13 Best PS4 Compatible Keyboards 2024 – Level Up Your Gaming

Unlock Your PS4's Full Potential with These Compatible Keyboards

PlayStation has huge audience who love them so much and find them in best of the manner for gaming and put them even in comparison with Personal Computers for a couple of reasons. This large amount of audience makes the PS to give best of the products and add to the features of their gaming gadgets.

Back in the 90s when the PS was introduced, the concept was to game on the console by using traditional gaming remotes only. But with increase in the gaming competition and with development in technology, PS also started to provide many features and improved gadgets that can improve your well-being and that include DualShock controllers, net browsing, keyboards, mouse, etc.

There are a number of manufacturers who are making different types of gaming keyboards which specifically can be used for PS4 and are enriched with many updated features like colors, keyboard keys, backlight, comfort for use and many more.

But there are some features on basis of which a PS4 compatible keyboard can be judged as the best as compared to others and in the category below; we tried to cover some of the best picks for being sold in the gaming community and the reviews of the users. There is a bit of description with every product in the list including pros and cons of them. Pros and cons are figured out by our specialist teams and reviews of the users.

So if you are new to gaming community and want to get the right return for your money, or you are one of the parent who want to but the gaming keyboard compatible with PS4 for their younger ones so you must have a detailed look on the category as we tried to add the best pick depending upon the use of the particular products and the features which makes them outstanding among others. Also there are pros and cons in the end of every product.

Top PS4 Keyboard Options for Enhanced Gaming Experience

In the list of best keyboards, we only included wired keyboards to help the viewers to identify the best one for their choice and wired keyboards are proven to be better in terms of performance because they are more efficient and faster to use.

1. EagleTec KG011 – Mehanical Keyboard

EagleTec KG011 – Mehanical Keyboard

We will like to start our list for the best PS4 compatible keyboards with one and only EagleTec KG011 which is well known for the material used in it. While playing games there are many moments which enrage us a lot and it is said to be one of the most common habit the gamers have.

God forbid if such type of moment came when we have an expensive gadget in hand, it can results in a big loss. To overcome this loss, EagleTec KG011 is the best choice for them because it is made with high grade aluminum and has been engineered to endure a lot of beating with features such as plate-mounted keys that separate keys from the electrical parts better.

The switches are designed to compete the quality of Cherry Blue Switches having the same features as them which are being audible and tactile. This keyboard comes with color choices of black and white with both colors available blue or rainbow and also comes with no backlight at all.

  • DesignnAluminum body for durabilitynColor options in keyboard and backlightnMechanicalnAffordable nEasy to cleannKeys can be easily pulled out
  • Keys are too loudnLow quality of LEDs usednUsers reported that after some use the backlight started dimming

2. MechanicalEagle Z-77 – Numpad-Less

MechanicalEagle Z-77 – Numpad-Less

It is the first numpad-less keyboard in our list which makes it outstanding among the series. This feature makes the keyboard more compact especially for those users who like to use consoles in their living room and want the gadgets to cover as less space as it is possible.

The keyboard as Outemu and Goate blue, replaceable switches which functions in the same way as Cherry MX blue ones. Outemu switches can be considered Cherry knock-offs but they still work just as well and some people even prefer them over the more expensive ones, same with Gaote.

But still there are people out there who are addicted with the Cherry switches and do not want to try anything else. The good news for them is, the keys can be replaced with Cherry switches and works efficiently.

MechanicalEagle Z-77 comes with a color option of black with no backlight, white with white backlight and also comes with a option of multicolor backlight which gives you option to choose between attractive colors with nine backlight modes.

So it is said to be a replacement for RGB keyboard. Talking about the RGB keyboards, MechanicalEagle also comes with a model called Z-88 having a numpad and RGB backlight.

Z-77 is built with one of the best material even the company provides 1 year of warranty and 30 days refund policy.

  • Nice lighting effectnAudiblenGood materialnAttractive designnReplaceable keysn1 year warranty and 30 days refund policynNo numpadnCompactable
  • Users reported it to have bad tendency to bounce lettersnSome users reported that after sometime, keyboard started missing buttons.

3. Corsair STRAFE – For PC and Console

Corsair STRAFE – For PC and Console

Corsair is said to be one of the best manufacturer for providing best gaming gadgets and their keyboards are among the master pieces if you see any list for the best gaming keyboards either for PC or for Console.

STRAFE is one of the best keyboards out there and it comes in RGB or red LED. It comes with option of red, brown or blue cherry switches which can attract a lot of audience because if can fit anyone’s taste either gamers or non gaming users. This keyboard also has a USB 2.0 port to connect other useful devices with PS4 which can save the USB port in the Console for other important gadgets.

The main feature which makes the STRAFE outstanding among others is the Corsair Utility Engine which allows access to fully customize the keyboard as per user’s needs, usage and control the lighting in RGB models.

It is also one of the very first keyboards to feature Cherry MX silent red switches. This feature makes the key press silent with almost no noise at all which is very important for some users to which key press sound irritates.

  • Choices of brown, blue and red switchesnHave USB 2.0 portnThe first keyboard to feature Cherry MX silent red switchesnAttractive designnGood feel of key press
  • Expensive

4. Razer BlackWidow – Razer Green Switches

Razer BlackWidow – Razer Green Switches

Whenever you will make a list of the best keyboards as gaming gadgets, you have to include Razer’s products in the list. BlackWidow is said to be the newest addition in the series of the keyboard but it is also one of the most famous gaming keyboard for its good reviews backing up the quality.

This keyboard features Razer green switches, which functions same as the blue switches but it is a fact that the performance in much improved in terms of quicker response for better gaming experience.

Razer BlackWidow features a Razer Chroma Technology which allows the full control of the keyboard and enables better customization for RGB backlight. Razer is so confident about the quality of the keyboard that they provide 2 year warranty for all technical errors which possibly can be seen in any cheaper gaming keyboard.

  • Good quality materialnRazer Chroma TechnologynRazer green switchesnFaster key press responsen2 years warrantynAffordable or can be said right return to the money spent
  • Buttons start to stuck after rough usenUsers reported the issues with backlight like colors go blank sometimes after rebootnNo clear installation instructions in the packaging

5. Rosewill RK – Blue LED or RGB Lighting

Rosewill RK – Blue LED or RGB Lighting

Rosewill RK is a type of simple keyboard which is especially for those who like to keep their gadgets simple, decent and those who avoid fancy things.

This keyboard has a simple look with options to choose between blue and brown switches, whether with Blue LED or RGB lighting, or with light or with no lighting at all which gives you a lot of choices and hence attracts a large number of audience out there. It also has lighting-less version with Cherry red switches.

Regardless for being a bit pricey, it is perfect for those who want to keep their gadgets simple.

  • SimplenDecent designnGives choices to choose between Blue LED or RGB lighting
  • A bit priceynUsers have reported a common issue of USB connectivitynIt loose connectivity after rough uses for longer periods of time

6. Razer Ornata – Membrane Switch Design

Razer Ornata – Membrane Switch Design

It is another addition of Razer product in our list for the best and most compatible keyboards for PS4. The reason for including one more product of Razer is their unique Mecha Membrane switch design.

This technology combines tactile and durable qualities of mechanical switches with the softness of a membrane switch, making it an outstanding product among the category. Ornata may cause a huge difference in performance for professional gamers, casual or new gamers could find this to be a very good introduction to the hardcore gaming world.

The keyboard allows users to choose between RGB and green backlight with an armrest.

  • Mecha Membrane switch designnSoftness of the keysnTactile and durable quality of mechanical switchesnAffordablenGood for professional or hardcore gaming
  • Lack of discrete media volume control keysnA bit too much of the light between buttons

7. Roccat Sova Lapboard – Membrane Switches

Roccat Sova Lapboard – Membrane Switches

It is right to say that it is very difficult to choose the best keyboard within the same category with having almost same features. But Roccat Sova Lapboard is said to be among the best of them because it is kind of your own handy platter which you can put in your lap and enjoy the gaming experience on PS4. It also features 2 USB 2.0 ports which allow you to connect additional devices when needed.

This lapboard features replaceable wrist rests, lap cushions and mouse pad, a bungee for your mouse. Also the keyboard has membrane switches. Sova have TTC brown switches which are almost equivalent to Cherry MX brown which have feature of backlit customizable blue LEDs.

Apart from being the membrane switches as one of the best features it also is cost effective because membrane switches have very short life span and it can cost as twice as any other simple gaming keyboard.

The only drawback of this lapboard is its price which is too much if you compare the amount of money any average person spends upon the gaming gadgets and keyboards. But if you count its features like option to add 2 more devices by using USB ports and the lapboard which allows enough space to use the mouse as well, it is truly worth it.

  • Attractive designn2 USB 2.0 Universal portsnHandy platternReplaceable wrist rests, lap cushions and mouse padnTTC brown switches
  • A bit priceynUsers reported that after using for a while PC stop recognizing the units attachednButton lighting is weak even on highest settingsnPoor documentationsnUsers also reported the issue for connection cable

8. Redragon K552 Kumara – RGB Backlighting

Redragon K552 Kumara – RGB Backlighting

It is another addition for numpad less keyboard in our list and it is also one of the cheapest gaming keyboards for the features this keyboard is enriched with. It is a compact keyboard which is best for those who like to keep their gadgets by using the least space.

It is said that, not only the most expensive are the best gadgets even some cheaper gadgets have some outstanding features and Redragon K552 Kumara makes us to believe in that. It also comes with choices of red, RGB, rainbow or even no backlighting.

A notable feature is its custom switches, which are said to be equivalent to the Cherry MX green switches. It means that they are functionally the same as the blue switches for being tactile and audible. But also on the other hand the keys are hard to press which is almost twice as much as red switches.

This is said to be a drawback of the Kumara because it stops you from having longer gaming sessions because if you need more energy to press buttons it can cause muscle fatigue and also it cannot be used for professional gaming.

  • Cheapest in the listnNumpad less keyboardnCompactnChoices of Red, RGB and rainbownAlso have a model of no backlight keyboard for interested usersnCustom switches equivalent to Cherry MC green switchesnAudible keypressnMechanical switches
  • Not very high quality of material used to build the keyboardnNeed more push than usual to press the keysnUsers reported that these keyboards have shorter lifespannLack instant clicking feature

9. Corsair Vengeance K65 – Best Switches for Gaming

Corsair Vengeance K65 – Best Switches for Gaming

It is the last entry for our list of the best and most compatible keyboards for PS4 and we have chosen Corsair Vengeance K65 for their design and quality of the material used. It is very compact keyboard which can be said as a best and most compact keyboard to be used with PS4.

It is made up of aluminum making it a bit sturdier than other keyboards, having shorter and much thinner design than casual gaming keyboards. It features Cherry MX red switches which add even more value to the keyboard which are proven to stand the test of time and said to be the best switches for gaming out there.

One more feature of this keyboard is the price factor. It is cheaper in price for the features it is enriched with (being a red switch keyboard). Also, if durability and size of the keyboard are the most focused factors, then this keyboard is the best pick for you.

  • CompactnGreat designnAffordablenOne of the cheapest red switch keyboardnFeatures Cherry MX red switchesnDurablenLonger lifespannGreat size
  • Users reported that the keyboard hangs sometime and button gets stuck until you plug out the connectionnWrist rest tabs are not made with best of the qualitynRepeating key issuesnSometimes the corsair iCUE software causes system performance issues.
What defines a good PS4 keyboard?

The main characteristics which makes a keyboard best in the category are the amount of comfort they are providing to the user and the quality of the material being used to manufacture those keyboards. Most of the picks are from mechanical keyboards because it is being said that mechanical keyboards are way more responsive in nature and have a better life i.e. it lasts up to five times more than non mechanical keyboards.

One more feature which makes these keyboards outstanding among the category of PS4 compatible keyboards in anti-ghosting feature. This feature ensures that whenever a keyboard encounters multiple key presses each of the key press is registered and system responds accordingly.

For example, during competitive gaming when someone wants to jump while running he will simply tap the jump key while pressing the run key and the system will respond effectively and timely performing the jump feature while running and other features like these as well.

The downside is that anti-ghosting can be done in different ways, many of which are lazier than others but at the same time running into certain combinations that an anti-ghosting keyboard doesn’t cover is pretty low. All keyboards on our list feature some form of anti-ghosting.

Keyboard key switches

We have focused more on the mechanical keyboards and tried to mention that why they are more preferable as compared to any other keyboard for PS. Mechanical keyboards are enriched with a feature of key switches which are usually same in all of the mechanical keyboards and to be used for different purposes in a game. It will be not wrong to say that most of the popular mechanical gaming keyboards for PS are manufactured by Cherry MX because they have a specific color code that says:

Blue switches are most popular among typists because of a couple of features it have. It basically have a spring mechanism which allows the user to realize with the bump of the press whether the button is pressed completely or not which is usually not present in many cheaper keyboards. The other feature is it requires an average strength for pressing button but the button pressing is audible which is a pretty attractive for the typist out there.

Red switches are well known gaming keyboards and being loved by the gamers because the press of its buttons in inaudible and don’t make a noise when the button is pressed and do not require less force to press. Also, the buttons do not provide any feedback which is a pretty good feature for competitive gamers because it is easy and faster to use.

Brown switches are said to be in the middle ground of red and blue switches because they require more force than red but less than blue to press the button. It does not make such noise like blue but it does gives a feedback and let the user know when the button is pressed. Also the pressing is bit slower as compared to red switches.

If you compare these three options one thing is clear that red is the best choice for gaming purpose on PS. However both blue and brown are just fine for gaming purpose because only perfectionists can distinguish the different between both while using.

Keyboard key lighting

One more feature which attracts all of the gamers out there is the lighting feature which we can see in many keyboards out there. It may be irritating for some users but others might prefer keyboards like that. It is all about adding the right color of lights in the keyboard with right buttons or in the right pattern. Some keyboards are among the outstanding choices with rainbow color scheme but some have more complex lighting patterns.

PGB (Red, Green and Blue) keyboards have LED lights of all three colors which can also be customized as per user’s choice as it fits your style by using a software which comes with the keyboard.

Razer’s Chroma lighting is similar to RGB just it comes with more customization options software. So, people out there who are allergic to colorful gadget don’t worry because it does have a feature to customize the color scheme as per choice.

PS4 keyboard Summary

In the list, we tried to choose the most known and the best gaming keyboards which are compatible with PS4. The best middle-ground choice would be Corsair’s STRAFE keyboard, considering the average price for undeniable quality, with Vengeance K65 not falling far behind considering its compact design. If you’re looking for a budget keyboard, either Redragon Kumara or EagleTec KG010 would be good picks, depending on your needs for lighting and a numpad. 

If cost doesn’t matter to you, the Roccat Sova lapboard would be the most fitting product for PS4 gaming, considering how comfortable it is to use on a couch. But before picking up any gadget, you should see what are the needs which you want to cover and what are the factors which affect the most. By this method you will be able to choose the best return for the money you will spend on the keyboard.

So! Have a detailed look on the keyboards and their features and choose the best one for you.

What To Look For

What To Look For When Choosing - Top PS4 Keyboard Options for Enhanced Gaming Experience

If you’re a gamer looking to improve your PS4 gaming experience, a keyboard can be a great addition to your setup. However, not all keyboards are created equal. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the best PS4 compatible keyboard:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the keyboard you’re interested in is compatible with the PS4. Some keyboards require additional software or drivers to function properly with the PS4.
  2. Type of Keyboard: There are two main types of keyboards: membrane and mechanical. Membrane keyboards are quieter and less expensive, while mechanical keyboards have a more tactile feel and are generally more durable.
  3. Switches: If you opt for a mechanical keyboard, consider the type of switches it uses. Cherry MX switches are some of the most popular and come in different types, including Red, Blue, and Brown.
  4. Key Rollover: Look for a keyboard with anti-ghosting or key rollover technology. This allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously without any input lag or missed keystrokes.
  5. Design: Consider the keyboard’s design and layout. Do you prefer a full-sized keyboard or a compact one? Do you want customizable RGB lighting or a more basic design?
  6. Additional Features: Some keyboards come with additional features like media keys, programmable keys, or even a built-in touchpad. Consider what additional features you need or want in a keyboard.
  7. Brand and Price: Look for a reputable brand and compare prices from different sellers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.


FAQs - Top PS4 Keyboard Options for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Can any keyboard work with the PS4?

Not all keyboards are compatible with the PS4. To ensure compatibility, look for a keyboard that explicitly states it is compatible with the PS4.

Do I need a keyboard for my PS4?

While a keyboard isn’t necessary for basic PS4 use, it can be beneficial for typing messages, navigating menus, and playing certain games that require keyboard input.

Can I use a wireless keyboard with my PS4?

Yes, you can use a wireless keyboard with your PS4. However, you may need to connect it via USB to set it up initially.

What is the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards? Mechanical keyboards have individual switches under each key, providing a tactile feel and longer lifespan. Membrane keyboards use a single rubber membrane to register keystrokes and are generally quieter and less expensive.

What are Cherry MX switches?

Cherry MX switches are a type of mechanical switch commonly used in keyboards. They come in different types, including Red, Blue, and Brown, each with a different feel and sound.

Can I customize the lighting on my PS4-compatible keyboard?

Many PS4-compatible keyboards come with customizable RGB lighting that can be controlled through software or dedicated keys on the keyboard itself.

Do I need to install any software or drivers to use a PS4 compatible keyboard?

Some keyboards may require additional software or drivers to function properly with the PS4. Check the manufacturer’s website for compatibility and installation instructions.

Can I use a PS4-compatible keyboard with other devices, such as my computer?

Yes, most PS4 compatible keyboards are also compatible with other devices, including computers and gaming consoles.

How do I connect my PS4-compatible keyboard to my console?

You can connect your keyboard to your PS4 using a USB cable or Bluetooth, depending on the keyboard’s connectivity options. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific details.

Can a PS4-compatible keyboard give me an advantage in gaming?

A keyboard can offer advantages in certain games that require quick input or typing. However, it ultimately depends on the game and the player’s skill level.


In conclusion, a keyboard can be a useful addition to your PS4 gaming setup, providing faster typing, efficient menu navigation, and an advantage in certain games. When choosing a PS4 compatible keyboard, consider factors such as compatibility, keyboard type, switches, key rollover, design, additional features, brand, and price.

Reviewing some of the best PS4 compatible keyboards available can help you make an informed decision. Finally, keep in mind that a keyboard may not be necessary for basic PS4 use, but it can enhance your gaming experience and improve your performance in certain games.

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