15 Most Expensive Gaming Mouse 2024 – Precise & Lightweight

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse

It is the dream of every gamer to have the perfect gaming PC that is based on his own creativity or preferences. The most important step is, obviously, the gaming PC that you purchase which makes sure that you become the number one player in the competition or even among all gamers in the whole world.

To become the best among all gamers in the world, it is important that you have the right gadgets that you use while playing in the competition.

This review is all about a gadget, the most significant of all, the Gaming Mouse.

We have compile the top 10 best and most expensive gaming mouse of 2024 that you will love to use while playing the games.

A PC power determines your position in the competition, that’s for sure. But other than PC power, there are many other accessories that makes it powerful enough to do gaming.

These gadgets enhance your experience as a gamer. And a classy gaming mouse under 100 is one of those essential accessories.

gaming mouse

This output component is the most important and basic part of the PC that improves gaming as a whole.

If you have had a sudden interest in gaming and want to purchase the PC for this purpose, it is important that you choose the best among all.

It is easier for a beginner to play games when he invests in the right accessories. Furthermore, it is no use in spending loads of money on something you have no knowledge about.

It is better to plan how you want your PC to be with good knowledge and reading different reviews to make sure you purchase the right ones.

One part of the PC is the lightest gaming mouse and this review is all about it.

Picking the right mouse that suits you is dependent on various factors. It also depends on your preference, as to how you like your mouse to be.

Whether you agree it or deny it, it is still true that when you purchase something you look at price of it as well, despite various other factors. The gaming mouse is costly, but buying the right one can be difficult to decide as there are dozens of fps gaming mouse are currently available in the market.

It is okay for you to be doubtful whether buying a certain mouse would be worth the money or not and we totally agree and understand your point. This is why, for your convenience, we have made this review of the top 10 best and expensive gaming mice that are available in the market. Furthermore, these mice are very popular in the mouse industry and prized by gamers as well. 

How to Figure out what would be the Best Gaming Mouse for you?

After going through all these product brands and their key features, if you still think you cannot come to definite decision, worry not! We are here to help you selected the best one, completely based on your preference.

Buying a mouse can be hard, but through this guide we will help on how you can purchase one by knowing some of the basic features that are essential in the gaming mouse.  Furthermore, it can also depend on your personal preference. You preference will drive you to purchase the one that you think fits you well.

So first know about your preference, do you want the wireless gaming mouse one or the wired one in terms of connectivity? What is the standard DPI that you have in your mind and you are looking for? And many more factors.

So, to help you with this we have made this guide, through which you will definitely be able to decide. Let us get to it!

Top and the Best Gaming Mouse updated for 2024

1. Razer Death Adder Elite Gaming Mouse



The DPI has 16000 optical sensors with high precision. Although, the high sensitivity of these dedicated DPI buttons (can be reprogrammed) are good for gaming as well as creative activities. Chroma RGB color profiles can also be customized which have 16.8 million color combinations, including the previously set profiles.

The mechanical switches help support 50 million clicks, coming with a guarantee of 2 years. Moreover, the wheel scroll is small and has tactile bumps which help gripping better and scrolling gets better in gaming situations. Button remapping is also encouraged through the 7 programmable buttons and the Razer Synapse.

  • They have DPI buttons nHave option for customizing color profilesnHighly durablenThe scroll wheel is ridged and rubberized
  • The software is complex and ineffective nPeople did not find any huge differences in comparison to the last modelnWhile using it, the RGB gets coverednFor quick switching of profiles, no on board memory is present

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse



Since this Logitech G502 Proteus. Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse is the old version of G502 which had an optical gaming sensor (PMW3366). However, the mouse has been made very nicely which gives high quality performance along with a comfortable design.

The mouse can work on different surfaces very flexibly. Moreover, the weight is around 3.6g with a five chevron shape, 11 customizable buttons, an in-game DPI and dual mouse wheel modes. This device has a range of DPI from precise pixels such as 200 to as fast as lightning at 12,000.

  • Length of the cable is 6 feet and 1.83 metersnIt has 11 buttons that can be customizednNot so heavy on your walletnWeight is pretty good too
  • This is an old version of G502, so has a few specifications missingnThe scrolling wheel makes a lot of noisenThe option of RGB lights are not so goodnNot an ambidextrous style of the mouse

3. Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse



This Logitech G602 has one of the best polaroid AA batteries; can work for up to 250 hours. This mouse, unlike other mice, brings a high-quality Delta Zero sensor technology which saves a lot of power as well. For checking this, you can use another surface.

Being a wireless mouse and keyboard, this provides a lag free gaming grade and so the endurance and performance also enhances with it. This way, the battery life also maximizes. As for the clicks, it can manage up to 20 million clicks and the mouse has 11 buttons customizable. This works best with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or even higher. 

  • Right handed people will be comfortable with this onenCustom control and macros are provided through the multiple thumb buttonsnDPI can be switchednBattery life expands because the mouse if energy efficientnCan be operated for hours and days even
  • You do not have an option of recharging the mousenCan only be used with Windows

4. Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse



If you are searching for something extremely light in the market, then the Cooler Master MM710 53G gaming mouse is the best choice you have. The mouse is very easy to use and lets you extend your arm easily.

However, after a few weeks of usage, people find the stability of the body a bit questionable. The internals is open to dirt and debris and that might be a little problematic. If you do not want RGB flash and are not thinking of playing the premium for a Finalmouse.

  • This mouse has the best ergonomic structurenThe weight of the device is really lightnThe optical sensor is top-notchednThe cable of the mouse is highly flexiblenThe design is Honeycomb and it keeps your hand coolnPTFE material used to make the mouse feetnTwo extra buttons present for conveniencenFilled with loads of superb features
  • The size might seem a bit too small to people nSome people find the look of it a bit too oddnDesign is perforated, leading to dirt build up inside

5. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse



This wireless mouse of Logitech G502 Lightspeed is really an outstanding gaming mouse. Without the help of a cable, this device works really fast and accurately as well. The ergonomically made structure of this mouse along with the lightweight adds to the “just grab it” list. This is a little pricey but if you can afford it, we can assure you that it will not disappoint you at all.

  • This mouse works really fast with high accuracynThe HERO sensor is amazingnThe device has been built really sturdilynGives the same comfort and functionality as that of G502nBattery life is up to 60 hours at least nCompatible with PowerplaynYou will have a lot of options related to G Hub for customizationnCan be used with wire and wirelessly with USB or Powerplay as well
  • This mouse can be a little heavy on your walletnOnly right handed people find this comfortablenThe scroll wheels have not been substantially buildnThe left side has too much to do and so can lead to miss clicks


6. SteelSeries Rival 700 – Best Budget Gaming Mouse of 2024


You can see that we have placed Steel Series Rival 700 on top of the list and we can make sure that it actually deserves this place! The Steel Series have introduced their rival series in the market and they are, no doubt, the best-known and widely preferred gaming mouse series. They have presented some really powerful devices and Rival 700 is among these gaming mice.

The mouse has an OLED display which represents a lot of different settings along with GIFs. Also, the GIFs can be downloaded from other Series as well. The mouse has been ergonomically designed and this what makes it different from all other devices.


  • There is an onboard OLED display
  • The tactile alerts help you get involved in the game on a whole new level
  • 1 ms (1000 HZ) is the polling rate of it
  • The grip style is ergonomic while making it comfy enough to move it around
  • The tap covers and sensors have modular cables
  • This mouse has a modular design so you can adjust it easilynRGB lights availablenFor displaying the settings, there is an OLED screennTactile alerts for programming availablenYou can customize things as you wish for
  • Left handed people would not find it suitablenDesign Modules can be a little too heavy on pocket

7. Razer Lancehead Wireless Gaming Mouse


If you talk about the strongest wireless Razer Lancehead then this the device you should put your hands on. Razer is among those companies who have made sure to make their name in the market through the good quality device they make. We are not exaggerating about it. They have not introduced one or two products in the market, but dozens to get this fame.

This wireless gaming mouse has a lot of top-notch peripherals which are currently ruling the gaming world. The gaming mice technology has Lancehead as the new face which has Razer on top of the list. Since initially, Razer made a wired gaming pointing device, gamers throughout the world were waiting for a wireless one and now it is here.


  • Wireless performance is highly good
  • Frequency Technology is very adaptive
  • The laser sensor is very exact
  • Gaming optimized mechanical switches are also present
  • Both, right and left-handed people can enjoy using it
  • The design of the device is really elegantnThe design is also very customizablenYou will not see any transference dropoutsnThe DPI settings can be adjustednAll mice have almost the same price tag, and so the wireless ones work really fast like all mice
  • Because of the battery, a lot of people find the weight of it heavynThe grip over the palm is not so goodnIt can be pricey

8. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional – Best wireless gaming mouse


The peripheral industry has Logitech as the main tech giant right now. You name it and you have it. The keyboard, mice, speakers, headphones, pointing devices, etc. industry of Logitech has been dominating the market for a lot of years now and it is all because of the quality and hard work they have put in to make these mice.

When people are having a debate regarding the best gaming mice in town, then Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is definitely present in the conversation. No one will ever forget the technology and tactics used to make this. Moreover, this mouse has been known as a direct rival to the Razer Ouroboros and ASUS Spatha.

The price tag of this device makes us know why the features of this device are so good. The most loved thing about Logitech’s mouse is that it supports Spectrum Lighting and this is the very own version of RGB lighting. This particular feature is very similar to the G900 chaos spectrum. Adding on to this, the gaming mouse can instantly shift from 200 to 1200 DPI and making you experience the best. A free software suit is also available in Logitech products.


  • Both wired and wireless connection are super fast and lag free as well
  • 30 hours is the battery life of it
  • For accurate tracking, the mouse has a powerful gaming sensor
  • No smoothing or filtering needed because there is an adjustable DPI
  • You can customize the buttons of the device
  • More than 16.8 million colors are supported through spectrum lighting
  • The weight is very light of the mousenErgonomically designed, this device is very easy to usenIt helps providing both wired and wireless connectivitynAmbidextrously designed
  • This device can be a little expensive to buynDoes not have enough RGB lights option

9. Razer Ouroboros Elite – Most Expensive Mouse of 2024


In comparison to other Razer products, Ouroboros Elite has to be the best and most powerful gaming mouse ever. This device comes with a lot of amazing features and a very pretty and elegant design which lets you customize it according to what you desire. You can shift and adjust them according to the peripheral device. This means, tweaking this device in whichever way you want could be the best experience ever.

It has been quite a long time since the Raze Ouroboros has been introduced in the market yet, a lot of people know about it and consider it when buying a wireless mouse. It is among the best gaming mice ever. When comparing it to the other latest gaming mice such as ASUS Spatha, which does not have an ambidextrous design and is also not so perfect for left-handed people. They might not like it.


However, with so many good things, comes a bad one as well. Man madethings can have issues. This mouse does not have RGB lighting. Because the main purpose of this device was to focus on improving performance, they did not think of adding other features that might seem unnecessary. You never know, they might have Chroma lighting is the next version about to release. Let’s wait and watch!

Also, a pretty string is attached to the device but gives a nice grip and the weight of the mouse seems to be comfortable enough and finely tuned. 


  • This is one highly customizable device
  • The mouse has been designed ambidextrously
  • The ergonomic structure of the device
  • With a 4G laser sensor, there is an 8200 DPI
  • 1 ms is the wireless connectivity of gaming-grade
  • There is a AA single battery which is durable
  • Provides both, wired and wireless connectivitynFor extreme accuracy, there are dual sensorsnIt has a super long battery lifenIt has no input lag because of the outstanding powerful technology usednFor excellent performance, it has the latest Razer Software Synapse 2.0
  • Can be a little complicated to understand how to use and handle itnThis is among the most pricey mice available in the market

10. Asus ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse – Bluetooth Gaming Mouse of 2024


ASUS has gained its name through manufacturing the best computers and phones in the marketing companies. Although, it is a little expensive their flash grip is really nice and it is worth the cost given. Asus has brought everyone into a surprise by releasing the best gaming mouse ever. Asus Rog Spatha is indeed the most powerful gaming mouse you will fetch in the market out there.

As cool as the name of the device is, the same coolest features it consists of. It has a lot of customizable buttons and RGB lighting. Synchronization with other ROG products by Asus is also an option for you guys. Since it is so powerful, gamers will simply love the performance it will bring about. The weight of this a bit too heavy but it is highly durable as well.


  • RGB lighting is available
  • Customization in any way possible i.e. scroll wheel and side buttons
  • It has wireless and wired connectivity
  • USB polling rate with wire is 2000 Hz
  • Acceleration is 30G
  • The mouse has been built with a durable magnesium alloy body
  • This is one powerful and durable mousenYou can customize it whatever way you likenThere is RGB lighting across the boardnConsists of various hardware as well as software featuresnThe grip is easy and comfortable
  • Unlike other mice, this is a bit heavy on the walletnThe solid design is really good but it makes the buttons too hardnAs compared to an average mouse, this weighs a little more

11. Razer Mamba Chroma – One of the amazing Gaming Mouse


Razer Mamba Chroma is another new mouse of Razer and they know how to take the lead when it comes to producing the wireless gaming mice. It consists of the 5G laser sensor and 1000 Hz polling rate which has wired connectivity.

The mouse also has a Click Force technology which lets you control the click action on both left and right side of the mouse. The device will also let you grip according to the liking and not all mice have this option.


  • Gaming mouse sensor has 16000 DPI
  • The USB cable is 7 feet and braided
  • The mouse has adjustable clicks which are highly responsive
  • More than 16.8 million colors are supported for Chroma lighting
  • Superb accuracy through the 5G laser sensor
  • Right handed people will find it easy to use designnLaser sensor is 5GnThe battery life is very longnBoth, wired as well as wireless connectivity availablenThe buttons can be adjusted the way you wantnThe polling rate is 1000Hz that comes with a wired connection
  • In comparison to other Razer products, this device is a bit too expensivenThis mouse does not have a lot of options so customization is limitednThe design is not ambidextrous

12. MAD Catz R.A.T Pro X Ultimate Gaming Mouse


MAD catz is one of the best one on which we can bet on without any doubt. When it comes to customizability, then this device is at the top of the list. Other mice like Logitech G900 and SteelSeries Rival can also not beat it. Almost all the components of this modular designed mouse is interchangeable.

For the perfect tweaking, this is the perfect fit for your PC and gaming. By adjusting the bottom, friction can be reduced between the mouse and the chosen surface. There is an option for a metal or rubber scroll wheel as well.


  • Modules and swappable sensors can be interchanged
  • Scrolling wheel is also swappable
  • Magnesium alloy and carbon fiber are used to build this device
  • The mouse has pinkie finger grips and feet can be customized
  • There are 90 commanding programmable buttons
  • There are 10 different programming buttons which have 9 different modes
  • With zero lag, it has a strong wireless connectionnYou can find it with an optical or laser sensornCan customize it according to what you desire
  • Does not have a lot of other useful buttonsnFor an all-rounder, this is way too expensive

13. Swift Point Z Gaming Mouse – 2024’s most expensive Gaming Mouse


When we talk about MMO gaming mice, ZwiftPoint Z has been known to be widely used. For maximum output resolution 12000 DPI is available. It also has 2 buttons which are for Force touch. This has been designed so perfectly and accurately, with all the right curves.

Ultimately, you have control over each and every button available on the mouse. The body of it has matt black surface, giving it a highly classic look. Also, an adjustable OLED logo is there to show every light it consists of. With great performance comes great comfortability. The users will not face any strain on their fingers or palm of the hands, even if they play games for longer periods of time. It has 16 buttons for configuration along with an attached software.


  • This mouse is a cute fusion of a joystick, a gamepad and a mouse as well
  • 50+ various clicks and gestures are supported by this device
  • For bringing extreme accuracy, there is a Force Click Pressure sensor

With the 3 pressure levels, it comes as fully customizable device

  • It has been sturdily builtnFor per configuration use, the mouse has a SwiftPoint Z which consists of a lot of buttonsnA lot of tilt feet and button caps are availablenConsists of an OLED displaynCan be customized whichever you want
  • The configuration of the device is a bit difficultnSome people find the LCD screen to be unnecessarynA bit heavy on the wallet

14. Razer Naga Epic Chroma Gaming Mouse


So, until now, we would have realized that Razer is taking the lead for sure. All the best wireless gaming mice come under the Razer company. Razer Naga Epic Chroma is worth mentioning because it is that good and efficient. The design and the lots of lots of features in it will cover all your MMO games.

There is a total of 19 buttons in this Razer Naga and all of them are configurable. Among these 19, 12 buttons are simply placed at one side of the mouse. These are simply accessible and gamers love the performance and experience of it.


  • For rocking any MMO there are 19 programmable buttons
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • The mouse has an in game MMO configuration
  • On the side of the device there are 12 mechanical thumb grid buttons
  • There is Chroma lighting
  • Ergonomically designed mouse
  • Right handed grip is highly sophisticatednLaser sensor is 4GnConsists of 19 programmable mechanical buttonsn82000 DPI is the maximum output resolutionnThe design and software is highly intuitive
  • There are no left handed controlsnThe battery cannot be changed in this wireless devicenSome people find buying this hard as it is too expensive

15. Asus ROG Gladius II 


The last but not the least, Asus ROG Gladius II, this has been placed here because do not forget that you have to go through it as well. The best tracking accuracy is available through the lastest sensor. This mouse has made the attempt of defeating all the predecessors and has succeeded.

A good thing about this gaming mouse is that it can be disabled however, cluttering the whole design to some extent. RGB lighting is also supported and the best thing about this is that the bottom of it shines through beneath it. The device may seem heavy.


  • The USB wire connectivity brings an optical gaming mouse
  • Scroll wheels are clickable
  • 12000 DPI is the maximum output resolution
  • For customizing the buttons, there is a POG software in the device
  • With the help of the DPI button, the speeds can be switched between high and low immediately
  • It has a robust designnSince it has reasonable polling rates, there is a nice wired connectivity as wellnConsists of modular buttonsnLeft and right clicks can be interchangednFor extreme accuracy, there is optical Pixart PMW3360 sensornCan be gripped easily
  • People find this a little expensive to buynSome features are not present which are useful too
Wired or Wireless Connectivity?

Pick your choice, do you want a mouse with a wired connection or one which is wireless? While selecting either of them, you need to first know about their advantages and disadvantages. A Wired connection is better in performance but a wireless one doesn’t get tangled and is easy to use. Despite its ease of use, gamers prefer the wired connection because they don’t want to jeopardize their game with a wireless one, as it might disconnect during gaming.

On the other hand, wireless technology has enhanced its manufacturing and performance that some gamers do purchase it. It has improved its connectivity and response with the passage of time, it is now similar to wired connections ones. So if you purchase a wireless one, it will work the same way.

In the end, it is also based on your preference. If you feel that you play well with a wired connection then purchase it, but if you think the wire comes in the way when you are playing a very intense game causing distress, then go ahead and purchase a wireless connection. Both mice won’t give you a disadvantage, this is the guarantee given by the product brands.

Razer Mamba Chroma _ Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

One thing to note is that wireless technology ones are more costly than wired connections ones. So you need to decide which one of them fits to your budget.

Laser vs Optical Sensor

In the mouse, the sensing system is also a significant feature that you need to be sure about. In terms of sensors, gamers have a kind of mixed perspectives about which sensor is better. Some people think that they feel more comfortable with a mouse with a Laser sensor but there are also people who prefer Optical ones over Laser ones despite it being a very old technology.

The reason why people use Optical sensor is that, according to them, Laser ones lags during operation, which causes inconvenience in gaming as well. So, there are a lot of gamers who think that the Optical one is sharper in terms of response and does not lag. So, they prefer to choose Optical technology over Laser one.

Although, the advancement of technology has also brought great improvements in the Laser industry over the past few years. There are manufacturing companies who have tried to make sure that there is no lagging, they pay more focus on that. These laser sensors are now as good as compared to the optical ones so you can purchase Laser ones as well.

Although there are people who in general like the optical sensors and purchase a mouse that has one as they are good for gaming.

DPI Rating

It is important for you to know about DPI rating. DPI rating is essential as it controls as to how far your mouse pointer can move on any surface. If you the rating is high then it will be more better. The reasonable rating of DPI is considered to be between 1000 to 1200 DPI.

There are some companies who give you the option to adjust the DPI rating according to your preference and also based on what type of game you are playing. And it is better to purchase those which this option because this gives you flexibility and facility to adjust the rating based on the movements of the pointer.

Note that the higher DPI rating mouse will be high in cost as well, as compared to the LOW DPI rating one. So make sure you purchase the one which falls under your budget. The product brands that are mentioned above also have a good DPI rating which are sold at a very reasonable price, so you can purchase from among them.

Left Handed or Right Handed or Ambidextrous?

It is natural for someone to be left handed or right handed, this is a natural thing, but it is also based on your gaming style as well. If you play games with your right hand then, of course, you will purchase a right handed mouse but if you are a left handed gamers then you would prefer a mouse which is made for left handed people.

But, furthermore, there is also another technology that is available in the market which is manufactured for both hands. This enables, either left or right handed person, to use the same gadget without any inconvenience. This gaming mice are made in a Ambidextrous Design. They support both left hand user and right hand user.

Mouse Grip

The grip is very important. A gamer is someone who needs to have a good hold on the mouse in order to win the game.

A grip enhances the performance of a gamer. If you are a beginner and have a mouse which has the right amount of clasp that you need then you can play as good as a professional.

There are two basic grips in the gaming mice: The Claw Grip and The Palm Grip. Claw Grip is the most recent and new technology design that has an effect on the gaming. The pattern design is quite good. As the name suggests, Claw Grip shapes your hands into a claw and lace the mouse at the back side of your hand. The fingertips of your hands do all the work.

This is quite a good clasp as it is effective enough for a quick and sharp movement during the gaming.

The downside of this hold feels a little awkward to use when you are playing for the first time. You have to practice on the hold for hours in order to get used to the clasp.

The second grip is the Palm Grip. As the name suggest, the palm is the main focus of this mouse. The palm of the hand is the one that controls it.

The use of it is quite simple, you use it with your thumb and lower part of the hand to have a good hold on the gadget.

This design is preferred by the gamers because it avoids pressure on the wrist, but it still depends on your preference as to how you play.

What is the best gaming mouse?

The Mad Catz R.A.T Pro X Ultimate Gaming Mouse is one of the best mouse among all other. It is powerful and it also has the Laser technology. It enhances the performance in the gaming.

Before buying the device you should ask yourself these few questions:

What is it that you prefer more on when buying a Gaming Mouse? Do you want one which has more controls or the one that eases the movement of the wrist?

Would you prefer a pointing device to be heavy in design or weightless? Do you prefer wired or wireless technology?

Other than these questions, there is the most important factor that you must focus on which is the price of the pointing device.


What is the lightest gaming mouse ever?

The lightest gaming mouse ever is FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town, which weighs 47g and has a max DPI of 32003.

However, this mouse may be hard to find as it was released in limited quantities. 

Some other lightweight gaming mice that you may consider are Razer Viper V2 Pro (58.5g) 2, Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro (63g) 1, or Glorious Model O Wireless (69g)

Is the Razer Viper Ultimate worth it in 2024?

It seems that the Razer Viper Ultimate is still a highly regarded gaming mouse in 2024, with many positive reviews and recommendations.

However, the decision of whether or not it is worth it ultimately depends on the individual's specific needs and preferences, as well as their budget.

Some people may find that the cost of the mouse does not justify the marginal improvement in performance or features over other options on the market.

Therefore, it is important to carefully consider one's own circumstances before making a purchasing decision.

What Does 8k Mean on A Mouse?

The term "8K" in the context of a mouse does not refer to resolution, as it does with display technology.

Instead, it most likely refers to the polling rate of the mouse, measured in Hertz (Hz).

An 8K polling rate means that the mouse communicates its position to the computer 8,000 times per second, resulting in ultra-responsive and accurate cursor movements

What Is the Best $20 Mouse?

There are many mice under $20 that you can choose from, depending on your preferences and needs.

Final Words

So here we are, the best and most expensive mouse in the industry review that you can pick and choose from. We also added the buyer’s guide for your convenience so you have a definite decision in buying the perfect gaming mouse. We all know that the Gaming Mice industry is quite vast with new technologies introduced every time which is better than before. This can complicate a person in deciding to purchase the right device.

Through this review and guide, we can assure you that you will have the confidence to buy the right one based on your preference. We have given you a general overview and idea about these product brands and features as well. So, through this guide, you know about the Most Expensive and Best Gaming Mouse in the industry.

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