10 Best Gaming Mice Under $50 2024 – Affordable Precision

Best Gaming Mice Under $50

Owning a supreme quality e-sports gear is the dream of every hunk out there. However, an incompetent mouse can destroy the thrill. Majority of you might not be aware of the fact, but there is a vast difference between and a bad mouse.

Shopping for a good quality mouse does not mean a mouse which is charismatic and appealing at first glance, rather it means shopping for a mouse which is technologically advanced. It is a product which renders the state of the art experience with an accurate method to obtain the best out of it.

Besides, slow in function, an inappropriate mouse can be a pain in your hand after you enjoy the endless cyber sports sessions with gaming mouse under 100. You won’t feel the difference initially, but in the long run, you will get to know the wrist ache. 

Now getting to the major concern of every buyer, purchasing a supreme quality product is the primary wish of every buyer, but not at the cost of a dent in his pocket. Therefore, a perfect balance of technology and affordability, I have this list for you. If you want to buy a good mouse within $50, then continue reading as this article solely focus on the best gaming mice within your means.

Method to Pick the mice for the Test

It was a hectic process of going through the list of mice which were released this year and won everyone’s heart. Moreover, some of the mats came a few years back and still working exceedingly well. Besides, excellent price range which is within $50, lightest gaming mouse should qualify the subsequent attributes in order to pass the test:

  1. Battery (for wireless gaming mice)
  2. Buttons
  3. Comfort
  4. Sensor
  5. Aesthetics
  6. Construction

Before we jump to the details, an important point worth mentioning here is that the test and review are according to my personal experience with them, no sponsorship or biased feedback.

Points to Consider While Shopping for a Good Cyber Sports Mouse

Clearly, every mouse cannot necessarily justify the basic demands of a gaming mouse, a significant part triggering the experience.

Battery (the wireless e-sports mouse)ButtonsSensorConstructionAesthetics

Even though each mouse world exceedingly well in power saving mode, but the question arises how good it is on a performance level? Now, each one differs in this regard, for this reason, our primary focus was this attribute of every wireless mouse during comparing all the elite radio mouse.

The numbers of cyber sports players who go for a mouse above 10 buttons are merely 3 percent. For this reason, our primary focus was adding the products which have multiple buttons to accommodate this 3 percent of the users.

Upon talking about sensors, our target was to go for the advanced versions particularly with variant around Pixart 3360 sensor. Besides the amazing sensor, our list also has room for a vast range of DPI which begins with the minimum of 2400 DPI to the maximum of 16,000 DPI, WHOA that’s impressive! However, a significant point worth mentioning here is that the 2400 DPI is usually in a wireless mouse.

Now, the majority of you might not be aware of DPI, right? For a layman, DPI, commonly known as dot per inch is the average distance the mouse covers when you move it. To simplify it all, the great DPI setting will be utterly sensitive to even slight movement.

This feature is quite helpful in case you want to rise or fall the DPI rate on the fly. To explain it further we have an excellent example where speedy DPI modifications are helpful is for situations where you seek assistance from 8 times scope during the killing out an enemy for the reason that you’d wish a decrease DPI rate to bang on hit your targets from far.

The mouse gets more beat up in some situations equally and sometimes more than the keyboard. That is why the mouse should be strong and durable to face the enthusiasm of the players. Furthermore, easy to maintain so that user can enjoy its endless life. Following the statistics, the majority of this e-sports gadget is designed with 20 million click marks per switch, to put it in simple words, it ensures a long life of service without fail.

In this regard the M65 difference the rest in the battle as it is a product of aluminum, while the rest of them are quite hard to the hands. Crafted with good quality plastic the products ensure service for years to come along with successfully passing the test.

We agree to the fact that additional features including the fence RGB light do not play any role in the game; however, interaction with a number of users compelled us to add this in our list as well, since it is important for most of the users.

How These Products Were Tested?

Best Gaming Mice

Besides enjoying games for hours, we actually examined the mouse (though I can’t believe we really did that.) initially the thought of using the mouse tester appeared in our mind, but we prefer going the long way.

The reason behind was to check its sensor and monitor the speed as a medium to double-check that it is in perfect working order. Furthermore, it also played a vital role in monitoring any dis functionalities of the movement (in case there are any) in the product.

Besides the above feature, this method can also make a huge contribution in evaluating the way mouse movement is registered. Moreover, the distance it covers while to shift your hand from one point to another, the polling rate along with the sensitivity, or to simplify it, the speed of information movement the fps gaming mouse studies.

While performing the test our douse was to get the accurate reading; therefore, we switch off the acceleration to double-check that there is no mistake in the readings.

However, the reality is that giving any judgment regarding a product is tough with merely looking at the advertisements unless and until you experiment in the actual game zone. This is the reason we perfected examining each product in the game to reassure the results of all the mice.

Between every game we enjoyed the mice were following:

  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • CS: GO
  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • WoW

The outcomes of the examination were diverse with distinctive gripping styles. However, it was good in our interest as we were able to distinguish regarding which product is suitable for what genre of game.

Through the entire test encircled around the palm and claw grip style; nonetheless, it had zero effects on the finger grip style as no one makes use of it.

Despite the fact that they are the special ergonomic design which means dousing on all the three types of grip style, but each of our examiners had a personal favorite.

If you have claw grip style, we suggest:

  • M65
  • Logitech G600
  • VicTsing

On the other hand for the palm-grip department, below are their favorites:

  • Razer
  • Logitech G600
  • Logitech G602
  • VicTsing

To cut the crap, the entire discussion concludes to the fact that how easy you feel with a certain style of the mouse without discrimination of the so-called gripping style. Therefore, you should not follow their choice. In fact, our motive is to provide the basic guidelines to help you shop for the best.

1. Corsair M65 Pro RGB

Corsair M65 Pro RGB


Talk about good mice at a reasonable price, and Corsair is the elite brand that hits our mind. While choosing for a supreme quality mouse with affordable price, it was almost impossible to miss out Corsair.

The brand is the perfect synonym of excellence, no wonder that the label has a vast range of the keyboard, e-sports peripherals, and mice especially. The Corsair M65 Pro is our first pick in terms of a reasonable mouse. Merely 45$ in price, the product is worth every penny you invest, thus holds a noteworthy position in the list.

The product is an outcome of the state of the art FPS technology that you need in order to combat the opponent. Wholly customizable and a product built to last, you will not regret buying this best gaming mice under 10.

Besides, the 5.9 ounces heavy product came back in 2016 and no wonder it got the popularity it enjoys today.


  • Created from aircraft aluminum
  • Massive DPI of 12,000
  • 8 Programmable buttons
  • Grey color
  • RGB illuminating lights
  • Optimized sniper button placement
  • Supreme Omron switches for 20 million clicks

Talk about Corsair and durability, and long life. Besides, the brand leaves no stone unturned for rendering a cut craft aluminum body which is lightweight and feels solid while using along with utmost mass distribution. However, a few of the users might consider it as a weakness, but the product is a wired mouse with a coiled texture like the cord to connect the mouse to the system, which is quite satisfying.

Furthermore, the game-changing feature of the stunner is the sniper button. In addition, its placement is bang on, near the thumb, so that you can conveniently snipe to combat the opponent during fly, how cool that is!

The product is specifically for the FPS players, utterly convenient and easy to use; the product has an Aim key beside the two mouse buttons, thus super easy to use. Nonetheless, the scenario is quite contrasting in this case, as it has the sniper key which helps in tranquil and speedy to carry out that super speedy snipe followed by fire games.

The story makes no end here, in fact, its customization attribute makes it a beloved peripheral of the players, and you can modify the DPI without any hassle.

Even though the product is quite stylish in terms of appearance, but it outshines because of excellent performance as well. The bang on the accuracy, gaming tuned sensor has the ability to render high-quality resolution to 12,000 DPI. Overall this assists in a memorable e-sports experience in order to meet the technical games demand.

Besides, the key can empower you to modify the DPI, according to your need, thus empowering you to wholly enjoy the entire experience according to tech game demand.

Moreover, the construction of the gadget is in a manner that shouts out “gamer” free from being too tacky. Notwithstanding, the elite industrial design seems to fit in with any rig in a perfect manner. Thus ideally complementing it and portraying your right dapper image in front of the entire world.

Now, talking about the astonishing LED lights, the Corsair CUE software can completely monitor the M65 horse LED lights. Furthermore, it also gives you a choice of 16.8 million color choices. The software plays a vital role at binding together all the Corsair gadgets and design the color pallets you like in all the gadgets of this brand.

Initially, the Corsair M65 was 39.99 $, but now it is worth 45$. Built to last, astonishing features, bang on the accuracy, and the state of the art LED light feature makes this one perfect gadget to invest.

  • Precise tracking for enhanced gaming performance
  • Customizable RGB lighting for personalized aesthetics
  • Adjustable weight system for finding the perfect balance
  • Programmable buttons for quick access to essential functions
  • Durable aluminum frame for long-lasting durability
  • Primarily designed for right-handed users
  • Limited accessibility for left-handed gamers
  • Limited button customization compared to some competitors
  • Complex software interface
  • Non-braided cable may be less durable and prone to tangling.


  • Strong aircraft-grade aluminumnExcellent ratio of price to performancena weight adjust-systemnAmendable CUE software for customizationnSniper button for fast DPI modification
  • Focuses at FPS gamers vs MMO players

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite


Over the past couple of years, Razer has managed to make its mark in the e-sports peripherals industry, kudos to the hard working and dedicated team of the brand. Talk about any list of good quality gadgets that are enduring and jam-packet with features, and you would surely find a product from Razer in it.

The hard work and dedication of paid off, and today the label stands proud in the list of elite labels in the world. So when we were making the list of best gaming mice within the budget of 50 bucks, yet justifying to our strict criteria, Razer Death Adder Elite was an absolute essential in our list.

The fastest sensor of the world, high DPI rate, and built to last, the product is the gamers delight. One look at it, and you will easily understand that it has super solid construction to meet the user’s demand.

Super-sleek design and high-quality material, it is a perfect investment for professional cyber sports players. The 4.6 ounces heavy gadget came in the market back in 2016, and since then it is enjoying the status of one of the highest selling product by the brand.


  • 3389 World’s fastest optical sensor
  • Amazing 16,00 DPI
  • 7-Programmable buttons
  • 6 ounces heavy
  • black color

Now, when we look at the details of any product, design, and quality is the primary thing that stricks a buyer. Likewise, this one is an evergreen, understated, Razer appreciative. The excellent curvy mouse looks pleasant at first glance and will surely add the glam factor on any virtual player’s desktop.

Furthermore, Razer mice outshine for their remarkable sensors, the brand makes sure that its users enjoy one of the finest sensors of the world, and this one is no different in this regard. The PWM3389 sensor might not be the top sensor in the world, but it does not even lack in this regard. The product works exceedingly well in any tests, and its precise tracking system does not let you miss a single beat.

Even though the product does not bound you to download and install any software for the proper functioning of the mouse, but we suggest you use it with Synapse which is quite basic to use. Personalize your RGB,re-map keys and set macros applying the software too, since it is well worth downloading. So change the color of your RGB light and mouse setting according to your mood and game requirement.

Moreover, the product works exceedingly well with the FPS genre games, all thanks to its ultra-comfortable design. No wonders it is the finest mouse for the FPS professionals in the virtual gaming community.

In case reasonably price of within 50 Dollars does not appeal you then wait and take a look at the features. Stunning shape, reliability, and enduring product might give you a reason to consider this one prior to shopping.

  • Highly accurate and responsive optical sensor for precise tracking
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable extended use
  • Customizable Chroma RGB lighting for personalized aesthetics
  • Programmable buttons for easy access to macros and shortcuts
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Limited customization options compared to other gaming mice
  • May not be suitable for users with smaller hands
  • Scroll wheel could be improved in terms of grip and resistance
  • Some users may experience double-clicking issues over time
  • Software interface can be complex for beginners

3. Logitech G600


Logitech G600


Hello! Do you junk a list is complete without any Logitech product included in it? I’m afraid no, the brand has some of the yummy pieces in terms of technology that drives all the technology freaks nuts for them.

Be it headset, mouse, keyboard or anything relevant, the brand never fails to leave us to go WOW. So, while compiling our list for the products under minimal budget, the Logitech G600 is what we all agreed. The amazing mouse is for all the professional virtual sports player who never compromises on the good quality mouse.

Alluring design, elite quality feature, and state of the art features, it is one of the safest choice gamers can thing. Regardless of the fact that you have a row of selections right in front of you, but this one beats them all. 

The generous amount of 20 buttons is one of the reasons that set it apart from the rest. The 133 grams slightly heavy product came in the year 2012, and since it is enjoying the same love and appreciation.


  • Whooping 20-Programmable buttons
  • Created from the finest quality plastic
  • Black color
  • 8200 DPI
  • 133 grams heavy
  • Cord

Even though the product is no different with respect to the features, but its MMO capability is what sets it apart from the rest. Yes, if you are an MMO player G600 is an absolute essential for you.

Furthermore, you get this product with 0 programmable buttons. Yes, you heard me right, while 16 of them are personalizable according to your need. Now you can a lot of different tasks to each one according to the game’s demand. Besides, the perfect placement of 12 keys, which is where you place your thumb, empowers you to assign different task to each one, within your reach.

What’s more, is that the extra G-shift key on the top renders elasticity on the top. This double the right key, thus authorizing you to recall up to five distinctive DPI adjustments on the fly, along with the double up actions of the rest of the buttons.

Nothing shocking, that the brand is pushing the envelope to the maximum with labeling every button followed by the advanced RGB bullfights. These lights are easy to store and see with every profile.

Even though the state of the art mouse is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the product works exceedingly well for professionals and people who enjoy a range of buttons.

  • Feature-rich MMO gaming mouse with a large number of programmable buttons
  • High-precision sensor for accurate tracking
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design suitable for long gaming sessions
  • Customizable RGB lighting for personalized aesthetics
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Button layout may feel overwhelming or cumbersome for users not accustomed to MMO gaming mice
  • Software interface can be complex and overwhelming for beginners
  • Some users may find the mouse to be too large or heavy for their liking
  • Thumb buttons may be difficult to reach and press for users with smaller hands
  • Scroll wheel could be improved in terms of grip and resistance

4. Logitech G602

Logitech G602


After Logitech G600, it’s G602 in our list. Since the growing trend of technology is giving birth to new means of entertainment; therefore, enjoying gaming on the laptop is one such trend getting an immense amount of love in the market.

Moreover, the invention of HTPC is another reason for the storming trend. Thus a durable and advanced wireless mouse is an absolute essential to complete your kit, this is where Logitech G602 steps in. The 5.9 ounces heavy product is sustaining its position in the market since 2013 which is an accomplishment in itself.


  • 2500 DPI
  • Created from plastic
  • 11 buttons
  • Available in grey and blue color
  • ounces

The super-powerful e-sports mouse is strong in its own respective way followed by minimum or zero lag wireless transmission and an out of this world ultra-comfy feel.

To kick off with the features we first present the most eminent part of this one which is 11 Programmable buttons. Now, the outstanding feature of this own is that it is the middle way between the Razer Death Addar and the Logitech G600, which are simply too many. Thus you can enjoy the flexibility during the game.

Besides, the brand has also included advanced wireless communication over USB 3.0. This helps in rendering a lag-free gaming experience for the users.

On the other hand, there are trade-offs, which is replacing over wireless, the sensor which has merely an utmost resolution of 2,500 DPI, trading off the supreme preciseness in return of wireless communication.

However, the long battery life compensates for this one as it renders 250 hours of thrill and fun. So, in short, the product will serve you for a long time before the indication of double AA battery replacement shows up.

These benefits are all due to the delta zero sensor optimization, a technology which renders platform for high-accuracy cursor control. Moreover, you also get the advantage of the battery-extending power optimization routine.

To wrap up the entire discussion, if you want a solid performance mouse within your range, then buy Logitech G602, trust me you will thank me later for this one.

  • Wireless gaming mouse with a long battery life of up to 250 hours
  • Precise tracking with Delta Zero sensor technology
  • Comfortable ergonomic design suitable for extended gaming sessions
  • Programmable buttons for customizable gameplay
  • On-the-fly DPI switching for quick sensitivity adjustments
  • Heavier weight compared to other gaming mice
  • Limited customization options for RGB lighting
  • Lacks the high DPI range found in some other gaming mice
  • Scroll wheel may feel less precise compared to other models
  • Wireless connection may introduce slight input lag for competitive gaming


  • Wireless mice for comfortnExcellent battery life in the world of radio micen11 programmable buttons
  • low DPI settingnZero RGB lights

5. VicTsing MM057

VicTsing MM057


We are quite impressed by Amazon for offering such an extensive collection of shit which is affordable yet impressive in terms of quality. Even though, after such an amazing collection by the elite brands of the world some of you might find it trash.

We won’t use the word praising, but the Vic Tsing MM057 is quite a strong mouse for your virtual games at a price which is almost like free. After all that comes in the cost of 10 bucks, yes you heard me right. The 3.05-ounce heavy product came in 2015 and since then it’s a wide range of colors and appealing features are becoming the talk of the town.


  • 05 ounces in weight
  • 2400 DPI
  • Made out of plastic
  • 4 Programmable buttons
  • Different colors such as black, purple, silver, red, and blue.

Talking about the features, so one cool attribute of this product is that it functions exceeding well even after the range of 15 meters from the source. Moreover, the double AA batteries render 15 months of service before you need to recharge them; however, the mileage can vary.

Even though we would not say that it is one of the best mice you can get, but come on 2400 DPI sensor at this minimal price of 10$, who would mind such a product? Besides, the fly modification in this range empowers you to boost up the performance accepting to your needs, which is the attribute of a good cyber sports mouse.

However, the product is not wholly flexible, but the two personalizable buttons render the ultimate fun experience during the game.

Even though I agree with the fact that this product under discussion is not an excellent cyber sports mouse you can get. It surely has a lot of loopholes, but one feature that makes it get a place in the list is that it falls under the budget of $50. To simplify ti does render a lot of benefits to the players; however, it is excellent for the players who are seeking for a budget-friendly product.

  • Affordable price point, making it accessible for budget-conscious gamers
  • Comfortable ergonomic design with a contoured shape for a natural grip
  • Adjustable DPI settings (up to 2400 DPI) for customizable sensitivity
  • Wireless connectivity with a reliable and stable connection
  • Long battery life, reducing the need for frequent recharging or battery replacement
  • Limited programmable buttons compared to higher-end gaming mice
  • Basic design without advanced features such as customizable RGB lighting
  • Lower DPI range compared to more high-end gaming mice
  • May not be suitable for gamers with larger hands or those who prefer a more robust build quality
  • Limited software customization options for fine-tuning the mouse settings


  • Has a variety of color selections to choose fromnWholly affordable for a wireless micenA relatively long battery life
  • It has a lower DPI settingsnSmall size; might not fit everyone’s preference

6. Redragon M601

Redragon M601


In 2012 a brand emerged as a rising star in the galaxy of virtual sports peripheral, the Redragon. Today the brand has a vital place in the market as a quality gadgets provider company depending upon their goals of rendering supreme gadgets at all price ranges, all credit to the creativity and untiring effort of taking the technology a step ahead in every product.

Merely 12 dollars in price, the product has an amazing design and cool features catering to high tech demand of customers. The 8.5 ounces heavy product came in 2014 and since then it’s the apple of the eye of every buyer.


  • 5 ounces in weight
  • 6 buttons
  • Omron switches
  • Avago sensors
  • USB connection
  • The state of the art Avago sensor renders the DPI

Another feature of this one which is quite similar to the Logitech G502 is that you can always personalize its weight. Moreover, the product features 3 additional keys, a braided cable to attach the mouse, the Omron switches to improve the life and the technologically advanced Avago sensor which you all know.

However, a few of the feedback a say that their Redragon M601 died within 6 to 12 months, but not to mention that it was their best 6 to 12 months with any mouse. On the other hand, a few reviews state that it had a long life of one year or above.

To wrap up the entire discussion, if you want to buy a mouse at the price of 12 dollars approximately, then this one is a good choice for sure.

  • Affordable price point, making it accessible for budget-conscious gamers
  • Comfortable ergonomic design with a contoured shape for a natural grip
  • Adjustable DPI settings (up to 3200 DPI) for customizable sensitivity
  • Precise and responsive tracking, thanks to its high-quality optical sensor
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance
  • Limited programmable buttons compared to higher-end gaming mice
  • Basic design without advanced features such as customizable RGB lighting
  • May not be suitable for gamers with larger hands or those who prefer a more robust build quality
  • Limited software customization options for fine-tuning the mouse settings
  • Wired connectivity may not provide the same level of freedom as wireless mice


  • Excellent price pointnComfortablenSupreme Qualityn6 programmable buttonsnCustomizable weight
  • A few reviews stated it dying in 6-12 months ($1-$2/mo for a mouse is still pretty good in that case)nBacklighting is excessively bright

7. Logitech G300

Logitech G300


After that amazing article by Logitech in the above content, you all must be quite curious regarding the unbeatable list of products by the brand. The label has an endless collection of exquisite gadgets that it was merely impossible for us to miss out another product by the brand.

Therefore, going with the flow, we have the Logitech G300 next in the list. Out of the box design and the classy ambidextrous design, this product focuses on both lefties and right-hand users.

Besides the product shows up with 9 amazingly programmable keys that you can personalize according to the game’s need. The 2.88 ounces super-light product came in the market back in 2015 and it sustains the same position in the market.


  • Pixart 3055 sensor
  • Omron switch
  • USB connection
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • 81 grams heavy

Before we dig into the features, the first thing worth mentioning is that it is a relatively small mouse. In case you are a small hand user, then this product is right for you, and you are certainly going to enjoy using it. However, if you have bigger hands, then I’m afraid this product is not for you.

Having said that, the Logitech G300 is quite an impressive mouse within the budget, with minor loopholes in the product, among which one is the size which is relatively smaller, while other is the improper placement of the keys. These 4 buttons are in a manner that they are almost nuisance.

Even though the product is quite flexibly priced, but then it has amazing quality compared to the price. The Omron switch and Avago sensor are quite rare in the products at this price range.

To put an end, the product is utterly recommended for people with small hands with quite okayish key positioning. However, the product might give a tough time to people with bigger hands

  • Compact and ambidextrous design suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users
  • Customizable lighting with multiple color options to personalize the appearance
  • Onboard memory to save and access personalized settings on different computers
  • Programmable buttons for creating macros and assigning specific functions
  • Precise tracking and adjustable DPI settings for enhanced accuracy
  • Easy-to-use software for customization and fine-tuning of mouse settings
  • Limited button placement may not be ideal for users who prefer a higher number of programmable buttons
  • Scroll wheel may feel slightly less smooth compared to other high-end gaming mice
  • Cable could be longer for users who require more flexibility in their setup
  • Lack of adjustable weight options for users who prefer a customizable weight balance
  • Not as feature-rich or advanced as some other gaming mice on the market


  • 9 programmable buttonsnImpressive Ambidextrous designnExcellent for small handsnQuality sensor and switchesnComfortable rubber grips
  • Mouse wheel feels inexpensive nNot good for big hands

8. Logitech G302 Daedalus

Logitech G302 Daedalus


Following the same path, we have another product from Logitech on the list. The brand never fails to spellbind us with its extraordinary collection. Therefore, we agreed on adding another product in the list which is within the set budget with all the cool features you can think. The Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse is subsequent on the list, you will love it for sure.

The elegant design and super comfortable grip, you can never go wrong with this beauty on. Even though the product is famous as the MOBA mouse, but it is competent enough to go with any of game. The 4.5 ounces heavy product came in the year 2014, and since then it is among the hottest seller by the brand.


  • Omron switch
  • 6 buttons
  • USB connection
  • 204 g heavy
  • Delta zero optical sensor

Get down to the features, the product has amazing 6 programmable buttons on the fly DPI switching. Moreover, it has a 4000 DPI delta zero optical sensors for the bang on e-sports experience. Thus these extraordinary features make it an ideal mouse for all genre of games especially MOBA such as LOL and DOTA2.

On the contrary, it is slanting in shape might be a turn off for many users as it gets onwards from both the sides, which end up making the top wider than the base of the mouse. The product also features a few diverse angles which some of the users find extremely odd.

Besides those negative attributes, there is another vital disadvantage that adds to the minus of this one which is that it has merely 4 perset of DPI setting ranging from 240 to maximum 4000. Even though the DPI setting might not be comfortable for a few of the players, but you can always modify the setting during the action of the game.

However, to wrap up the discussion, overall the 47.95 bucks product is quite impressive in terms of elegant shape and features for the cyber sports freak especially MOBA.

  • Lightweight and compact design, ideal for gamers who prefer a claw grip style
  • Precise tracking with high DPI sensitivity and adjustable settings for enhanced accuracy
  • Customizable lighting with a variety of colors and effects to personalize the appearance
  • Programmable buttons for creating macros and assigning specific functions for quick access
  • Onboard memory to save and access personalized settings on different computers
  • Limited button placement may not be suitable for users who prefer a higher number of programmable buttons
  • May not be as comfortable for users with larger hands due to its compact size
  • Lack of adjustable weight options for users who prefer a customizable weight balance
  • Cable could be longer for users who require more flexibility in their setup
  • Not as feature-rich or advanced as some other gaming mice on the market


  • Quality materialsn1ms Report – No Input LagnBraided cablen6 Programmable Buttons
  • Not comfortable for some of the usersnOnly 4 DPI Settings Between 240-4000DPI

9. Redragon M801 Mammoth

Redragon M801 Mammoth


Over the past couple of years, Redragon has managed to bag an immense amount of love from the buyers. The reason is quite simple, striking balance between quality and price. The Redragon M801 Mammoth is no different in this regard.

Super impressive design, the 2017 product is creating quite a stir in the market for the astonishing attributes it offers.


  • Avago sensor
  • Omron switch
  • 10-Programmable buttons
  • USB connection
  • 283 grams heavy

The product has an Omron switch Avago sensor, super impressive 10 Programmable buttons, and a completely personalizable weight. All of these amazing features at an impressive price range of within 50 $, sounds surreal right?

Besides, the brand has been a success at striking a balance between the supreme quality and price by producing the Redragon M801 Mammoth. Our study for the good mouse at this range led to the conclusion that the rest of the products at this price range have to struggle hard in striking a balance between quality customers need.

The Omron switches and the excellent sensor is something you would find in a great quality mouse only with a higher-end price range.

However, a drawback of this product that we observe is that in the beginning, it is slightly hard to use, but you get used to it as time passes. Nonetheless, this isn’t a big deal, besides all the lights cannot be customized which is another loophole.

To conclude the entire thing, we utterly liked the product, it is an amazing mouse and we strongly recommend it especially for people with big hands. Besides, if you want state of the art features, cool design, and affordable price at one place, Redragon M801 Mammoth is the product for you.

  • Ergonomic design with a comfortable grip for extended gaming sessions
  • High-precision sensor with adjustable DPI settings for accurate and responsive tracking
  • Programmable buttons and onboard memory for creating custom macros and storing personalized settings
  • Customizable RGB lighting with a variety of colors and effects to match your gaming setup
  • Durable construction and high-quality materials for long-lasting performance
  • Smooth and precise scrolling wheel for easy navigation and control
  • Size may be too large for users with smaller hands or those who prefer a compact mouse
  • Software interface could be more user-friendly and intuitive
  • Some users may find the buttons to be slightly stiff or require more force to press
  • Lack of adjustable palm rest may not provide optimal comfort for all users
  • Limited customization options compared to higher-end gaming mice


  • PrecisenCheapnQuality materialnDurablen10 programmable buttonsnCustomizable weight
  • Strange softwarenNot all lighting zones can be customized

10. HyperX Plusefire FPS

HyperX Plusefire FPS


Last, in the list, we have my personal favorite, the HyperX Plusefire FPS. This simple and easy mouse made the brand outshine amongst the competitors.

The Omron switches, a Pixart 3310 sensor and even threw in a braided cable are some of the eminent features of this amazing product the product is very much compatible to the Razer DeathAdder; however, in my opinion, the rubber base is a winning point for this one. 


  • Pixart 3310 sensor
  • Omron switch
  • 95 grams of weight
  • 6 Programmable keys
  • USB connection

The product has gone through some tough tests where our team played games of every possible genre for hours to see if this thing starts giving up after a few hours of gaming. To our surprise, there was no such issue with the product, except that the middle button was slightly hard to click than the rest of the keys.

Somehow the design is similar to the Razer DeathAdder, but the DPI toggle is the game-changer for the Plusefire. What’s more is that the product has a good rubber grip, along with the clicks feedback. Following the customer response, the HyperX gadget is not good for Palm grip compared to the claw grip style, as it is more appropriate for the claw grips.

Talk about the performance the product works exceedingly well for a memorable e-sports experience. The supreme quality switch and state do the art sensor; the brand takes to the roller coaster ride of thrill and action.

To put an end, I will strongly recommend the HyperX Pulsefire mouse is a strong recommendation for all the proper who want a good quality mouse at price within 50$. Even though the product does not offer RGB lights, but it makes up for that with the state of the art features.

  • Ergonomic design with a comfortable grip for extended gaming sessions
  • High-precision sensor with customizable DPI settings for accurate and responsive tracking
  • Sturdy build quality and durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Omron switches for responsive and tactile button clicks
  • Smooth and precise scrolling wheel for easy navigation and control
  • Customizable RGB lighting effects for personalization and aesthetics
  • Lightweight design for effortless maneuverability
  • Limited programmable buttons compared to other gaming mice in its category
  • Lack of advanced customization options and software features
  • Not suitable for users with larger hands due to its compact size
  • Limited availability of color options
  • Scroll wheel may feel a bit stiff for some users
  • Lack of adjustable weight system for personalized preferences


  • Solid wireless connectionn6 ButtonsnTeflon feetnHigh-quality switches u0026 sensornInsanely low price
  • Only good for palm grip


It is a sheer misconception that you have to spend a huge amount in order to afford a good quality mouse. Owning a technological advances mouse with modern switches and sensors at a budget of within $50 is quite possible and the above products rightly prove our claim.

However, our basic aim to render this list was to provide a simple idea of what you can get at this price depending upon your needs. Still, you can get a good product at a range of within $50.

Though the majority of you might be thinking that this list comprises of product mostly from Redragon, Razer, and Logitech, but this is what we tested and found worth buying for all the virtual games freaks. Hope this will give you a good outline in making the best buy for your cyber sports gear.

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