Candy That Starts with V – Incredibly Tasty Selections 

candy that starts with v

Candies are the yummiest treat for your tongue. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, these little treats can make you happy within minutes. However, it is a lot fancier when you have the entire list prepared in hand with each alphabet and candy starting with that. 

So, we prepared the whole list of candy that starts with V. Now; you can enjoy candies starting with v as much as you want to. So, without any further ado, let’s know about the name of candy that starts with V.

Candy That Starts with V – The Perfect List 

Here is a list of each candy that starts with the letter v. let’s see what you can get: 

  1. Valentine’s Heart
  2. Valomilk
  3. Vanilla Fudge
  4. Vegan Chocolate
  5. Vanilla Chocolate
  6. Violet Crumble 
  7. Violets
  8. Volcano Rocks
  9. Velamints
  10. Violet Vampire Teeth
  11. Vanilla Lollipop
  12. Vimto Sweets
  13. Victory V
  14. Vanilla Wafers
  15. Violet Mints
  16. Valentine’s Violet Gum
  17. Vanilla Taffy
  18. Vollmilchschokolade
  19. Vanilla Jelly Beans
  20. Vodka Candy
  21. Valentine’s Vine Licorice
  22. Vicks Cough Drops
  23. Vine Candy
  24. Violet Creams
  25. V Fresh
  26. Very Berry Gummies
  27. Vimto Bar
  28. Victory Bar
  29. Velvet Chocolate
  30. Very Berry Skittles  
  31. Vimto Chews
  32. Victor Violette
  33. Valentines Heart Vitamin
  34. Valentines Chocolate
  35. Valentine’s Day
  36. Violet Skittles
  37. Vanilla Candies
  38. Vanilla Tootsie Rolls
  39. Vines
  40. Velvet Candy
  41. Violet Drops
  42. Vending Machine Candy
  43. Vanilla Gummies
  44. Viva
  45. Vimto Lolly
  46. Vroom
  47. Volcano
  48. Vanilla Ice
  49. Va Va Voom
  50. Vanilleeis
  51. Vector
  52. Vivil
  53. Violin
  54. Violet Sweets
  55. Vinto Vacum
  56. Vanilla Pops
  57. Velvet Crunch
  58. Valentina

Best Candies That Start with V And Their Taste

best candies that start with v

We have picked a few popular ones to explain the flavors to you. Let’s hop right into it! 

Valentine’s Heart

These candies are made of sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, glycerine, artificial and natural flavors, gelatin, vegetable gums, and artificial colors. You will get these candies in flavors like banana, wintergreen, lemon, orange, cherry, and grape.


Valomilk is a very old-fashioned candy that contains chocolate and flowing marshmallows inside. 

Vanilla Fudge

These candies are made of rich, thick cream that melts inside your mouth. It also includes corn syrup for the velvety taste. 

Vanilla Chocolate

The main ingredient of these chocolates is vanilla. Therefore, you will get to taste a crispy, crunchy, chewy vanilla savor from these. 

Violet Crumble 

The candy is a honeycomb toffee coated in a layer of compound chocolate. This Australian candy is fav to all, even during Halloween and valentines day. 

Violets Candy

The Howard company makes these candies with mints and gum. People who like mint-flavored gums will surely prefer this one. 

Volcano Rocks

These are concrete pieces of sweet candy that look like multi-colored rocks. 


These candies are very popular. The main ingredients are natural flavor, magnesium stearate, sorbitol, and sweetener. There are two available flavors: Peppermint and Chocolate.

Violet Vampire Teeth

These are specially made for Halloweens, shaped like vampire’s teeth. Different colored ones taste different. The purple ones taste like Squid. You will have the Watermelon flavor from the red ones. 

Vanilla Lollipop

Your candy cravings can be entirely fulfilled by these candies. These are a cross between cotton candy and caramel, with plenties of vanilla. This is just irresistible to taste! 

Vimto Sweets

When you need an instant tonic, this is right for you. These come in a fruity flavor with an excellent kick of flavors. 

Victory V

Though these candies are not widely popular now, they are made of sugar, acacia gum, syrup, added flavors, ammonia caramel, and linseed oil. These candies are vegan, so vegan people can taste them without any doubt. 

Violet Mints

Even though the name contains mint, you will hardly find the taste of mint from these candies. These are more cinnamon/clove-like flavored candies.  

Vanilla Taffy

These taffies taste like vanilla-flavored molasses with a combination of butter and caramelized sugar. The taste is very sweet and velvety. 


The name may sound weird, but this chocolate candy tastes heavenly. They contain milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa powder, MILK powder, vanilla flavor), vegetable oil, and almonds as the prime ingredients to make the candies. 

Vanilla Jelly Beans

As these candies are made of vanilla beans, of course, they taste like vanilla. You will get to taste a creamy, realistic flavor from these candies. 

Vodka Candy

These are the gummies to soak in vodka, and they will taste like vodka. If you overeat, you can even get drunk! 

Valentine’s Vine Licorice

These candies taste like classic Raspberry and have a mixture of licorice in it. The unique taste will surely catch your attention. 

Vicks Cough Drops

When you catch a cold, there is nothing better to reduce throat irritation than having Vicks Cough Drops. So you know the mint taste and how it helps in reducing your coughing. 

Vimto Chews

These chewable candies contain the taste combination of fruit juice like grape, raspberry, and blackcurrant. The sweet and sour combination will surely be your favorite. 

Valentines Heart Vitamin

This is the right choice for your valentine to ask her/him out on a date. The package and colorful candies are enough to melt someone’s heart. 


You will get a taste of fruity, minty, minuscule combinations from these candies. The whole packet will surely make your day incredibly tasty. 


These candies are basically dark chocolates and taste bitter as well as old. But people love these because of their unique taste. 

Violet Sweets

These candies come in different textures, as they are handmade. It will be fruity and a combination of sweet and sour taste. 

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Drawing To a Closure 

Out of all the candy that starts with V, hopefully, you have got your favorite ones as well. Candies are very popular to give as a gift during Valentine’s, Halloween, and even sometimes without any reason.

When your beloved one is mad at you, a bowl of candy starting with the same alphabet will surely melt his/her heart. 

We have put a lot of effort into picking out the best choices for you. As we described the tastes as well, it will make everything easier for you to choose. However, if somehow we missed out on your favorite candy, let us know in the comments! We will love to hear from you.

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