11 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos 2024 – Unleash Your Productivity

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Looking around searching for the ideal wireless combo of keyboards and mouse that you can use on a regular basis, in the workspace, or spending some good time gaming on weekends? We have some of the best wireless gaming mouse and keyboard combo listed in this article for your very convenience!

A lot of people raise a question of how or why one should choose a combo of wireless mouse and keyboards? We have a reliable and genuine answer for you.

These wireless mouse and keyboard combos are really flexible and easy to carry around with yourself. This is one of the greatest reasons to go get lightest gaming mouse, especially for people who keep traveling here and there pretty often.

Moreover, people who do not like messy and less space-consuming things would rather consider these over separate keyboards and mice. These people would rather choose a clean and easily moveable environment.

Apart from this, gamers also have an edge with having the wireless mouse and keyboard combo as they already possess a gaming controller of their own but they only lack the basics; a combo of wireless keyboard and mouse.

We have a wide range of products, from cheaper to expensive ones, simple to highly advanced ones, all under one umbrella for you to decide what best suits your specifications and pocket.

Although there are a great number of options of best fps gaming mice in the market, we have listed here a few best and stylish ones according to the needs and requirements of majority of the people.

Finding it hard to choose the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo?best wireless keyboard and mouse combo

Your computing and professional life would automatically become more advantageous, easy to spend in a likable manner, and not to forget, fancier if you have your very own combo of wireless keyboard and mouse.

Nevertheless, if you are unsure about whether you are investing in the right keyboard that checks everything off your list of the best quality; strong connection, long-lasting battery, and the comfortability level with its performance. Every person has their own taste, choice, and requirement. Hence, the consideration may differ from one person to another.

There is a list of factors that you should check before buying a keyboard and mouse combo. If you are specifically looking for keyboards that would be beneficial in gaming, then you should keep in mind a few things:

The basic designThe type of mouseLong-lasting battery lifeThe shape and design of the keyboard

You must check the design. There are various wireless keyboards that have a combo of programmable keys so that you can associate them with a small number of files used pretty often and can be opened easily in just a few minutes. Adding on to this, we see that there some keyboards that consist of multi-media buttons for you to adjust the volume, speed, brightness of the screen, etc. all as you demand so that you do not get disturbed on the screen while working or gaming. The design is a major factor which makes the product the best one in the market.

While we see there is a huge variety of computer mice, which you find in any shape or design, wireless mice are no peculiar. These wireless mice are some of the best ones as they are all covered with rubbers or have an excellent texture grip that has a defined outline letting one use left and right buttons all equally. These specifications of a mouse make it very comfortable to use and that too for an extremely long time. However, there are a few other models of mice that will only suit right-handed people so you will have to look into this very specifically. You should carefully check the type of mouse you are buying. Additionally, a lot of times people check the design and shape of the mouse but simply forget to match the size of the mouse with their own hands. This comes as a major drawback in of the wireless mouse products, so make sure you do not forget to test the size of your hand with the mouse. If the mouse is big or small in size, both ways it is going to affect your gameplay and comfortability level.

Until now, whichever wireless keyboard and mice are produced, they usually have AA or AAA batteries. They have other options such as they can be charged again and some are solar-based batteries (you can use it only when you have sunlight) hence purchasing these would be more beneficial. Make sure to check the battery of your gadget. Many wireless keyboards with this specification can be utilized for more than 15 months to three years. The best options for wireless mouse have a range of 8 months to 2 years. This time spans entirely depends on your usage. If you have used this keyboard less and delicately, then it will run for longer periods of time. If you are choosing to use your wireless mouse pretty often for gaming, then you should keep a look over the battery life as well as the reliability.

As we mentioned earlier, these wireless keyboards come in a great variety of shapes, designs, weights, and sizes. If you have a lot of usage of the computer on a daily basis and you are subject to wrist pains, then you should check out a wireless keyboard that consists of a wrist rest along with it, and is user friendly.

There are options for people who do not like a mess in their workplaces or homes, so there are uncomplicated, polished, and lean styled products available in the market. For this reason, if you want the best wireless keyboard and mice combo that keeps your games going for hours with comfort, then you have to check for something that comes with a proper package of writ rest and strongly built keyboards.

Now let’s come towards the listing of 11 best wireless keyboards and mouse combos in 2024! Check these out:

1. Logitech Wireless Performance Combo MX800

Logitech Wireless Performance Combo MX800

Combo MX800 is one of the best and most adjustable wireless keyboard and mouse of Logitech. The combo of these top-level keyboards and mouse is simply perfect. The keyboard has such a design that it has illumination with black lighting that helps you use it in dark or when the light is less.

Even when the auto-illumination is present, you always have the option of adjusting the light according to your own comfort. For long hours of typing, there is another function that makes it easier. It has laser-etched keys and it shows extremely tremendous performance.


You must check for the best features in your device? The performance provided by Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo is pretty accurate and the credit goes to the Logitech’s Darkfield Laser sensor the mouse consists of. There is no need for any mouse pad because it is very flexible and can be operated on literally any surface; even on glass. Due to this reason, this combo could be best to take a business trip.

When we come to the Hyper-fast scroll wheel of the wireless mouse, it shows how well the Logitech responses. There is also a mode in the mouse that goes with clicking making precise scrolling going line by line.

When you attach the tiny Unifying receiver to the USB port of your own device, then you can enjoy using your Logitech Wireless Performance Combo MX800. Connecting both mouse and keyboard, it can support at least 4 devices that have compatibility.

  • You can use the mouse on any surface; even glassnResponsivity of the mouse is greatnKeystrokes are very quietnBlack lighting keyboard so that it can lighten up in darknessn4 compatible devices can be supported
  • It is costlynThe mouse is a little big in sizenPalm rest is very small making it difficult to use

2. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

This wireless keyboard comes with great shortcut keys. The keyboard is not much costly but at the same time, they are well built and polished and its performance is awesome too. If you want something great, then you must check it out. This Wireless Desktop 200 does not make you regret your decision.


Its ergonomic design is very comfortable in usage. The pillow-textured wireless keyboard consists of a palm rest so that you can rest your hands when you are typing. On the other hand, a mouse is not any less than a keyboard. It is ambidextrous and good in size. This mouse has a four-way scrolling with an enhanced gripping. Blue Track technology is behind the accurate controlling of this mouse letting it work on simply any surface you want. A tilt wheel lets this mouse work horizontally as well as vertically.

Besides the budget, this Wireless Desktop 2000 is one of the best combos you can choose for yourself. To protect your data, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology takes this responsibility. This makes it one of the best pairings out there. Moreover, high compatibility is also another factor that contributes to this product. Devices with all up to date versions such as Windows OS and Mac OS X (10.7x-10.10) are supported by this Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000.

  • It’s pretty affordablenWrist rest is textured like a pillownSide grips are good with both left and right buttons being used equally in the mousenShort cut keys best for programmingnEncryption of AESnBecause of Blue Track technology, the performance of the mouse gets enhanced
  • Mouse wheel is free of clicks (some gamers do not find it a good option in mouse)nReplacement of USB transceiver is not that easynIf it’s not properly set up, there might be connectivity problemsnThe weight of the mouse is heavy and large

3. Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550

Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550

Logitech MK550 is one of the best functional designed combos. So if you are searching for something that has is highly secure and comfy then you should consider Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

The user-friendly wave design of this wireless keyboard and mouse makes you love it to bits with a cherry on top, the price further convinces you to go get it right away!


Are you searching for something that is the best? Well, what makes this keyboard and mice combo so unique and different? The integration of each aspect, such as with the palm rest is something direly needed by people who spend hours typing or even gaming. Apart from this, there are three levels for the keyboard’s legs so you can adjust the height according to yourself. These things combined together, prevent any wrist strains, frustrations, and leads to a healthy mood and life.

A precision-laser mouse is also present to improve the performance, so this conveys to us that this combo not only has looks but has the perfect reliability and performance one needs. The Logitech wireless mouse comes with its sides countered properly and handgrip covered with rubber lets you comfortably have a joyful moment with it while showing its high responsivity as well. Moreover, we see that like the previous product, this wireless mouse can also be used on many different surfaces.

Coming towards battery life, it has been checked that the best cheap gaming mouse battery life is the best. The guarantee of usage of the wireless keyboard is for up to three years whereas, for the mouse, it is up to two years. Last but not the least, this wireless keyboard and mouse combo is easily set up and consumes less space. Just like the Microsoft 200, it also consists of AES encryption (128 bits) to secure all your data and information.

  • Laser mouse is highly accuratenKeyboard and mouse have a workplace efficient designnBattery life of the mouse lasts for long periods of timenThe best set of hotkeys and programmable keys are availablenYou can buy this as it is not very costly
  • The size of the keyboard is very bignThe mouse can work of different surfaces but not on all surfacesnHyper-fast scrolling is not available by the mousenThe keystrokes are a bit too loud

4. Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

This product of Dell is a full-sized ideal wireless combo of keyboard and mouse. This wireless combo is the true definition of simplicity at its best. The keyboard and mouse combo can easily be set up.

Multimedia keys and hotkeys are the most beneficial factor of this keyboard as they help in choosing the most frequently used files to be accessed as quickly as possible. This function on the keyboard is best for the easy use of people who are working or even gamers.

Other than this, Dell KM117 has very good and secure connectivity, meaning you do not have to come across any bugs. The small dongle present in it helps to connect with devices within a range of 33ft.


Since the size of the wireless keyboard is the large size and the space provided for fingers is enough spacious. But, the keyboard does not look large but the slim design of this keyboard gives it a compact look. The style of the keys on the keyboard is somewhat similar to that of Mac keys because they look flat and slim from the top, but when you press it, the feeling is something totally different. Unlike the mouse, the keystrokes of the keyboard are not very loud.

Battery life is something very essential when you look for specifications of any product. We see that Dell KM117 has an average battery life of just up to 12 months. Keeping in mind while purchasing this mouse, you get three batteries at a very reasonable price so why not take it?

  • The wireless combo of mouse and keyboard can be set up very easilynYou get three batteries for the mouse along with the combonWireless connectivity is also reliablenKeyboard is full sizednThe keystrokes of the keyboard are quietnShortcut keys and hotkeys for multimedia and programmingnA nano receiver USB is availablenSlim and smart design of this wireless product
  • Not the best materials are used for both mouse and keyboardnMouse clicking has a very loud soundnCaps lock indicator is not present on the keyboard

5. Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Are you a right-hander and looking for the best gadgets for yourself? Then you must choose this wireless combo. Yet another product of Logitech that is outstanding just like the Logitech MK550 model that is not so costly but very comfortable.

The full-sized wireless keyboard gives a less noisy performance. To avoid any kind of pains, wrists, or of hands, they have a huge palm rest. All thanks to the spill-resistant feature which does not do any harm to the keyboard and you will not get so worried if you mistakenly spill over your coffee or tea on it.


Looking at the overall design and feature of this wireless keyboard and mouse combo, we can conclude that Logitech has a very suitable layout and consists of easily accessible keys of media comprising of play, mute, and volume buttons. Logitech has one of the best designs available. Like all other products, we look into the battery life of this wireless keyboard and it works perfectly well for almost three years.

However, the mouse is not ergonomically designed but right-handed people usually find it very comfortable to use. Accurate and smooth tracking is also countered through the shape of the mouse. The battery life of this mouse is only up to 18 months. This Logitech MK345 combo gives a very steady wireless connection to devices within 33ft which results in quick transmission of data. A 128-bit AES encryption is also available. 

  • Like all others, this can also be set up easilynThe design is based on spill resistancenThe keyboard is full sizednPalm rest is hugenIt has a very suitable layoutnThe mouse is counterednBattery life of this combo is very long
  • The wireless mouse is very small in sizenMostly, left handers are not comfortable with this mousenProfessional gamers do not prefer this mouse

6. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

In today’s technologically fast world, people are looking for ways that make their lives easy and comfortable. Wireless products are key to that. No more hassle of tangled wires and plugging them in.

Now, with the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900, you get the perfect combo of a wireless keyboard and mouse. A wireless combo of keyboard and mouse ensures that you are able to work in an efficient and comfortable manner.

This gadget is designed in such a way to guarantee comfort for each and every one of its customers. The modern and sleek design of the wireless keyboard is fit for any person who wants a gadget that is practical yet chic.

Moreover, it is created in a very smart way in order to ensure that both right and left-handed people can use it easily. This feature is excellent as it makes the wireless keyboard available to a wider set of audience. Furthermore, this device is highly practical which only increases its fan following and value.


The excellent 128 bit AES encryption is a wonderful feature and a great feat in the world of technology. Due to this feature, your data remains secure and it is made certain that your privacy is safeguarded. Often at times, in an office or elsewhere, you prefer complete silence in order to focus. However, the constant clicking sound of the keyboard can be disturbing. This wireless keyboard is the perfect solution to these problems. It won’t make a single noise when you press the buttons.

There are customizable buttons and hotkeys on the wireless keyboard which make the work easy and less time-consuming. Moreover, the keyboard also comes with a mouse that has a design that is perfect for all. In addition to this, the battery life of both gadgets is for two years. What more does one want? You are always in the hassle of getting the perfect charger and battery. Now, you have it right at your doorstep.

  • The wireless keyboard comes with a combo of mouse perfect for both right and left handed peoplenFull-sized mouse ensures maximum comfortnModern and sleek design of the keyboardnCan be setup is a very quick and efficient mannernExtremely user friendlynLong battery lifenButtons do not make a sound upon clickingnHotkeys on the keyboard can be accessed without any difficultynThe keyboard also has customizable keys
  • No LED lights for indicationsnSpace bar comparatively makes more noisenHas firm keys which may cause a little difficulty

7. Logitech MK750

Logitech MK750

Are you looking for something out of this world, something that will blow your mind completely? Do you want a gadget that stands out in the modern world? What about something that uses solar energy? Yes, you heard right. The wireless Logitech MK750 is the best option for you.

This Logitech keyboard, with its modern and unique design, works on the basis of solar energy. Moreover, it comes with an excellent mouse. What more does one want than a wireless combo of keyboard and mouse combo that will immediately catch your eye and even of those around you?

This keyboard is wireless and is driven by the energy derived from the sun. This means that you can charge the keyboard anywhere you want to without having to worry about finding a socket. In addition to this, some sockets are not compatible with your gadget.

Thus, purchasing this wireless device that runs on light is the best way to get rid of these issues. However, you must keep one thing in mind before buying it. You cannot charge the battery when the weather outside is rough. This wireless device will not charge when it is cloudy or night time.


One interesting thing is that you don’t necessarily have to go outside in order to charge the keyboard. This gadget can be charged in any light. Moreover, with this method of charging, you can comfortably use the keyboard for a span of three months. The concave-shaped keys make typing a very comfortable and easy job.

The mouse is also one of a kind product. It has an excellent battery life of three years. Moreover, it is equipped with laser technology. This advanced feature ensures that you have accurate of the cursor together with fast scrolling. Logitech MK750 also has an interesting feature where you can connect the wireless combo of the mouse and the keyboard with a wire. Furthermore, the 128 bit AES encryption ensures that all the data is safe. It must be kept in mind that these gadgets are only compatible with Windows 7 and onwards.

  • Keyboard is powered by solar energynExcellent qualitynGreat performancenSleek design of the combonQuick and efficient scrollingnKeyboard and mouse combo are easy to set upnUser friendlynMouse has a long battery life
  • Keyboard and mouse combo can be a little heavy on the pocketnMouse is not compatible with every surfacenNot good for excessive typing

8. Anker 2.4GHZ Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Anker 2.4GHZ Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Are you tired of constantly losing the connection between the keyboard and your PC? Does this affect your work? Do not worry anymore. We have the perfect solution for you. The Anker 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse combo should do the trick.

It is the best device to use when you want to work for uninterrupted hours. This is possible because this combo of the wireless device maintains a steady connection. It carries a 2.4GHz wireless signal within a 26ft radius. Thus, the Anker is able to keep up with the strong load of work.

It is quite a user friendly and is easy to set up. It comes with a nano receiver which makes it easy to connect and plug in the combo of wireless mouse and the wireless keyboard. The keyboard comes with an excellent set of keys which makes it quite trouble-free to use. It also ensures that you are able to type comfortably.


The wireless keyboard is designed in a modern way. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around. The design makes it very unique and one of a kind. It is small in size and yet can fit the hands of all kinds of users. This means that both people with small and large hands are able to use this wireless device with ease.

Furthermore, the intelligent way in which the keyboard is designed ensures that the user can sit for long hours and type. The company guarantees that this wireless keyboard is built solely for your comfort so that when you are working, you don’t have to go through unnecessary wrist pains.

It is important to keep in mind that this combo is compatible with only the Windows operating system. Thus if you have a system that works on iOS, then this combo is not the one for you. Moreover, it is a comparatively cheap product. So you can get good quality stuff in only a few bucks. However, one drawback is that it does not have long battery life.

  • Very light on the pocket; not at all expensivenKeys of the keyboard do not make a lot of noise while typingnMouse also clicks silentlynHas a very practical design (compact)nFull-sized keyboardnComes with a silicon protector to protect the keyboard from external damage
  • Does not support iOSnIs only compatible with the Windows operating systemnSmall battery life (only three months)

9. RII RKM709


Are you fed up of only finding expensive products on the market? If you are a fan of technology but cannot afford expensive gadgets, then this device is perfect for you. The RII RKM709 is very light on your wallet and is great for all those who are on a strict budget.

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo might even be one of the least expensive products on the market. This makes it a wonderful option for anyone who does not want to stray from the budget. However, despite its cheap cost, it comes with a few excellent features and made of good quality materials. It is hard to find such a great wireless product at a low price.


One great feature is that it carries a wireless signal of 2.4GHz over a span of 33ft. This ensures an uninterrupted connection for as long as you are using the device. Now you can work in peace without having to worry about the connections. Moreover, it comes with a nano receiver. This ensures that the keyboard and mouse combo works efficiently and are user friendly.

In addition to these features, the RI RKM709 is suitable for all sorts of operating systems. This makes a perfect keyboard and mouse combo because there are not many products out there with such vast compatibility. It can not only be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux but also with IPTV, HTPC, Smart TV, Google Android Smart TV Box. Amazon Fire TV stick and even Raspberry.

Moreover, the wireless keyboard and mouse combo have an excellent design. It is made up of good quality products that will not disappoint you. The material is very strong and long-lasting. It is a great product that you are getting at an extremely low price. The hotkeys present on the wireless keyboard can be personalized according to your operating system. In addition, there are volume/mute and power/sleep buttons on the side of the keyboard. Such shortcuts prove to be highly convenient.

  • Very affordable pricenCustomizable hotkeys on the keyboard ensure conveniencenExcellent designnKeyboard and mouse are made up of strong and good quality materialsnSuitable for all sorts of operating systemsnMouse and keyboard have a steady connectivity for uninterrupted usagenButtons at the side of the corner of the keyboard ensure convenient shortcuts
  • Does not have a power saving modenThere is no set DPI in the mousenYou have to constantly set up the mouse

10. Jelly Comb Combo

Jelly Comb Combo

Are you on a strict budget and looking for a cheap wireless mouse and keyboard combo? Do you want something that does not stray from your budget; however, it still delivers excellent quality? Then you have come to the right place. We have it all figured out for you.

The Jelly comb combo provides you with an excellent mouse and keyboard combo. On top of that, the best part is that it is very budget-friendly. You no longer have to worry about the price because this combo from Jelly will solve all your issues.

Moreover, it is also designed in a very unique way. The wireless keyboard is not full-sized. This means that it is quite small and easy to carry around. Its compact size and portability make it an excellent choice for those who love to travel.

Whether you are on an airplane, bus, or even in the subway, you can use this wireless keyboard and mouse without any difficulty. The design of the wireless keyboard is also super chic and trendy.


The Jelly keyboard does not make a lot of disturbing sounds when you press the buttons. It is very difficult for some people to work in a noisy environment and it gets highly disturbing you’re your keyboard also makes sounds. This wireless keyboard is perfect to avoid such situations. Furthermore, it works in a very fast and efficient manner so that you can work in peace. Moreover, it comes with a silicone cover to protect the keyboard from external damage, spills, and dust.

It also comes with an excellent mouse with three DPI levels. Moreover, the wireless mouse is equipped with unique technological features like optical tracking. This ensures that you have precise and smooth control over the cursor. Together with the wireless keyboard, the wireless mouse makes the perfect combo. However, keep in mind that it only works with Windows OS.

  • Has a low price; perfect for those fixed to a budgetnBudget friendlynKeyboard and mouse have excellent quality materialsnModern design; looks very stylish and trendynBest responsenWorks in an efficient mannernKeyboard is compact and easy to carry aroundnPerfect for travelersnKeyboard does not make a lot of noisenComes with a silicone cover for keyboard protection
  • Keyboard does not have any number padnLow quality buildnIs only suitable for Windows

11. Victsing Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Victsing Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Are you looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for under $20? You no longer have to search for it. Victsing Wireless is the best option for you. Now you can get both a keyboard and a mouse in under $20. You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money.


It comes with a couple of interesting features. One best thing about this combo is that it carries an exceptional wireless signal over a span of 49.2ft. This ensures that you can work without any hindrance or connection issues. Moreover, both the wireless keyboard and the mouse have a long battery life of 15 and 24 months respectively. Now you do not have to fret over the hassle of charging your device every other day.

The way the wireless keyboard is designed is also very great and one of a kind. The keycaps are designed in a very comfortable manner in order to ensure that you type with ease. Now you can type in an extremely smooth manner and finish your work efficiently. With this mouse and keyboard combo, you no longer have to worry about unwanted wrist and hand pains.

The wireless keyboard and mouse both work in a silent way. There are no disturbing noises of buttons constantly clicking. Moreover, it comes with a nano receiver. This receiver connects together both the devices and ensures that they perform well. Now you can work is a fast manner and get your work done on time. Another interesting feature is that you do not need any extra software to set up this combo.

  • Very affordablenBest designnLong battery lifenKeyboard and mouse can be set up easilynIs suitable for most of the operating systemsnTyping is highly comfortablenDoes not make a lot of noisenHas shortcuts which make life easy
  • Keyboard has no legsnBuild quality of mouse is not up to the marknThe letters on the keys erase quickly


There are a lot of wireless product choices in the market. Whether you are a college student or a gamer, everyone wants the best products; something that adds to their convenience. Thus, a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is the perfect solution for everyone. With such a combo, you can find more budget-friendly and chic options.

The time you spend in front of the computer screen does not matter. It is always your comfort and performance of the wireless keyboard or mouse that counts. Thus, choose your money wisely on something that is reliable, comfortable, made with the best quality and practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gadget works best with a Mac OS?
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000, Dell KM117, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900, Logitech MK750, Logitech MK550, and Logitech MK345, all work best with Mac. There are also a few others that are suitable for this OS. However, some functions may be unavailable because it is mostly designed for Windows.
Any gadget for a multi device Bluetooth connection?
Logitech MK850 is excellent. It has one of the best connections.
What’s the difference between a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless keyboard?
A Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless keyboard are both wireless devices that can connect to a computer without the need for cables. However, there are some key differences between the two. A Bluetooth keyboard connects to a computer using Bluetooth technology, which is a short-range wireless communication protocol that allows devices to connect to each other without cables. This means that the keyboard can connect to any device that supports Bluetooth, including smartphones and tablets, as well as computers. Bluetooth keyboards are also more power-efficient than wireless keyboards, as they use less power to maintain a connection.On the other hand, a wireless keyboard typically uses a USB dongle or receiver to connect to a computer. This dongle connects to a USB port on the computer and communicates wirelessly with the keyboard. Wireless keyboards are usually limited to connecting to devices that have a USB port, such as desktop computers and some laptops.
Do wireless keyboards need special batteries?
Most wireless keyboards do not require special batteries. However, they may require specific types of batteries. For example, some wireless keyboards use AA or AAA batteries, while others may use rechargeable batteries. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine what type of batteries your wireless keyboard requires.It’s also important to note that some wireless keyboards may have specific power requirements. For example, some gaming keyboards may require more power than a standard wireless keyboard, which means they may need more frequent battery replacements. Additionally, some wireless keyboards may have power-saving features to conserve battery life, such as automatic sleep modes or power switches.

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