10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2024 – Ultimate Precision and Control

wireless gaming mouse

Regardless of the fact that you are a professional gamer or a workaholic using the computer for hours, updating the entire kit is an absolute necessity. The world is molding into a hub of technology and gadgets; therefore, every minute brings up a better an advanced gadget for you all.

Hence, while planning for updating your e-sports kit or the system, one can never overlook the significance of the best wireless mouse and keyboards

An absolute necessity our urge for an impeccable gaming mouse is leading us to come up with the fresh list of cellular e-sports devices that is worth every single penny you invest. Now, seeking for a bang on the gadget is quite fast, as you need to study some of the eminent factors to short down the list.

This process will help you opt for the best gaming mouse rightly justifying your need. So if you are a fresher and slightly unaware of the tit and tat of e-sports mice, then make sure you read the entire thing.

Looking for an excellent Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Wireless Gaming Mouse

The category of mobile e-sport device is for all the enthusiastic gamers indulging for the sake of a fun time with pals. These mice ensure a level next gaming experience with easy access to the keys, and swift speed making it worth every second of thrill.

The chipset in the wireless e-sports product helps in better performance and speed, compared to the stereotype mouse we all use in our daily life. If you are looking for lightest gaming mouse we have best collection for you.

An average gaming mouse has a battery that offers around 10 hours of nonstop thrill (obviously your approach of usage adds to the battery life).

Moreover, catering to the changing mood of the consumers, companies offer cellular mice with an attachable cord, plug it in, and you have your wired mouse ready to serve you with exceptional speed.

Since every gamer wants all the pluses he can possibly get to overpower the competitor; therefore, all the advanced e-sports kit companies feature supreme quality sensor in the mouse. Furthermore, with no compromise on comfort, they offer an ergonomic feature to sustain the minimum weight of the mouse. So guys, relish hours of untiring e-sports experience without that damn, my hand hurts!

The story makes no end here, the programmable keys, backlights, and a whole range of feature completely satisfy your urge for the state-of-the-art gaming mouse. Now without further ado, let us kick start our list of finest gaming mouse you should consider while shopping for the kit.

Review of Wireless Gaming Mice for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

1. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

When we discuss the choicest e-sports product, the brand Logitech is continuously at the peak of the heap. The label has an extraordinary range of gaming mice for the e-sprits freak, so we though beginning our list with Logitech G602 will be a nice idea.

I have experienced various devices, and trust me by far; this is one of the elite gaming mice. People who have a reasonable budget and soliciting for an excellent e-sports mouse should buy G602, as it is meriting every penny you invest.

A sound blend of endless battery life and a bunch of cool features, this one-time investment is worth giving a shot. Logitech understands that gaming sessions frequently get considerably long; therefore, the brand offers 1440 hours of e-sports for the nonstop thrill. Moreover, the Delta-Zero technology sensors does not let you miss a single beat.]

Besides you can feel free to pick from the two super impressive functionality; endurance or performance. So feel free to opt between extreme performances (although it consumes more battery for an outstanding gaming experience) long-lasting functionality. Furthermore, the G602 e-sports mouse has a 2.4 GHz connection along with 2 milliseconds rate for the report.

The mouse uses the full bandwidth of its USB nano-receiver, to defeat the enemy without missing a single strike. Even though the mouse has a range of features, but the appearance a lot; therefore, G602 has brightening LED light to give simple lighting at the time of requirement.

To cut the long story short; Logitech G602 is the perfect device you can get for the e-sports kt. Now let’s take at looks at the pros and cons.

  • Being a cellular makes it easy to usenThe mouse is durable and promises a long battery life to unstoppable thrillnState of the art sensors caters to the needs of modern timesnTwelve buttons empower you to tailor it according to your need. nThe super comfortable mouse does not let you feel tired. 
  • The mouse is somehow heavy nIt lacks macro key nThe mouse does not offer wired option 

2. SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

The second product in the list is yet again by a famous label, and the list of loyal buyers is a sheer proof of this mouse holds the second position in our list. Even though this Steel Series Sensei Wireless gaming mouse is slightly costly compared to the previous one, but the product offers a range of features in return.

So if you can afford one, get your hands on this beauty jam-packed with features, and excellent design. To get down to the features, the mouse ensures top-notch polling rate of 1000 Hz for approximately 1-millisecond response rate. Hence, feel the experience of endless shooting, not letting any lag stop you from combating the opponent.

Moreover, none can beat the Steel Series in terms of comfort and unbeatable usage. To elite it all, the brand features 2.4GHz mobile connection for bulk information transfer at minimal latency. The elite e-sports mouse is the talk of the town for its 30 million clicks feature with no effect of the functionality, isn’t it cool?

Besides the steel accents encircling the wheel and base adds to the quality it promises. Steel series wireless mouse has Pixart ADNS 9800 laser sensor which empowers CPI to boost to the level of 8200. Though the mouse is quite typical in terms of appearance compared to the previous one; however, it features makes it outshine and an absolute necessity for the gaming freaks.

  • Every feature is flexible enough to mold according to your neednOptions of both wired and mobile mousenAmbidextrous design for all sorts of usersn8 functional buttonsnAmendable 8200 DPI sensornA programmable key along with battery saving mode
  • Small mouse for people with big handsnThe battery makes it slightly heavynToo costly for a reasonable buyernBattery connection is slow.

3. Razer Mamba Chroma Gaming Mouse

Razer Mamba Chroma Gaming Mouse

This beautiful looking e-sports mouse is among the most celebrated gaming mice, kudos to the hardworking designers for coming up with the state of the art product, which is a visual delight as well. The on-point 5G laser sensor of 16,000 DPI, rendering 0.1-millimetre accuracy makes this e-sports mouse for all the gamers indulging in action games.

However, these features make this gaming mouse fall between reasonable to high price. Moreover, the player gets the liberty to swap among the diverse level of force for actuation leading to the customization of response for ticks.

You can make it high for sniping, and even low for rapid firing for a customized experience (all you have to do is the team it up with the system’s existing sensitivity level.) Razer owns the record of some noteworthy device for the ultimate user comfort; hence, this one offers functionality as both wired and a wire gaming mouse. Here is another best gaming mouse under 100 collection for those pc gamers who are looking for accuracy in gaming.

So you can sit right up on the system by attaching the cord or lie down on the sofa and relish the excitement with no compromise on speed and performance, WHOA, sounds fun!

Now, in addition to the range of features, the mouse comes up 9 Programmable keys along with moderate sensitivity adjustment.

A charging dock (ensuring whooping 20 hours battery life,) and lights for the pleasing and thrilling e-sports effect, this gaming mouse is a reliable pick of various e-sports addicts. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • Completely personalizable buttonsnErgonomic design ensures comfort for all gripping stylesnImpactful 16,000 CPI sensor for tracking on any surfacenThe illuminating light empowers you to play with fun combinations according to your mood
  • Slightly costly

4. Logitech G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse

You must be thinking that Logitech was first on the list, and here, it is back again, but the impeccable features and affordable price compels me to add another product by the same brand. This time its Logitech G900, the dream mouse of many e-sports players.

Are you seeking for some thrilling speed for the thrill not to stop, Logitech G900 is surely your thing, as the mouse renders 1-millisecond response rate through is marvellous 2.4 GHz connectivity. So let the competition begin, and I’m sure none can combat you.

Moreover, following the word of mouth PMW3366 optical sensor is the elite optical sensor till date, is a part of this excellent gaming mouse, and it is an obvious proof of this mouse being the best.

This sensor helps in refraining from any filtering; smoothing or acceleration over the comprehensive DPI falling between 200 to 12.000 (hence guarantees preciseness for tracking and ongoing feedback for all speeds.)

Besides, Logitech never compromises on the comfort of its customer; therefore, every e-sport mouse by the label is a complete package. Now, hours longs e-sports session is quite normal for the e-sports addict. The close fight and action do not let u feel the hours you spend.

Therefore, a lightweight mouse is an absolute necessity so that you do not feel tired. The Logitech G900 outshines because it is merely 107 grams heavy, super comfortable for long gaming sessions. 

Furthermore, you can personalize the button layout according to your wish.  Another feature that makes is product fit for all is the ambidextrous design, which means that both lefties and right-handed people can relish the memorable experience of the super comfy mouse.

If you can endure, get your hands over the marvelous Logitech G900 e-sports mouse. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • Works as both wired and wireless gaming mousenThe appealing design and excellent performancenExceptional sensornComfy ambidextrous designnThe super light mouse has a long battery lifenAll the feature a mobile mouse should have
  • The mouse has an inclination towards MMO playersnLacks the charging docknThe side buttons are uncomfortable

5. TeckNet RAPTOR Prime Gaming Mouse

TeckNet RAPTOR Prime Gaming Mouse

You must be considering that all the mice until now are loaded with features, but somewhat pricey right? For people with a stable budget, we have the TechNet RAPTOR Prime in the list. One of the cheapest gadgets it is swift and accurate. Besides the eye-catching features and artistic design, the e-sports mouse also transcend in features that enforce you to buy this amazing betting mouse.

First and foremost; the mouse offers 2.4 GHz cellular connectivity to render flawless response rate. Moreover, in comparison to the price, the mouse offers 4000 DPI, which is pretty impressive! Though the mouse has everything one can likely seek for, the ‘tru-weave technology’ is a characteristic worth mentioning.

It empowers you to get a maximum grip on the mouse with no distinction of the surface now this is what I call technology at its best. Furthermore, the ‘co-link technology’ and RAPTOR prime are interlinked.

This renders pairing to work exceptionally well upon reusing after shutting down or in case of a signal drop. Hence if you are seeking for a solution to mouse cutting out while you are about to win the battle, this safety measure is especially for you.

The story makes no end here; the TechNet RAPTOR Prime betting mouse provides liberty to modify the cursor speed according to your wish. Furthermore, auto power off button helps you save the battery and increase its duration, while the battery indicator keeps a real-time check of how much hours of the game you can enjoy.

If you can, spend some bucks and make it a wired mouse through connecting a cord, while the wireless mouse choice is always there. However, in any case, you are at profit as this excellent e-sports mouse at an affordable price is a deal worth investing. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • Automatic turn off ability while on the standby mode for a long timenSmooth functioning with precisionnThe 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity offers accuracy and speednPocket-friendly gaming mouse for a reasonable buyer
  • A few of the setting can be off pullingnLacks ambidextrous designnLacks side buttons

6. E-Blue Mazer 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

E-Blue Mazer 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Next on the list is another e-sports mouse, which is a complete package of everything one could ask. The hot seller gaming mouse is a sheer delight for the gamers due to the state of the art features the product holds. The extraordinary ergonomic design, bright LED, a comfortable rubber wheel to scroll, and amazing DPI ranging between, 500 to 2500 is customizable.

Besides the Avago 5090, e-sports chipset is a package of speedy response rate, reasonable performance, and unbeatable performance while the back to back clicks during a gaming session. E-Blue Mazer 2 offers these features at an affordable price, yes you heard me right, and it’s true. The product strictly caters to buyers who are into the e-sports world but struggling with a limited budget.

Now, you can get all the features of an expert gaming mouse without a dent in your pocket. To dig down deep into the features, allow me to start with connectivity. The excellent e-sports mouse offers 2.4 GHz cellular connectivity which by far majority of mice is offering.

However, the solid response time acts as a game changer for you. The super high 3000 per second response rate allows utmost accuracy in the tracking level.

Furthermore, the 250 Hz polling rate assists with no delay accompanied by the 20 G acceleration rate, WHOA, impressive! The package of features, this mouse is capable of capturing signals from the distance of 30 meters because……it’s nice to have some additional features.

Elegant design, it is surely one of the first eat option in terms of utility at affordable price. Now, the ball is in your court, make your pick regarding affordability against pushing the envelope a bit further and spending some extra money. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • Affordable pricenSuper impressive 250 Hz frequencynSpeedy and effortless feedback timenThe impeccable 1-millisecond response rate
  • Lacks ergonomic design for a comfortable grip style

7. Razer Naga Epic Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Epic Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse

When we talk about outstanding gaming mice, none can match up the supreme quality and creativity of Razer. The label is a shining star in the world of e-sports mouse and each product by the brand is a sheer proof of innovation at affordability. Therefore, it was obvious for us to add a e-sports mouse by Razer to add to our list.

The Razer Naga Epic is the supreme gaming mouse the market is offering. The mouse has whopping 17 buttons, yes you heard me right! 17 buttons are preferably MMO supporting. Moreover, you are free to use it as wired or a wireless mouse depending upon your need.

So get ready for a memorable e-sports experience, but before you jump towards a conclusion, allow me to list down the features of this remarkable product.

The Tazer e-sports mouse shows up with three panels, interchangeable to personalize according to your need. Furthermore, the ergonomic design and a dock for charging add to the pluses of this one. The famous synapse 2.0 is part of this remarkable gadget along with the bulk of features for the e-sport addicts like me.

Now, the exciting part is that if you are able to endure, pay a few extra bucks and get around 16 million bright color lights. Wait there’s more; you can also get 1000 Hz ultra-polling along with 1-millisecond response rate so that there is no interruption between you and the thrill.

The perfect state of the art gadget renders 12 hours of gaming with no break, while 72 hours of regular usage in one go, so what are you waiting for, get your hands over this one at this instant. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • It offers guarantees zero lagsnEffortless with massive frequency serves like icing on the caken1000 Hz renders smooth gaming experiencenLong battery lifen17 Programmable buttonsnThe buttons are customizable
  • The mouse is slightly costlynNot so impressive DPI rangenGrip style is not fit for people with small hands

8. Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse

Unique shape and number of buttons, there are two ways about the fact that it is not a robot but a gadget. It is unfair to miss this one in today’s list of best gaming mice. There are two reasons backing my decision of adding this one in the list, one is due to the unique ship style shape, and other is the urge of finding out if this thing can match up to our expectations.

Even though the look is quite fascinating, but let us get down to the business, and talk about features. First and foremost, it offers a 1-millisecond feedback rate to lessen the time lag to null. Furthermore, the Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 e-sports mouse has 2.4 GHz cellular connectivity along with the ultimate light aluminium frame for durability.

The ergonomic design does not let you get tired even after that night of e-sport competition with émigos. Now, even though every brand has an out of the box name for their sensor; thus, this mobile mouse has state of the art “twin-eye laser sensor”.

Now, you must be wondering what makes twin-eye laser sensor standout? Allow me to help it empowers you the twin eye laser sensor settle each axis, and monitor them through the massive speed of 6 meters/second through genuine preciseness.

Moreover, this mobile gadget shows up with a wireless reliever cum rechargeable dock. The story makes no end here; the mouse has programmable software that enables you to modify the preciseness according to your will.

If you are fed up of the typical cellular gaming out there, grab something unique, and ran this one at this instant. Moreover, you can also modify the colors as per your wish. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • Ergonomic design for every grip stylenThe outstanding features offer accuracy and precisenessnNot so expensive
  • Not so durable

9. Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

Trust me, I have experience of tons of gaming mice, and none was able to match up the supreme quality and flexible price of a Razer product. None of the companies can match up Razer in terms of state of the art gaming mice. Hence I could not stop myself from adding a Razer e-sports mouse in our list.

The product has almost every feature one can wish for an impeccable gaming experience. To list down the features, the Razer mouse has an ergonomic design and super sleek armrest for a comfortable gaming voyage.

Furthermore, it’s 4 interchangeable side panels accompanied by modern configuration through the unusual 4G laser sensor of 8200 DPI.

The accuracy and super quick response time are the key features that make this mouse hold a position in our list kudos to the 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. The ability to calibrate at any surface is the trump card of this mouse.

Hence it would not be unfair to state that Ouroboros mouse is your perfect travel companion ensuring unbeatable performance at almost surface. Tracking is an absolute must-have for every product in today’s world.

Living up to the expectations, this one has a tracking feature that you can modify upon cutting-off and lifting so that you enjoy utmost control over the game. So guys if you are planning a game night with friends, this one is a right fit, as it offers 12 hours ongoing gaming experience in a single charge.

Furthermore, you can also use it as a wired mouse by attaching the cable. Regardless of the fact that you are a leftie, seeking for something specific or find other mice expensive, there are millions of reasons to love the Razer Ouroboros. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • 4 mobile connectivity renders immediate feedbacknA perfect mouse for both online and offline sports playersnAn excellent product for professional playersnAmbidextrous designnAffordablenNo need for a mouse pad
  • Restricted features

10. E-Blue Cobra Gaming LED Mouse

E-Blue Cobra Gaming LED Mouse

If you think you had enough wait for the final card of today’s game. The brand E-Blue is shining yet again with the Cobra mouse. Its typical appearance and list of features left no question unanswered why this one should not be a part of my list.

Firstly, a piece of great news for the readers finding affordable mouse if that this one is the least costly mouse with an ongoing list of features to satisfy your urge of a professional gadget.

The switch for ultra-fast response and UV covering for a smooth feel during usage adds to the pros of this mouse. Now if you have a fondness towards different games, we have another reason for you to buy one. It has 4 amendable DPI to modify the speed and responsiveness according to the nature of the game and your need.

The forward and reverse key along with micro switch promises accuracy to the maximum. Finally, this light mouse ensures an unforgettable e-sports adventure at a price entirely within your means. Simple features with nothing fancy doesn’t it replicate the needs of an average player. Time to have a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons.

  • Appealing design and shape is love at first sightnFlexible upgrading accessing to your neednThe ergonomic design makes it fit for allnA smooth cyber sports gadget for a comfortable experiencenLess expensive
  • Slightly heavy

To put an end, this list is according to my personal experience and preferences. The ball is in your court now, making up your mind after analyzing your budget and need, and let the excitement begin.


The main reason to choose a wireless mouse over a wired mouse is the freedom of movement it provides. With a wireless mouse, there are no cables or cords to get in the way, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use. This can be especially useful for those who need to use their mouse in different positions or locations. Additionally, wireless mice often come with advanced features such as customizable buttons and programmable software, making them a popular choice for gamers and professionals who need precise control and customization options. However, wireless mice typically require batteries or charging, and can be more expensive than wired mice.

Do pro gamers use wireless gaming mice?

Yes, many pro gamers do use wireless gaming mice. In recent years, wireless gaming mice have become more reliable and offer similar performance to wired gaming mice. Some wireless gaming mice also offer low latency and high polling rates, which are important for competitive gaming. Additionally, wireless gaming mice offer greater freedom of movement and can help reduce cable clutter on a gamer’s desk. However, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the gamer.

How does a wireless mouse connect to my PC?

A wireless mouse typically connects to a PC using a small USB receiver that plugs into a USB port on the computer. The receiver communicates wirelessly with the mouse using radio frequency (RF) or Bluetooth technology.

To connect the wireless mouse to your PC, you typically need to insert the receiver into a USB port and turn on the mouse. The mouse and receiver will then automatically establish a connection, and the mouse will start working. Some wireless mice may require you to press a button on the receiver or the mouse itself to establish a connection.

How does a wireless mouse connect to my PC?

A wireless mouse can connect to your PC in one of two ways: through Bluetooth technology or through a USB receiver.

If your computer has Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect your wireless mouse directly to your computer using Bluetooth. To do this, simply turn on your mouse and put it into pairing mode. Then, on your computer, go to the Bluetooth settings and look for the mouse in the list of available devices. Once you select the mouse, the pairing process should begin automatically.

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