enough buttons for some MOBA players


11. Steel Series Sensei 310 MMO Mouse

Steel Series Sensei 310 MMO Mouse

There is an extensive variety of MMO gaming mice. Some MMO gamers need a variety of buttons, while some need slightly more buttons than average mice. Games such as Destiny 2 or Fallout 76 that blends cooldowns, and crosshair tracking, can also get an advantage from quick macro management. Hence, the Steel Series Sensei MMO cybersports mice are the top pick.


  • Exceptional quality sensor
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Buttons have mechanical switches
  • Multicolored lighting effects
  • On-board macro profile memory

The competitive FPS gamers, and pro-League of Legends team, use the Steel Series Gaming mice for the past couple of years. Those of you who are aware of the game Team Invictus knows that it is by far the best game, the expert team of this game used these Steel Series mice for their game in the past. Moreover, the fresh version makes it the best mouse you can ever have.

Besides, stunning features such as lightweight, leas profile design, and expert quality sensor make the Sensei 310 live up to your expectations of tracking and cybersports spree. The mice have 7 programmable buttons which care quite perfect for the MMOs with the fixed number of macro-management. Moreover, the software within will authorize you to fashion this mouse solely according to your need.

In case you are a gaming freak indulging in games with a lot of twitch-targeting along with twitch item and spell usage, then this MMO gaming mice is the best for you.

Pros and cons:

  • Excellent sensor quality
  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • 7 programmable buttons with mechanical switches
  • Multi-colored lighting effects
  • On-board macro profile memory
  • May not have enough buttons for some MMO players
  • Software can be buggy at times


MMO Mouse Buyer’s Guide

What is MMO Mouse

What Makes a Mouse Better for MMOs?

As a kid when I use to visit the electronic gadget shops, MMO mice were the first thing grabbing my attention. Now, you must be wondering why so? The reason is all the cool keys that depict like an airplane of a different gadget of supreme quality, ready to execute any job without fail. You can resemble them with the cockpit of a plane of a top engineer booth. Besides, the range of keys with the advanced backlights, it was a treat for the eyes.

Soon after years of growing up and indulging in WOW, I realized the basic aim behind those buttons. Monitoring every gameplay feature, often in a single go is the basic aim of the MMOs. Hence, managing smartly all the functions a small top quality palm-sized control center is essential to improve your experience.

Besides, the range of different buttons is the show stopper of these types of mice. However, do not get confused as all the mice with multiple buttons do not fall under the same category. So down we have a few of the significant points featuring the important functions those smart keys can perform, along with absolute essentials of an MMO mouse:

Important Features

MacrosButton LayoutSensorCPI or DPIIncluded softwareWeights? Ergonomic?Wired or wireless mouseIllumination - Not Entirely SuperfluousPolling Rate, FPS (in the mouse, not in-game), Acceleration, Cursor Speed, “Avago” sensor??

In the galaxy o MMOs, a macro means command during the game. To explain it further, let us take an example of WoW, macros could be to “use” something, “equip” something, “cast” a spell, etc. Now, there are tons of things you can do during MMOs, and frequently when a boss is just at the edge of wipe your raid, you wish to execute the tasks at double speed. In all such scenarios, macros, and mega macro pushers serve to be a helping hand in better execution of the tasks.

Now, the majority of you might be thinking about how to fashion these macros, and how you can make WoW understand that you want to cast “Seed of Corruption” when you press right-click, right. Let me help you, the software of these top-quality mice will help you achieve the task. Moreover, smartly developed mouse software can prove to be a helping hand at doing so.

When you think about an MMO mouse, the evergreen grid-style layout resembling a phone dial pad or a calculator is the top think striking our mind. However, the grid style is exceptional for all the gamers, but not perfect for all MMOs. Nonetheless, do not neglect other key layouts that allow a hybrid of the legendary two-button mouse and the 12-key grid.

The majority of you might not be aware of a sensor, those who don’t know, let me simplify it for you. A sensor is an illuminating light under the mouse, thus making it not only an RGB paperweight but a lot more. A sensor also helps at tracing the movement; moreover, the modern mice in the market have both optical and a laser sensor. Nonetheless, the loser sensor is more appreciated than the optical one nowadays. Every sensor has a different quality level, the high-quality ones enable a boost and modification sensitivity levels due to their capability to sense the surface underneath the mouse in a more nuanced way. Even though, it is a lengthy debate regarding the technicalities that makes a sensor superior to another. However, it is fate helpful for the basic aim behind this guide enabling us to assure you that the sensor of each mouse in the list works exceedingly well regarding the needs of MMOs.

Nonetheless, the fact is that top-quality silent ivory and the modern sensor is not the topmost priority of an MMO gamer, rather it works exceedingly well for games such as fast-paced twitches shooter. Besides, a significant feature to notice is that the sensor should be modifiable. You can modify it through different means like software or on the Fly with an actual switch on the mouse.

If you are an active member of the gaming world, CPI or DPI is the same thing. However, in technical terms, they are far different from each other. A DPI, abbreviated as dot per inch means that the number of dots in an inch of the digital picture or else the print out copy of the digital image. In the technical world, DPI is used by producers to explain the sensitivity of the mouse sensor. In this regard, high value means high sensitivity.

The other term CPI stands for Count as per Inch, and it explains the number of instances of data the sensor gains as it travels from one inch to another. The measurement increases with a rise of 250, and normally it ranges from 250 to 4000. Hence, the greater the number, the minimum distance you have to cover the mouse for sending the cursor flying. Catering to the needs of this guide, we will use the term DPI. The reason behind this decision is that even if it is wrong, but it is so frequently used that it is the industry standard nomenclature.

Besides, the fact is that higher DPI is not the best necessarily, but the producers always make you feel this way. The in-game sensitivity is another factor that helps you determine how much distance the mouse travels on the screen. However, you should keep in mind the gaming style, monitor size, and monitor resolution while opting for the product how much DPI is perfect for you.

In terms of software, you will want to take a look at things such as the probability to manufacture and save various “profiles” so that you can swipe easily between them. Besides, you can wish the keys on the mouse to monitor specific macros such as Warlock and different ones for your rogue. Top-quality software can authorize you to amend settings including DPI, tracking speed, X/Y sensitivity, etc. besides, it is wholly significant for a mouse software to be super easy to use as both the features work simultaneously. The story makes no end here, in fact, you will be amazed to understand that the software feels and runs in a way that it is slapped together afterthought, with apparently no intention to serve its purpose.

Now, some of you might agree with me that different weights assist in different mice movement styles across different games. Besides, different mouse weights are indeed another means of personalizing your gaming gadget according to the style to play.

There are a few gamers who like opting for a heavy mouse for certain types of games, while on the other hand, there are players who like going for lighter one focusing on the same reason.  The essence of this conversation is that at the end of the day it’s all about personal preference, along with the motive of owning a product that is versatile enough for finding a product competent enough to meet your needs and gaming needs.

The right hand or left-hand mice focusing on the ambidextrous design or ergonomic design encircles around the same needs. In case you can try out MMO virtual sports mice before you literally dive into buying it. However, in case you feel like opting for an excellent MMO gadget then take a look at the buyers’ guide.

Besides, the list of pluses, the biggest advantage of a wireless mouse is that it sets you free from the stress of cluttering of cord all over your desk. Moreover, particularly in situations which is within the gaming session when you are at the urge of winning the game. So the question arises, why don’t people opt for a wireless mouse then? Usually, you have to go through three basic trade-offs while shopping for a wireless mouse, but it is not compulsory.

  • Latency or in simple words lag: The wireless gadgets have a different degree of triggering latency during the transmission of information without the assistance of those irritating wires. However, there are some of the wireless mice where some of the latency is somehow imperceptible. Besides, it is sufficient to make a few of the games “literally unplayable”.
  • Price- wireless mice can be somehow costly compared to the wired mouse. Nonetheless, the fact is that this is not always the situation; you can frequently sacrifice a few of the features such as DPI, RGB lights, etc. to balance out the cost.
  • Need to charge- there are a few of the gaming mice that you can use as wired as well by plugging in the wire. The reason behind plugging in the wire is to recharge the battery. Furthermore, Being mindful of your gadget’s charge level is something that some gamers wish to not have to think about.

When a player talks about MMO mice, the thought striking our mind is that they are not as superfluous as you think they are.

Besides, the only thing that matters is that if it has a sufficient amount of keys that can work as an in-game extension during the session and commands.

Another game-changing feature of the RGB light is that it empowers you to distinguish between macros via color-coding. The entire situation enables you to cast the perfect spell you want along with refraining you from consuming the portion you don’t.

In all the situations when you spill these terms towards the producer’s product details, it seems more like a gold-plated USB connector that you also throw in as a selling point. At first glance, you might get fascinated by these figures, but the fact is that every bit of feature and details in this guide has its respective significant value.

The appearance you the measurements can make a huge difference in the technicality; however, in the scenario of an MMO cube reports mice or in a situation when it is about all the products in the guide, each one of them will be good enough. Let us take an example of the polling rate. It depicts the number of times a mouse associated with the PC along with its connection to it. Hence, the products where the polling rate is extremely low is not good and you should utterly avoid buying such gadgets.

Though the fact is that every product in the list is quite smart at polling rate scores in addition to the other nuanced measurements that trigger product descriptions– like the “Dynamic coefficient of friction”… Yeah, you can ignore that.

Final Thoughts

Time to put an end to the guide, but one thing I completely missed is to talk about clicks. This a sound I’m sure all of you might be aware of during the discussion from any and each of the multitude of mouse key we just talked. It is crisp and firm, a tad bit mushy, or perhaps high-pitched and irritating. This subject is slightly different to describe and slightly biased to explain. Therefore, do not forget to take a look at the videos as listening is far better than reading long content.

Even though we are quite sure that you can never go wrong with any of the mice in the content, but if you are keen to trace something more accurate, do not forget to hit any of the links below. Moreover, we welcome all your suggestions and queries in the comment section below, so make sure you drop a comment below and let us know your valuable suggestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MMO Mouse?

MMO or MOBA mice are made for games that use a lot of buttons, It means if you are playing some difficult games like Call of Duty you must need to use an MMO mouse to make it easier and control with one hand. MMO Mouse practically gives you an extra keyboard.

Do I need an MMO mouse for MMOs?

No, it’s not necessary to have an MMO mouse for playing MMOs. However, an MMO mouse can be beneficial for MMO players as it offers additional programmable buttons that can be used for quick access to spells, abilities, and macros.

This can enhance the gameplay experience and make it more efficient. It also depends on personal preference and playstyle. Some players may find a regular gaming mouse more comfortable and suitable for their needs.

Is an MMO mouse worth it?

Some MMO mice can be quite expensive, but the purchase is worth it if it is going to last. Gamers are very hard on their mice and expect them to last a long time without decreasing in performance. Basically, MMO MOuse is best for long hours games where you need more buttons with great accuracy. So, yes for sure MMO Mouse is worth it.

What is the best DPI for MMO?

The best DPI for MMO gaming largely depends on personal preference and playstyle. However, most MMO players prefer a DPI setting between 800 and 1600. This range provides a good balance between precision and speed, allowing for accurate cursor movements and quick response times.

Ultimately, the best DPI for MMO gaming is the one that feels comfortable and natural to the individual player.

What DPI is too high?

There is no fixed DPI that can be considered too high as it largely depends on the user’s preference and the type of game they are playing. Some gamers prefer higher DPI settings for faster and more precise movements, while others prefer lower DPI settings for better accuracy and control.

However, very high DPI settings may result in issues such as jittery cursor movement and decreased accuracy. It is generally recommended to experiment with different DPI settings and find the one that feels most comfortable and natural to you.

Why do you need an MMO mouse?

MMO Mouse mostly uses for long hours of gaming, Mostly gamers who need more control with buttons like MMO Mouse. You can use a normal keyboard easily enough. I find MMO mice like the Naga to be far less useful than one of these.