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Candys That Starts With F

Imagine embarking on a sweet-toothed adventure, a treasure hunt that takes you through the delectable world of candies beginning with the letter “F”. Did you even fathom that there could be a plethora of treats that start with F which are yet to caress your taste buds? Well, buckle up, because we are about to go on a sugary roller coaster ride!

Of course, some of you confectionery connoisseurs might already be familiar with the delightful wisps of cotton Floss that melt in your mouth, or the interactive and playful Fun Dip that transports you back to childhood. And who can forget the ever-so-classic Fudge, the velvety smooth treat that wraps your senses in pure indulgence?

But hold your sweet horses! These candies, my dear friends, are just the tip of the candy iceberg. There’s an entire universe of F-lettered candies that remains unexplored, and we are here, your intrepid guides, ready to unveil this sugary wonderland.

So, are you ready to satiate your curiosity and palate in equal measure? Prepare to dive headfirst into a world where every turn reveals an unfamiliar treat, waiting to be discovered. From candies that fizz and pop to those that are rich and decadent, this voyage has it all.

List Of Candies That Starts With F

Check the list of candies that start with f at a glance:

Ferrero Rocher Fig Newtons Fruit Chew Pops
Fraise Tagada Flicks Chocolate Wafers Fralinger’s
Fruit Stripe Gum Flipsticks Fruitie Tootie Twists
Fruit Gushers Forever Yours Fudge
Famous Grouse French Burnt Peanuts Fairy Floss
Fran’s Chocolates French Chew Taffy Fizzies Flake
Freia Melkesjokolade Freshen-Up Bubble Gum Fizzing Whizbees
Fort Knox Milk Chocolate Flossugar Fudge Or Fat
Fruit Rings Fruit Slices Fini
Fantabulous Fudge Bar Frosty Christmas Nerds Finders Keepers
Fancy Henny Ferrara Fishy Finger Friends
Flash Pop Lollipop Ring Flipstick Lipsticks Flipz Pretzels
Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Frankford Marshmallow Cнιcκs Fazermint
Fudgie Rabbit Fun Dip Frooties

Details About Candy That Starts With F

Although there are many candies, candy starting with “F” is always most different. 

Hope this article is going to refresh your mind with a brief overview of each candy from the above list. So, scroll to enjoy!

1. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Italian confectionery company Ferrero produces the Ferrero Rocher chocolate. It is ball-shaped candy wrapped with foil paper each. You will find this candy in a paper liner. 

Ferrero Rocher candy is full of strong cultural impact that becomes most famous in Christmas in the United Kingdom. 

Producers make this Ferrero Rocher candy with roasted hazelnut covered with milk chocolate. Besides sugar, butter oil, vanillin, a kind of artificial color, hazelnuts, palm oil, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, and skim milk powder are also used. Even wheat flour, whey, low-fat cocoa powder, sodium bicarbonate, and salt are other ingredients to make this delicious candy. 

2. Fraise Tagada

Haribo Company invented this Fraise Tagada candy in 1969. This inflated strawberry-shaped candy is colored lovely pink. Again, Fraise Tagada candy is covered with the refined sugar that is scented. 

Mainly sugar, gelatin makes this candy. Besides citric acid, flavoring, curcumin, carmine, and mixed carotenes are also used to produce this sweet Fraise Tagada candy. However, there is a new version available without the curcumin. 

3. Fruit Stripe Gum


Fruit Stripe Gum is a type of chewing gum with a natural fruit flavor. This candy is available in individual gum pieces with colorful stripes marked on each. At the same time, temporary zebra-striped wrappers make this Fruit Stripe Gum more attractive. 

However, there are two types of gum available with various flavors. They are chewing gum and bubble gum. Melon, cherry, lemon, orange, and peach smash flavors are available for chewing gum candy. On the other hand, cherry, grape, mixed fruit, lemon flavors are for the bubble gum. But the Chocolate Stripe version was available in 1970. 

4. Fruit Gushers

Fruit Gushers is a typical fruit snack candy that was first introduced in 1991. It is a soft and chewy candy. Besides, in the middle, it is full of fruity-juice centers. 

There are some unique flavors of this candy named ‘Asteroid Apple,’ ‘Berry Star Cluster,’ and the most mysterious ‘Unidentified Flavored Object.’ Even there held a contest among the consumers to guess the secret flavor. 

5. Fran’s Chocolates

Fran's Chocolates

When caramel met salt and draped itself in chocolate, Fran’s Chocolates were born. This is a luxurious affair – imagine a distinguished evening gala, where candies are in ball gowns. Each piece is hand-wrapped with meticulous care, echoing the love and craft that goes into making them.

6. Freia Melkesjokolade

Travel to the majestic fjords of Norway with Freia Melkesjokolade. This candy is like a centuries-old saga that begins in 1906 and continues to captivate palates. Rich milk chocolate tells tales of Scandinavian winters and warm homes.

7. Fort Knox Milk Chocolate

Christmas Milk Chocolate Coins

Fort Knox is one kind of milk chocolate that looks like the original gold coin when wrapped. This candy is wrapped with gold color foil paper. In addition, you will find several Fort Knox in a vibrant red window box. 

Mainly sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, and cocoa mass make this candy containing lactose, soy lecthin, and natural vanilla flavor. 

However, this candy will be an excellent pick for gifting someone beloved. 

8. Fruit Rings

Fruit Rings are a type of ring-shaped sweet candy. This candy is available with fruit flavor. In addition, mango, strawberry, orange, and vanilla flavors are also available for fruit rings candy. However, whole wheat is the main ingredient for this fruit rings candy. 

9. Fancy Henny

Kidsmania Candy Fancy Henny Toy

Fancy Henny is a colorful egg-shaped candy found with a hen standing over candy in the wrapper. It is the bubblegum egg-laying chicken candy. 

However, a box of this candy can be an excellent gift for your friend at Christmas.

10. Flash Pop Lollipop Ring

Kidsmania produces this Flash Pop Lollipop Ring candy. Sugar, high maltose syrup, water, buffered lactic acid, artificial flavors, and artificial colors are the main ingredients of this candy. 

The single pack’s weight of candy is about 0.56 Ounces. However, Flash Pop Lollipop Ring comes in about four different flavors. 

11. Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy

Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy

Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy is fruit-flavored traditional cotton candy. As this candy is moisture-resistant, you will need to consume the candy immediately after unpacking. 

Moreover, many seasonal varieties of Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy are available, like snowballs, cotton tails, spider webs, and scaredy cats.      

12. Fantales

Sweetacres first introduced the Fantales candy in 1930. It is a chocolate-covered chewy caramel candy. 

The ingredients of Fantales are sugar, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable fat, soy lecithin. Besides milk solids, cocoa, inverted sugar, salt, emulsifiers are also used with various, Flavors.

13. Flicks Chocolate Wafers

Walk down the red carpet with the stars of the early 1900s, as Flicks Chocolate Wafers take you back to the dawn of Hollywood. Introduced by Ghirardelli Chocolates in 1904, these chocolatey wafers are dressed to impress, with their flashy colored wrappers of red, yellow, green, and blue. Picture attending a grand premiere in an age where opulence was the order of the day, and every bite of Flicks is a standing ovation!

14. Flipsticks

Embrace your inner acrobat with Flipsticks! These vibrant sticks of old-fashioned taffy bring the circus to town. With flavors like strawberry, grape, banana, cherry, blue raspberry, and sour apple, they flip, twist, and turn your taste buds in all directions. It’s like being on a high trapeze, flying through the air with the greatest of ease, as the crowd below gasps and claps with joy.

15. Forever Yours Candy

Forever Yours Candy is like a timeless love letter, penned in chocolate. A marriage of vanilla nougat with buttery caramel, all veiled in bittersweet dark chocolate, it’s like a promise of eternal love. Imagine sitting under the moonlight, as the soft strumming of a guitar plays in the background, and sharing Forever Yours Candy with someone special.

16. French Burnt Peanuts

Travel to a quaint French village market with French Burnt Peanuts. These delightful peanuts, swathed in crunchy candy shells, speak in whispers of rustic European charm. The subtle salty touch is like a gentle breeze through French lavender fields. Picture yourself sitting at a roadside café, with a book in one hand and a handful of these delicacies, as the world slows down around you.

17. Freshen Up

Freshen Up gum is like a rejuvenating splash of cold water on a hot day. Introduced in 1975 by Cadbury Adams, this gum has a secret gel center that bursts with refreshment. Flavors like cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, and bubble gum act like a personal minty waterfall, cascading over your senses. Imagine trekking through a lush forest and finding a hidden waterfall, where you take a plunge into the invigorating waters.

18. Flossugar

Flossugar is a carnival in a bag! Imagine the swirling lights of a carousel, the laughter of children, and the soft, cottony magic that is Flossugar. With flavors like pink vanilla, sassy apple, and blue raspberry, it’s like your childhood dreams spun into sweet, airy perfection.

19. Fun Dip 

Packs of Fun Dip

Embrace the mad scientist within you with Fun Dip. Manufactured by Ferrara Candy Company, this treat is part chemistry, part magic. With edible sticks and colored sugar, you concoct your taste adventure. With flavors like lime, cherry, grape, watermelon, sour apple, and sour lemonade, it’s a dip into the wacky world of flavor experiments!

20. Fudge

Last but not least, Fudge is like a warm hug from your grandmother. Traditional, comforting, and endlessly customizable with fruits, nuts, chocolate, or caramel. Imagine sitting by a fireplace, wrapped in a cozy blanket, with stories of yesteryears floating around as you savor this square piece of

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Final Words

Perhaps you have already found your favorite candy that starts with F with some unfamiliar candy also. Right? 

However, possibly this article enriched your knowledge about the unusual candy with its history. Moreover, it will also help you enjoy the next candy name game with your friends and family!

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