12 Best FPS Mice for First-Person Shooters – 2024 Gaming Mouse Guide

Best FPS Gaming Mouse

Be it a CS:GO or PUBG, shooters are seen to be very established, hence, they need a great and variety of good gaming gears to challenge them fiercely.
The very reason behind this is the high pace it has in comparison to any other type of game and that each and every millisecond is being counted to look upon FPS gaming as the most challenging as well as competitive.

Due to this reason, owning the best FPS mouse, a dependable keyboard and further, a zero delay monitor is extremely worth it. Moreover, it helps in a better and great performance when playing at a higher and professional level.

The list that we will look upon will reveal all the best personal FPS mice and also the ones used professionally by FPS gamers.

Note: If you go through this list, it mainly pays attention towards the fps, however, if you adore other genres as well, you will have to consider our very comprehensive list of best wireless gaming mouse.

Best FPS Mice For Gaming

1. Zowie EC2-A & EC1-A

Zowie EC2-A & EC1-A


Design of Zowie EC2-A and EC1-A are

Plug & Play, 400/800/1600/3200 DPI modification, convertible report rate 125/500/1000 Hz, and an optical mouse.

People who are fans of first-person shooters are most probably aware of this gadget because it is utterly the most and really best gaming mouse; completely preferred on the scene of pro-CS:GO. It is pretty evident why it is the favorite one among all for gaming; it consists of the perfect one-inch sensor, a superb lift-off distance, and extraordinary ergonomic design. Combing all these features together, it proves itself to be the best and very competitive technological device.

The difference that we see between EC1-A and EC2-A is their size. The length and width of EC2-A are slightly smaller as compared to EC1-A. However, choosing the best gaming mouse according to your hand size is your own choice.

Awesome featuresQuality guaranteed

Moreover, if you want awesome features, better lighting, and really good software then one should definitely choose a Razer mouse. But if you focus on becoming a professional gamer by utilizing all your innate potential then you surely want to stay focus on this one. EC1-A and EC2-A consist of an inch precision Pixart 3310 sensor which is the best so far available in the market. Additionally, the DPI setting does a great job by helping in letting you choose your preferable speed, either fast or slow.

The max a dpi could reach is 3200, which is simply everything that you need in a gaming mouse. In opposition to this statement, many other brands like Razer and Logitech share a common belief of more dpi is better but the reality is, it is completely useless. Hence, these brands let the dpi reach up to 16000 and use this as a tactic to get public attention. This serves as a way of fooling people who do not even know the basics of gaming designs while purchasing these products.

On top of this, the buttons at the sides make use of mechanical switches which are hardly ever seen on other mice. These mechanical switches, in contradiction to the membrane, design great perceptible feedback that prevents any kinds of miss clicks. Although, there are a few people who still prefer membrane buttons because it is fairly simple to spam click. This is the reason why people do not prefer this gadget as it becomes a little fussy and difficult to manage instead.

Last but not the least, EC1-A and EC2-A have such a quality and design that seems very solid and tough yet it is very light in weight, and one does not have to worry about it breaking after only a usage of a few months.

Until this day, this fps mouse has been looked upon as the best and favorite amongst other mice for professional gaming. Apart from this, if you want a non-gibberish device to cater to your gaming needs, then you should definitely put this on top of your preference list.

  • Precision and tracking is specialized nAn exemplary rising distancenSide buttons contain mechanical switchesnSimply plug and play system
  • Other additional designs and schemes such as LED, software etc. nA few people found side buttons to be highly sensitivenThe range of EC2-A’s sensor is limitednNo customization options present

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite


What Razer DeathAdder Elite really is?

An up to 16.000 DPI, 5G optical sensor, up to 450 IPS with 99.4% accuracy of resolution, Substantial up to 50 million clicks, variable LED colors.

It is difficult and unfortunate for me to highlight new designs or features for this Razer DeathAdder Chroma because this product is on the top of the list for the best gaming gears. This particular gadget’s features help us identify as to why it is one of the most expensive gaming mouse because it clearly defines itself and its features.

Mostly, Razer’s prefer the value of looks over quality such as introducing new cool names and LED lighting. However, they sometimes do show clever and skillful performance. And this is why this Razer DeathAdder mouse is known throughout the world of gaming because it is the foremost leading fps mice produced.

Awesome FeaturesQuality guaranteed

This fps gaming gadget simply excels in each aspect of feature and design present in it. If we talk in terms of its speed as well as acceleration; the horsepower of this product is surprisingly really outstanding. Also, it has an ideal optical sensor that leads to extraordinary precision. It proves to be excessively great when it comes to the gripping of the device and this outweighs almost every other feature of Razer mouse. Adding on to this, this mouse can be customized by having various options for different LED lightings of your own choice.

Despite all of this, people tend to confuse this mouse as to an fps oriented product but it certainly is used as an all-rounder mouse. This is why it has astonishingly reached in the top of my list of fps mice and not only to mine but to other gamers list as well for its amazing features.

This product is highly recommended for any type of gamer, basic or professional. Nevertheless, if you are intended to focus on specifically fps gaming then there are other mice I would rather recommend because this one can also make use of other genres. The drawback that many people face is the Razer Chroma software that is not so ergonomic and friendly to use.

  • A resilient optical sensornBest for palm as well as claw grippingnWonderful speed and acceleration along with precision
  • The software is complex and ineffective nPeople did not find any huge differences in comparison to the last modelnWhile using it, the RGB gets coverednFor quick switching of profiles, no on board memory is present

3. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless


Features of Logitech G Pro Wireless are as: 

Hero 16K Sensor, response time is 1ms, 200-16,000 DPI, Ultra-lightweight(80g), Technology of Light-speed, the mode can be wired i.e. playing while on a charge.

Mostly, I would not want to insert the name on this list of any wireless devices because they always tend to function in the worst way possible causing a great level of disappointment and bafflement.

Nevertheless, Logitech’s G pro-wireless is an exclusion from this statement and it not surprising for us all to know that millions of professional gamers are considering this mouse over any other traditional device, for its very convenient and most comfortable features.

This device is considered to be very exceptional in terms of its performance on any various levels, for example, the connection it has it impeccable, enduring battery life, and a nearly, really advanced feature offered by Logitech itself. Moreover, it is great for fps games. The most problematic thing about this interesting product is its high price.  

Generally, people simply get scared at the high price of this product in comparison to other regular gaming mice, but we see that this price is high for a really good and genuine reason. We rarely ever find a wireless gaming mouse with high standard features such as this G Pro Wireless and it not only bears these features but knows how to put them in use by showing its maximum capabilities.

The mission of this Logitech product accomplishes its goal by challenging other high quality and potential mice. This mouse manages to reach the satisfaction level of professional gamers who just cannot compromise their passion after an uncompetitive game.

Amazing FeaturesHow is G Pro Wireless’s performance unique than other mice?

It is not only the exterior that had been focused by the company but also the interior. This can be proved by the simply outstandingly smooth and organized exterior but also how it shows remarkable performance. The design of this mouse is comparatively designed in a very simple manner, hence, it perfectly defines the material used; extremely light weighted that helps giving it a slick and clean look.

This Logitech G Pro Wireless has been tested a lot many times and has not only proved itself to be one of the most amazing wireless devices out there but also one of the ideal gaming mice too. It gains attention due to the wireless aspect it has. Apart from that, the battery time is absolutely remarkable, its flawless performance and its pleasing grip give a justification of it high price in the market.

Well, this is the summit of all factors. For one, the company had hired 50 professional gamers to sit and help them design and further develop this extraordinary piece of technology and this effort can be visibly seen through its performance. Not only does it advance technology gives it an edge over other Logitech mice but its design as well that makes it ultra-lightweight, making the professional’s recommend it.

Relating to the certain technology designs, G Pro Wireless makes use of the Hero Gaming Sensor, that is the authentic sensor precision that goes along with its efficient tracking ability of up to 400 IPS with DPI of 16.000, meaning that no matter how fast you intend to play, it will not stop or hinder your performance at any cost. Cherry on top, it possesses all the latest advanced technological features that you would want in such a costly product. Moreover, no need of polishing or filtering, acceleration and the wireless light speed technology that gives an impeccable connectivity with the responsive rate of only 1 millisecond.

  • Market’s most competitive and substantial wireless gaming mousenAn awesome battery life and can be put on wire mode even when playingnIt’s ultra-light weight features makes it very enjoyablenTotally no drops, stammering or any other issues that faced in wireless gaming gears
  • Price is major issuenSome professionals find this gadget too small

4. Steel Series Rival 600

Steel Series Rival 600


Features of SteelSeries Rival 600 are TrueMove3+ Optical sensor, maximum, 12.000 CPI maximum 350 IPS, Lift-off distance is 0.5-2.00mm, Programmable buttons are 7, 8-zone RGB lighting, Up to 60 million clicks durability.

Professional gamers most of the time believe and agree with the fact that precision outweighs speed almost all the time and that this precision cannot be really better than this groundbreaking sensor; single TrueMove3 which this product consists of.

You might be wondering why most of the professional CS: GO players have an uncontrolled movement of arms but the question is why? Well, all the pro-fps gamers do know how to keep things in precision and control so that there is simply no problems or hindrance in their performance hence, they set their setting of the DPI straightforwardly to the minimum. Because of this, the competitive mice that we often come across, such as BenQ’s Zowie, have an adequately lower DPI setting.

Amazing FeaturesGreat Qualities of this Product

Even at a lower speed, this new SteelSeries 600 has to offer just as good a precision with an oneway movement sensor which consists of a TrueMove3plus. This feature is essential in the cursor for mimicking the hand movement of the gamer e.g. there is a hand movement of just an inch, then the cursor will also just move an inch on the screen. The precision that this feature provides had been unknown and seemingly impossible until now.

However, the TrueMove sensor is not really of good use for gamers who are looking for a device for gamers with all kinds of genres and also who like playing at a high DPI. Fortunately, the Rival 600 consists of a maximum and sky-high speed along with the great capability of sensitivity but this just should not be the reason of you purchasing this product. But, you should prefer this highly precise mouse from within the company to enhance your skills and further produce really good FPS performance.

Additionally, the Danish designs and quality have produced these Steel Series by-products (Rival 600). This product is unbelievably long-lasting and that the mechanical buttons can withstand around 60 clicks. The exterior of this fine piece is just simply a great artistic piece containing the efficient ergonomics and LED lighting with 8 zones.

The software of this Steel Series also lets you customize and adjust the macro keys, performance and also the LED light. Ultimately, all you should know is that this is all you need. On the other hand, I would not prefer or recommend this device to anyone especially the professional fps gamers because it is not found to be the best plug and play device.

  • Brings advantage to the fps games through a single sensornAstonishing lift off distance with CPI potentialitynYou can customize it according to your desiresnWell known for FPS games
  • The weight of this product is too heavynSoftware is a bit quirkynPrice is high in comparison to the competitors

5. Zowie FK2

Zowie FK2


The features of Zowei FK2 are as: 

On-the-fly DPI switch (400-800-1600-3200), Plug & play, USB (rubber cable), Huena Switches to reduce ghosting.

BenQ is definitely one of the most famous brands among professional gamers and that too for a good reason. EC, FK and ZA, all three series on the eSports scene are unbelievably popular as well as among the FPS professionals.

The two major aspects that come into perspective regarding BenQ is first, the performance and secondly, it’s quality. When you talk about gaming gears, then we definitely know that for a few years, the quality of this brand has been genuinely appreciated.

Contrary to the Razers, they do not produce catchy names and make their products all classy through LED covers and this definitely does not mean that they do not introduce amazing gaming gears. If I get to choose, then I mostly prefer the comfortable and simple designed mice over other flashy LED designs praised by other gaming brands.

Amazing FeaturesGreat Qualities of this Product

Although, the Zowie gadget is very simple in looks it functions almost as good as other mice. On each side, well organized, standardized two thumb buttons are present along with that, this plain sailing plug and play device does not need a software to operate itself. This statement justifies their simple yet effective phenomena the best.

The four DPI settings do not stutter. Moreover, the buttons of dpi are not difficult to hit but miss clicks are also seeming to be an impossibility. This is considered to be a theme that repeats itself automatically. Huang switches are used underneath the buttons, forming a kind of almost a mechanical keyboard. For professional FPS gamers, this serves to be one of the major pros of this technological beast.

Despite all this, there are a few games such as the RTS and MOBA that do need spam clicking for enjoyment, this device is not a good choice for these games. However, if you are a big fan of MOBA’s, then we have something for you in our list as well.

Due to the great speed and precision that this device has to offer, the performance is also up to the mark. This product is a true example of minimal yet elegant, thus making it a perfect choice for gamers who prefer simplicity and quality over the flashy designs and features.

In addition to the top picks for FPS mice, this article also includes a link to a list of budget-friendly gaming mice, which can be found here.

  • Polished and well organized designnLevelled up performance as well as qualitynMonetarily economical
  • In games like Diablo 3, the spam-click do not work very wellnThe scrolling wheel could be technologically upgraded

6. HyperX Pulsefire Surge

HyperX Pulsefire Surge


The features of the HyperX Pulsefire Surge:

Lightweight 95G, Omron switches, Extra-large mouse skates, Pixart 3310 sensor, four DPI settings.

Every game needs high accuracy, precision, and a really fast response and this demand is completely fulfilled by this HyperX Pulsefire gadget.

Kingston HyperX barely ever makes new gears every day but whenever they bring a new thing to the market, it is worth taking a look at. The gaming gears that they introduce all live up to the expectations of the professionals.

The headsets and occasional keyboards are what this brand is highly known for but their industry hardly produces any mice. Nevertheless, even when they are not that experienced than other brands in producing mice, HyperX Pulsefire does not disappoint you but proves as one of the best mice currently in the market.

After playing with the Pulsefire for a few hours, you will realize that this bad boy has been developed by keeping in mind the first-person shooters. Over acceleration and speed, this beast makes a visually obvious focus on precision. Almost all the professionals of FPS games will give the statement that precision always outweighs high DPI hence, Pixart 3310 sensor is the best for professional gamers.

Wonderful QualitiesDesign and Ergonomics

We see through the description presented that HyperX Pulsefire is notably the most ideal FPS gadget but this obviously does not make it worth buying. Whatsoever, this device does not only focus on its precision but also the rate of response it produces, making it essential for gamers who love playing MMO’s and MOBA’s. Adding on to this, the Omron switches which the equipment has, give it feedback of the comfortability and palm gripping that further enhances the response. These switches are not of much use when it comes to spam clicking games such as Diablo 3. And this totally removes one’s attention from the price.

In the first-person shooters, even this device that has 6 buttons will also not be satisfactory for the professional level MMO players.

Coming to the good looks, ergonomics, and design, I would highly recommend this technology to fps gamers because it not only looks good but makes you feel good as well. This item is extremely light in weight, about 95g, and also it is well balanced. The user-friendly nature integrating with the greatly polished texture material and comfortability at all times. Moreover, it has big skates that help in moving smoothly on any said surface.

HyperX Pulse is the device that ticks all boxes and achieves satisfaction for all customers. The flexibility of this item gives us all a clear hint that it has been specially designed for first-person shooters. So, if you purchase this product, then you will not only use for fps only but for all other genres as well.

Last but not the least, the price of this masterpiece is what it is praised for. For whoever wants to indulge in the serious arena of gaming and wants to become a professional, this bad boy is highly recommended.

  • Precision and responsivenessnIt is economicalnEspecially designed for fps gaming
  • Not good for games in which spam clicking is needednPeople who are lefties find it difficult to use the side buttons

7. Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro


The features of Logitech G pro as:

 100 to 16.000 DPI range, optical hero sensor, customizable LED colors, metal spring button tensioning system, 6 programmable buttons, zero filterings, smoothing, and acceleration.

So far, this piece of technology can be considered as the best creation of Logitech even though it did not gain as much popularity as G502 did. This master item is for people who want to happily enter the competitive world of gaming and become professionals.

Paying attention to the performance, G Pro shows really an astonishing performance. The optical sensor PMW3366 ensures a great pull towards the market with accurately generated pixels. What would be a more brilliant choice an FPS gamer could make? It is not only the sensor that gives a fantastic performance but the metal spring buttons also pitch in their part making it worth using. Because of these metal spring buttons, the clicks become far better. With that being said, we can pin down the needs of pro gamers and come to realize why they actually prefer this gadget over others.

Features in the DeviceHigh quality

Highlighting the design, this device needs no further explanation. This product is not so ergonomic as G502 but it is well known in the market for its highly comfortable gripping. The gripping aspect of this item has made it really famous among the eSport’s pro fps gamers world. This gadget has been developed in the most masterly manner, also easily manageable but also has its aesthetics. If you want to add this one of a kind technology in your gaming collection, then it is definitely a yes!

One major drawback of this item is its size and shape. Some people have found it to be too small because they might be using bigger ones previously or maybe for other reasons. This drawback occurs because there is an obvious difference in this item with other mice. Most companies produce mice bigger in size and shape. People do not seem much comfortable with holding this piece.

High quality is guaranteed with all Logitech products, as always. Fans of the Logitech brand should look into this product to put it in their list as it is a great choice from this brand. To create a great and highly synchronized setup, one can buy this because of the software of Logitech and RGB lighting help in synchronizing.

The software of Logitech G Pro grants us to make the precision of custom profiles for every other game type and that too only just for once. This means that the best dpi can be set up and the gaming device automatically distinguishes which game is being played.

The cherry on top, the product is very economical making it available to casual as well as people who are professionals. Combining the performance and price tag, this amazing thing is worth giving a shot. The G Pro is really recommended because of the fantastic features and specifications it has and makes it a good choice because of the economical price and dexterous design it has. This is not only for fps gamers but for regular users too.

  • Ultra genuine clicks are brought into action with metal spring buttonsnPixels of the product are pretty accuratenIt is best for every gamer as well as for casual use
  • The size of the device seems small to some peoplenAlmost the same as other Logitech mice

8. SteelSeries Rival 310

SteelSeries Rival 310


Are you still looking for a perfect item of gaming technology for yourself? Do you need a more lightweight gadget for yourself? Search no more. You have come to the right place to help you decide which product to buy.

There are often times when a hardcore item is hard to control for most people. It is very common for gamers to accidentally drop a heavy device. This can cause irreparable damage to a product that you paid a lot for. Thus in order to avoid such unwanted situations, the SteelSeries Rival 310 is a great option.

Interior and Exterior DesignAmazing FeaturesAccuracy and PrecisionThinking about the budget?

This is a very lightweight gaming device; weighing only about 88g. Such an item proves to be very beneficial for passionate and hardcore gamers. A lightweight product ensures that you are able to move it around freely. This sort of control over it is very significant especially when you are caught in the middle of an intense game. In such situations, you would not want your computer device to start causing any problems. Thus a lightweight product ensures that you have good control over it and your game. Thus it will be very easy for you to win if your control over the technological piece is excellent and you are easily able to move it around.

Moreover, the lightweight design ensures your complete comfort. We know how hard it can be to sit around for ages in front of a computer screen and play games. It has a drastic effect on your eyesight and even on your posture. With all these negativities plaguing you while gaming, there must be some good that comes out of it.

For hardcore gamers, there is nothing that would stop them from gaming. So it is better to do this in a way and by using the right gadgets which ensure maximum comfort for you and your peers. Its unique design and durable material further ensure your comfort. The company guarantees to use high-quality materials while making this item. Thus it has also received a huge fan base.

The design and material work together in such a way that it does not feel rough against your palm or fingertips. Therefore, ensuring the ultimate comfort while using it. Thus we advise you to buy this gaming mouse for the ideal experience. You do not want to miss out on this thrilling ride.

Apart from its comfort and design, the SteelSeries Rival 310 also comes with multiple other features. It has the TrueMove 3 sensor which also gives access to one to one track. Thus you can see that this new version of the gaming mouse comes with bigger and better features. The presence of the sensor is what has given it most of its fame.

Such a sensor in the mouse is the talk of the century, especially within the gaming industry. Professional gamers are dying to get their hands on one of these exceptionally amazing gaming mice. You should also be one of those people who have this mouse in their collection. The TrueSensor feature allows maximum precision during a game. This way it is guaranteed that you will not ever lose.

In addition to the extreme measure of accuracy, another interesting feature is that this sensor is custom made. Now why wouldn’t you want that? This sensor is a state of the art feature which allows you to increase not only speed but also precision and acceleration.

The one to one tracking is another great feature. This ensures that your cursor moves at the precise moment when you move your mouse. This results in hardly any errors while gaming and also elevates your chances of winning. If you are used to controlling the first person shooters with a mouse, it means that you are playing at a low DPI. Such a situation is ideal with the one to one tracking.

This mouse has a 12000 DPI and 350 IPS. You can easily alter the DPI and IPS. Moreover, you can also alter a few other features according to what you like and your needs. Your own personal profile can be formed together with macros if you want to be more specific and play certain games. Another cool feature is that you can change the LED lights to whatever color you like. This plays a major role in enhancing the design features.

It is the best option for someone who wants to stay in a budget. If you do not have a lot of money but still want to get a taste of what a good quality mouse is like then the SteelSeries Rival 310 should be your best pick. Like all other gadgets, you must keep in mind that this one too is not perfect.

Even though it has a lot of excellent features and qualities, it also has its drawbacks. It is often that people usually don’t talk about these shortcomings. However, in order to get a clear picture of what you are getting in return for your payments, then it is of paramount importance to discuss both the pros and the cons of this gadget. A couple of these advantages and drawbacks are listed below.

  • Great value for your moneynCan be customizednState of the art sensor is highly advantageous
  • One to one tracking is not suitable to everyonenLightweight design may not be appealing to everyone since it doesn’t feel expensive (or like it’s made from high quality materials)nMay be hard for beginners to use

9. Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 Hero


Amongst most of the companies that manufacture a gaming mouse and other gaming gadgets, the Logitech is by far the most popular. It has a huge fan following ever since it was formed. This is due to the excellent features that it has to offer. Moreover, it ensures to provide customers with high-quality products.

The customers are always impressed by the design and features of each of the products that the company has to offer. This is one of the reasons in the ever-increasing fan base and why the buyers love to come to for more. Most of the professionals are gaming mouse hoarders. If you do not want to use this mouse because you already have a good one, then you definitely should at least have this in your collection.

We guarantee you that you will not be able to keep your hands off of it and will eventually use it to play one of the games. This mouse has the greatest features that a product had to offer. Despite the fact that it is not an FPS gaming mouse, it is still an exceptional gadget to work with. It is safe to say that this is one of the best products in the world. The amazing part is that it proves to be very comfortable while usage and ensures excellent performance during all sorts of games.

Wonderful FeaturesGreat Qualities

The Logitech G502 Hero is well known for its multiple wonderful features. One of the characteristics that make it so special and unique is its innovative design. The design is so unique and one of a kind that the creators must receive a special round of applause. It is quite well known for its efficient design system that is suitable for all sorts of players, whether you are a professional or not.

Comfort is a very important feature that must be taken into consideration before purchasing a gaming mouse. Long hours of gaming can already be pretty tiring and hectic. You do not need the added stress of unwanted wrist or shoulder pains and other such issues. Thus in order to combat these problems, the Logitech G502 is the best option.

It has the most comfortable design and even after hours of playing, you won’t ever feel like you were playing for ages. Every individual player has his own way of gripping the mouse. Some have a palm grip, some have a claw grip, while there are still some others who have a fingertip grip. It is of paramount importance for the players to know how they grip a mouse. Thus, they must keep this factor in mind before buying a gaming mouse.

The Logitech G502 is an excellent option for all those players who either have a palm or a claw grip. It is built in such a way that your palm can comfortably rest over the surface. Thus you can move the mouse around with maximum ease and comfort. The design has been improved over the years to ensure that the customers are happy and satisfied.

The new creative design comes with a thumb rest. This is specially designed for you to place your thumb in order to avoid it hanging in the air. The thumb rest is also a great feature for all those who have a claw grip. A claw grip is when you curl your fingers in the shape of a claw and only your fingers are in contact with the mouse, your palm remains in the air. In such a condition, a thumb rest proves to be highly essential. This only adds to the comfort of the players. There is one drawback which is that this design is not suitable for left-handed people.

If we talk about its performance level, we can guarantee that the Logitech G502 will not disappoint you. Unlike the G402 model, this one does not have extreme specifications about the usage. It is quite easy to use and ensures the best performance. It has also been rated as an excellent mouse by professional gamers. What else does one want?

This gaming mouse would ensure that you win any game possible. Now when you are sitting with your friends, there is no chance that you would lose. Using the Logitech G502 would ensure that you remain unbeatable. Such news is definitely music to one’s ears because nobody wants to be known as a loser.

There are other exceptional features offered by this mouse. It has an excellent feel to it. Thus you immediately know that zero compromises has been made on its quality. This instantly gives the buyers hope that it would perform well too and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. The mouse has a great quality cord and you will never have any issues with it. We know how annoying and tangled wire can be but don’t worry; there will not be any such problems with this one. It is very long-lasting and despite years of usage, it will work perfectly as if you just brought it.

This gaming mouse comes with thumb buttons present on it. People are always looking for shortcuts these days and especially when it comes to gaming you are dying to know the quickest way possible to overtake your opponent. The thumb buttons give you access to these shortcuts. Thus making your life super easy.

Moreover, it comes with an adjustable tracking feature and can be customized. These features prove to be highly beneficial. The fact that you can personalize it according to your needs is great because you don’t often get to find all the features in one product. Moreover, the LED lights can be adjusted to whatever color you like the most. Thus increasing its attractive design. All of this is possible through the smart Logitech software.

Furthermore, it is equipped with multiple weights which can help you adjust the weight according to your own comfort. However, despite the adjustments, it can still prove to be a bit heavy. For all the gamers who prefer a more sleek and lightweight design, sadly this mouse won’t do it for you. However, there is no harm in just purchasing it to keep it in your collection. Let us now quickly look at some of the pros and cons that you will have to deal with once having bought this gaming mouse.

  • Very comfortable designnSuper efficientnHas thumb buttons that prove to be highly beneficialnGreat sensor and tracking features
  • A bit on the heavier sidenDesign is not suitable for left handed peoplenDoes not have direct specifications as in the G402nA little expensive

10. Zowie ZA13

Zowie ZA13


Are you still a beginner? Do you get overwhelmed by the number of gaming mice present in the market? Don’t worry anymore. We have the perfect solution for you. In today’s fast-moving world, technology has become more advanced and it just does not stop here. New and more developed gadgets are introduced in the market. Thus one can easily feel nervous by the products offered in the market.

This is more likely to occur especially if you are a beginner. But do not worry we have you covered. It is interesting to note how today’s youth is mostly attracted by the design and complexity of a product.

However, this should not always be the case. A simple design feature in a product can also prove to be highly exceptional. One such example is the Zowie ZA13 gaming mouse. It is built in a very simple manner. Thus it is ideal for beginners since you won’t be distracted by anything else and the extra features.

Simplicity at its bestGreat Features

Despite its simple design that essentially looks perfect for beginners, This gaming mouse has also made its impact on the professional players. It does not have a lot of distractions and extreme features made to impress the customers. The simplicity of the design does the job quite well. The Zowie ZA13 is specially made for professional FPS players who enjoy using it a lot. This mouse is extremely reliable and trustworthy and ensures your maximum performance in order to help you win.

This mouse does not come with a lot of direct specifications about the features or how to play. This can be a little disappointing for all those who are used to more complex designs. Furthermore, gamers who are used to gadgets like the G502 or Rival 600 will think of this gaming mouse as nothing. These people do not find their simplicity to be credible. However, there are still some professional players who decided to give this a try and were extremely impressed by its performance.

It is not always a 16000 DPI or excellent RGB lighting that would make you win. It all depends on your skill or the quality of your mouse. One must remember that all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that turn out to be the best.  This mouse ensures the perfect performance that would guarantee your name in the list of top gamers.

The best part about it is that gamers do not get distracted by extra knick-knacks. Moreover, an interesting thing is that it specifically designed for tough competitions. In addition, you can alter the DPI according to your own needs and requirements. What more does one want? The simple structure ensures that you are constantly focused on the game.

Features like advanced software or lighting technology are no longer present. Thus there are no distractions available for the players. This causes them to be focused on the game and win. This mouse has excellent performance and a report rate of about 125 to 1000 Hertz. This is because it is plugged directly into your system. There is no extra interface; just direct contact between the PC and the mouse.

Moreover, unlike other gaming mice having around twelve to seventeen buttons, this one only has five. These buttons have very direct tasks and also help in giving shortcuts. Thus they prove to be very useful during a highly intense game. Furthermore, it has a 400 to 3200 DPI. This is very low but it makes no difference since its performance rate is like no other.

A great thing about this mouse is that it is designed for both right and left-handed people to use comfortably. Moreover, buttons are present on both sides of the mouse, thus adding to its ambidextrous quality. It is great to know that the comfort of every individual was kept in mind while designing it. Its shape is also pretty interesting. It rises at the back and then lowers forming a steep slope.

Such a design makes it quite great for both claw and palm grippers. Like any other gadget, you must know what style of gripping you have before buying this mouse. Being able to know your style only helps you select the best product for yourself. This also ensures your maximum comfort while playing. If you buy a mouse that is compatible with the way you hold the mouse, then you will be able to play very comfortably.

You can glide and move the mouse along in a very smooth and easy manner. If the mouse functions smoothly, then your chances of winning a game further increase. This mouse comes in three different sizes. In order to ensure your comfort, you must see which size works best for you. ZA11 is the smallest size while ZA13 is the largest. It must be kept in mind that the smaller the gadget, the more lightweight it would be. Thus it only increases your ease and comfort in gliding the mouse along. Moreover, it also makes it easy for the player to lift the mouse.

Like most other things in life have their ups and downs, this mouse also comes with both good and bad features. One must not base their judgement on the negativities. However, it is important to know about all its good and bad things so that you clearly know what the product has to offer and if it is the one for you or not. So without much further ado, let us jump right into it.

  • Excellent response ratenGreat lift off distancenMade for expert FPS gamers; no added distractionsnPlug and play
  • Not suitable for those who are used to a lot of featuresnSome may find the design boringnDoes not have a large DPInAbsence of a software

11. Corsair M65 Elite

Corsair M65 Elite


The most common type of gaming is FPS gaming. First-person shooter in other words. These games are played from a first-person point of view. This means that the gamer can only see the hands of the character who is supposed to shoot. FPS gaming is widely played by a lot of people. Therefore when companies decide to make gadgets, such factors are constantly kept in mind.

The Corsair M65 is a great example of a gaming mouse made especially for first-person shooter gaming purposes. Corsair is a very famous brand for FPS gaming. Ever since it launched its first gaming mouse, it has developed a huge fan base.

The customers love their products and always come for more because of the good quality products that they offer. The Corsair M65 Elite was also specifically designed keeping the FPS gamers in mind. It has wonderful features and an amazing quality which ensures that you have a great time playing the game.

AdvantagesWonderful FeaturesWhy Use This Device?Software, a major drawback

A few of the advantages that come with purchasing this mouse is that it makes sure you target accurately. Moreover, the excellent speed and acceleration ensure that you would definitely win. Thus, this mouse should always be on your list.

There are a few things that you must always look for in a good gaming mouse. One of these is the dots per inch. A lower DPI causes the cursor to move and fly around a lot. This is not good while you are gaming because of the lack of control you have. Gaming is all about having good control over your character and that can only happen with the help of a good mouse. Thus it is important for a mouse to have a high DPI.

Although this is not essential in order to gain maximum control over the mouse and the cursor, it is advised to use a gadget with a higher DPI. Moreover, this would also increase your chances of winning. The Corsair M65 Elite comes with a DPI of 12000. This ensures a very smooth movement of the cursor and results in a thrilling game.

One interesting feature that is not present in other gaming mice is the sniper button. As the name suggests, just like the sniper this button ensures that you have a very precise and accurate game with the perfect targets. There are not a lot of products in the market with such features. Therefore, when you find one with all these unique features, you must immediately buy it.

In most cases, the sniper button is present without a real purpose. However, with the Corsair it is not like that. They have carefully designed this mouse in order to give each feature a specific purpose. Here, the sniper button diligently works to enhance your entire gaming experience. Now when you are sitting with your friends and decide to have a round of games, remember to keep this mouse handy. However, you must keep one thing in mind.

This mouse is not suitable for high paced games like CS-GO and Overwatch. If you use this mouse to play these games, you might find yourself facing some difficulties. On the other hand, however, the Corsair M65 Elite is the ideal gaming mouse for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. This is because of the more realistic elements and the fact that you have to comparatively aim slowly.

The best part about this mouse is the design feature. The minimalistic yet modern design is sure to capture the hearts of all hardcore gamers. It is made out of an aircraft-grade aluminum material. Such material is hardly ever used in making a gaming mouse. So this one automatically becomes super unique.

Aluminum is a very durable metal thus you do not have to worry about the wear and tear of your gadget. Be assured that it will last you for a long time. Moreover, this material ensures that your mouse it sturdy. In addition, the finish of the design is very smooth. You do not feel any rough edges against your palm and can use the mouse very smoothly.

There is one slight drawback though especially for those who prefer lightweight products. Since aluminum is a metal, thus, the mouse becomes quite heavy to use. It is often difficult to lift and control a heavyweight mouse. However, this is all based on your personal choice and what you like or dislike. So the heavy gadget may even be a great thing for some people.

Moreover, the mouse is designed in such a way to accommodate people with both a palm and a claw grip. The palm grip is the most common and probably the most comfortable out of all. In this style, your entire palm rests on the mouse. However, with a claw grip, you curl up your fingers in the shape of a claw. Thus, you must know what sort of grip you have in order to get the perfect gadget for yourself.

With the Corsair M65 Elite gaming mouse, it is preferred if you have a palm grip as it ensures more comfort. A claw grip can be a bit tiring for gamers who continue to play for long hours. This results in unwanted aches in the hand or wrist. Nobody wants that now, do they?

The lack of proper software could also be categorized as a drawback. However, it is not something major or anything to fuss over. The mouse works perfectly well as a plug-in for the gadget. Plugin mice are always beneficial since they are in direct contact with the PC and there are no distractions or disturbances this way. The direct contact ensures a fast response rate.

In order to fully knowledge about these gaming mice and what features they have to offer one must research in detail about each product. This also includes the pros and cons of each product. The cons must never disappoint you. After all, you will never truly know for yourself about how a gadget works until you have tried and tested it on your own. Let us now look at a few advantages and drawbacks that come with this specific gaming mouse.

  • Great designnSturdy structure due to aluminumnKey bindings are placed in excellent positionsnImpressive DPI
  • Quite heavynLack of softwarenNot suitable for fingertip gripnSome people may not like that this is a plug and play mouse

12. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury


For all the hardcore gamers out there it is completely necessary to have a Logitech mouse in your collection. With every new gadget that they have ever released, they have always outdone themselves. Thus there is no doubt about the continuous massive increase in their customers. They are an amazing brand and always give customers whatever they ask for.

The customers put their trust in this label to give them high-quality products and Logitech never brings them down. Thus if you still do not have the excellent Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury in your collection, you must immediately go and buy it. We assure you that it would be worth every dollar that you spend.

The features that it is equipped with are out of this world. There is nothing like this product that has ever been made before. It has an exceptionally fast speed. It is sometimes hard to comprehend that this is even real. But as we all know Logitech only serves the best things. The excellent acceleration feature is always there as a buck up to the speed.

The optical sensors present on a mouse allow it to have a great speed. This is something that you cannot even fathom. The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury comes with a whooping IPS of 500. This ensures the ultimate speed experience for any hardcore gamers. If you are new to this world and do not know what this means, the simplest way to explain the extent of its greatness is that it is totally out of this world.

Awesome FeaturesWhy This Device is Great?Customizable

The design of a product is one of the major features that one looks at before buying a product. The design of this mouse is also quite exceptional. It is made of extremely high-quality products to give you an amazing feel while using the mouse. The surface of the gadget is very smooth which feels good in your hands and you can play comfortably. The smooth material only adds to your comfort. You would not want a hard material to rub into your skin and provide discomfort.

Moreover, this product is quite lightweight. This enhances the speed with which you can play. Furthermore, if you want to lift the mouse during the game, you can easily do that. Being lightweight also ensures that you have maximum control over the mouse in order to guarantee your winning.

The efficient design feature is something that must be greatly admired. It has a round and curvy shape which is carefully designed and custom made to easily fit the shape of your palm. Thus this is an ideal mouse for players with a palm grip. It is important to know beforehand what sort of a grip you have and what you are most comfortable with. This way, when you are buying a gaming mouse for yourself, you can keep these little things in your mind which would guarantee comfort for you.

Even though features like a remarkable speed and great acceleration are highly important in a good mouse, but these characteristics are not everything. It is also important for an FPS gaming mouse to have a sniper button. This button proves to be very essential during games like Battlefield or Call of Duty.

The sniper button allows you to instantly change the speed from 4000 to 250 in a matter of mere seconds. However, even though this feature is ideal for some games, it cannot be used in every other game. An example of this is the Overwatch and CS-GO. This is because these are very fast-paced games and do not give you the leverage to slow down. Therefore, before buying a gaming mouse, it is important for you to look at all of its features and if it is compatible with the games you play.

Another great feature is the presence of software. Even though it does not make a huge difference, having a software can enhance a few features that the mouse has to offer. It has a Fusion Engine hybrid sensor which is a great feature to have in a gaming mouse. Furthermore, the tracking resolution is around 240 to 4000 DPI which only accelerates and enhances efficiency.

One of the great thing about the software is that it allows you to personalize it. It is hardly ever that you would be able to find a gadget with all of the features that you like. Sometimes, a gadget has both good and bad features. Sometimes, it is not equipped with a feature that you like. Thus in situations like these, you would really want to customize it. This personalization feature makes it very useful for all gamers.

You can now personalize everything according to your own needs and requirements. Who does not like customized things? We are quite sure that you do. Therefore, without much delay, you should go and buy this mouse for yourself and for your peers. We are sure that you will not be disappointed.

Like every other gaming mouse, The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury has both good and bad things. However, it can be said without a doubt that the good things overpower the bad ones. However, it is important for us to look at all aspects. Let us observe a few pros and cons of this product.

  • Highly user friendlynGreat performance and speednPerfect ergonomic design
  • Mouse wheel is not of excellent qualitynMay be too lightweight for some peoplenNot suitable for people with a fingertip grip

Games with FPS and Why FPS Games are Common?

Since Doom and Wolfenstein have introduced fps as a genre in the early ’90s, who are now the supreme forces of the gaming world, are known as the first person shooters or FPS for short. This genre gained its fame and reached its high point in the mainstream audience because of games like Goldeneye, Battlefield, and Tom Clancy’s rainbow six.

However, without Valve Corporation Counter-Strike 1.6 and Half-Life Opposing Force, the FPS games would not have accomplished to a great extent until this day.

These games were among other games that gained a lot of attention from the audience because they seemed competitive. With passing time, a lot of things have changed in FPS gaming and it now plays an essential and a big role in the E-sport scenario and other games like CS: GO and Overwatch. From beginners to professionals, everyone is obsessed with FPS games.

What things are kept in mind while figuring out which mouse fits you the best for your competitive and professional gaming life?

Here is what this article has highlighted for you to judge the specifications and features according to your desired need and taste.

The list given above has been listed after keen observation by the most powerful and highly rated FPS user entirely focusing on the mice available in the market. The best of the best were put up on this list. Adding on to this, this list is not formed in a chronological way because all the mice mentioned in this list are one of a kind and have their own pros and cons. They all seem unique in their own design and each one them seems to have their strengths as well as weaknesses. The performance on the other hand also varies with a huge variety present.

Nevertheless, even after defining and highlighting the features and specifications of all mice, the thing that matters the most is your very own preference. This listing is done so that you can find the most reliable and durable products under one umbrella making it easier for you to choose what suits you best.

While reviewing these products, the for major components that were focused upon were:

  • The product’s performance: to check how one mouse functions while carrying out a specific task is really essential for almost every product that is produced. Therefore, we often get to see that some mice seem to have really bad specifications but tend to perform better in comparison to the good specification mice. The real and actual performance of any gaming mice is an aspect that needs to be scrutinized properly.
  • The features or specifications: the speed and accuracy are outrageously essential when we look at the FPS games, hence, the clear-cut and confirmed specifications hold great importance while choosing.
  • Quality of the mice: when people are out in the market choosing the best suitable mouse for themselves, they definitely look at the price tag that helps them make their decision. They all relate the price with the quality to see whether the product is worth the cost it demands or not. When the quality is remarkable than at times, people do not much care about the price.
  • Monetary value associated with the mice: like every other person is associated with basic manners, every product is also associated with the basic monetary cost. A great deal of value is added to the money you have earned through your hard work.

Despite listing these factors, they are not the only essential basic things that are considered in a mouse but we will and have look at other factors too, such as, weaknesses and also the strengths that come along with them. So far, we have considered these four factors as the topmost technological observations concerning every pro gamer as well as regular users.

Testing a few other mice is also essential. Why?

A lot of other gaming mice products were also tested to see whether they speak up for themselves and should be added to the list. Luckily, we did find a few good ones but they were not up to the mark in comparison to these. These mice tested were specifically considered for testing if they are capable of being used by fps gamers. Unfortunately, these mice did not give good results as the 12 mice listed above.

UtechSmart UranusSteelSeries SenseiLogitech G403Corsair Glaive

A positive and enjoyable experience occurred after using a few mice from the Utech. After using them, I have been wondering as to why they have not yet made their name is the gaming market yet. The mice of Utech are all user-friendly, of high quality, creative and performance is also fantastic.

Moving from one of a kind mouse to another, we see that the SteelSeries has been the favorite of a lot of gaming people since forever and the reason for this is certainly obvious. Its effective design is introduced in the most simplistic manner, defines its outstanding performance. Despite that, it is not really used relatively much as other products of SteelSeries yet, it is worth giving a shot gaming mouse of this brand.

The performance of this mouse is fantastic. This mouse can be seen as a more focused one because for one, it does not pack itself with flashy features and high ended specifications. This mouse does not have 12 different dpi settings and customizable LEDs but rather comes as a very simple product. The inch-perfect precision is the greatest factor that every fps gamer will prefer over other features.

As we are finally talking about this product, I would really like to say that it is one of my best gaming mice and I simply love it! The only problem that we face here is that apart from Logitech, none other gaming companies have ever produced this much home runs so far.

Due to this reason, we sadly had to leave this product behind and could not add to our highly rated list. Like I have mentioned before, it is one of the best mice but it seems really inferior to other Logitech gaming products. When we compare the grip of this mouse to G502, we realize it is not that good and the performance is heavily lesser G Pro and G402. These mice are highly recommended in comparison to G403. Nevertheless, if you are a person who prefers looks over quality, then this mouse is a must yes.

On the other hand, we have Corsair which is known in the market for producing the ideal mechanical keyboards and wireless headsets. However, when it comes to producing mice, they are still struggling and trying their utmost best to beat the competitive market. Even when they have M65 which has proved itself as a marvelous mouse but not of the level of Zowie FK1 and Razer DeathAdder.


When choosing a mouse for fps, what specification should I consider the most?
When looking for an fps mouse, if you have any basic knowledge regarding the dpi and acceleration and how it works with a mouse then that is great. But if you fear that you do not have enough information, then you are likely to get the wrong mouse for yourself. Therefore, if you do not know much about DPI and acceleration then I would suggest you not to look for it on your own. Apart from this, it depends which kind of mouse you need; laser or optical mouse. Then you will have to list out the ones according to your own desire. Most professional FPS gamers favor optical over laser as it is known the ideal mouse for FPS gaming but then again, it totally depends on your selection criteria.
What kind of professional mice is used in CS:GO gaming?
There are, relatively, a really small amount of mice that are best known in the eSport FPS business. The most famous ones are the Logitech G502, SteelSeries Sensei, Razer DeathAdder and Zowie FK series. Each one of them is used by pro gamers.
Is the function of sniper button good enough for Overwatch?
Depends on which mice you really are thinking of because mostly mice in the market have an awful function of sniper button. Nevertheless, if you like to assume G402 and Corsair M65 to be good ones in this term then it might be useful for you. It becomes really hard to get used to it all of a sudden because as one goes from an excessively high to an exceedingly low dpi within a few seconds. But if you master this skill, then it becomes really easy to play around. You might have come across a few FPS gamers who move their mice like that of a wheel of tractor and this is because the snipe button is active to achieve preferably better precision.
Which games of the FPS are considered the best in eSports?
FPS games are very famous and have even made their name in eSports. So far, the biggest eSport game by FPS is CS-GO. Especially in terms of prize pool, there is still no game as competitive as this one. Other than these games, Overwatch, Call of Duty and Battlefield 1 are the most popular games. Overwatch might be able to compete CS-GO when it comes to player base but not yet with the prize pool.
During gaming, a specific mouse for fps will be prove to be at advantage over the opponents. Is this statement true?
The answer to this statement is a yes. In FPS gaming, it really gives an edge over the opposing team. Throughout the world, great acceleration, speed and precision are all required together for a good FPS game genre. This gives a clear guideline that an outstanding fps mouse should show good performance that will be of your advantage when playing a fps game. To play at the professional level, most of the fps gamers have the demand of these specifications in an fps mouse. As we all know very well, some things are specifically designed for a particular task.
What features do PC Gamers like in their mouse?
When it comes to selecting a gaming mouse, PC gamers tend to look for features that can enhance their gaming experience. This may include high DPI settings for increased sensitivity and accuracy, programmable buttons for quick and efficient actions within games, and an ergonomic design for comfort during extended gaming sessions. Many gaming mice also feature adjustable weights, customizable RGB lighting, and high polling rates to ensure smooth and accurate movement. Ultimately, the features that a PC gamer values most in a mouse will depend on their individual preferences and playstyle.

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