Candy That Starts With K – The Best Selections for 2024

candy that starts with k

Got a sweet tooth? We can’t deny that some candies can just melt your heart. So if you want to eat every candy that starts with each letter of the English language, we have prepared a list of candy that starts with k.

Eating candies can be enjoyable when you can proudly say that you have tasted all the candies, starting with a specific alphabet. Our today’s selections will definitely give you that pride. However, without any further talk, let’s get right into it! 

Candy That Starts With K – The Brief List 

  1. Kabaya
  2. Kafe
  3. Kandi Jewelry
  4. Kane Candy
  5. Kanro
  6. Karla
  7. Karma Candy
  8. Kasugai
  9. Kawaguchi
  10. Kencraft Candy
  11. Kendon Candies
  12. Kenny’s Candy 
  13. Kidsmania
  14. Kinder
  15. King
  16. King Leo
  17. Kits
  18. Kookaburra
  19. Kopiko
  20. Koppers
  21. Krackel Bar
  22. Krinos
  23. Killer Sharks Gummies
  24. Kit Taffy
  25. Krabby Patties Candy
  26. Kandy Korn
  27. Krabby Patties Gummies
  28. Kookaburra Licorice
  29. Krunch Bar
  30. Kandy Kane
  31. Kool Whip Flavored
  32. Krispy Kreme Flavored
  33. Kookie Krisp
  34. K.C.’s Cookies N Shit
  35. Krackle Bar
  36. Kisses
  37. Kopp Kops!
  38. Kits/Kit Taffy
  39. Klondike Kandy Bar
  40. Koko Cereal Bar
  41. Kits Taffy
  42. Key Lime Flavored Sliced Fruit Jelly
  43. Krackel
  44. Kiddie Mix
  45. Knoppers
  46. K Bar

Details About Candy That Starts With K – Taste Explanation 

We have picked a few famous candies to explain the flavors to understand which one to try first. Let’s check it out! 

  • Kabaya: if you got a craving for something sweet and sour, in the grape taste, this one is incredible. It comes in cube shapes. You will love the smell and flavor once you try it.
  • Kafe: if you are fond of coffee candies, this one will change your taste bud. This is not like typical coffee milk candies. Instead, the unique taste of coffee and balanced milk will surely blow your mind. 
  • Kane Candy: this candy stands out for its pretty look and taste. Once you taste it, there is no going back. It tastes very delicious like a dessert. 
  • Kanro: if you love hard candies, it will be a good choice. This candy is hard with a milky and creamy taste. It will just melt inside your mouth. 
  • Karla: this comes in unique cups with sweet tamarind and guava flavor. The aftertaste is a combination of sweet, spicy, and sour tastes.
  • Kasugai: you can try this one when you are looking for a strong shot-like taste. The smell is also very strong to hit you once you open the packaging. 
  • Kinder: if you like sour lime-flavored candies, it will serve your buds.  
  • King: the fruity taste is just fantastic to treat yourself. It has the flavor of juicy fresh strawberries. The aftertaste is like menthol, and you will feel it in every inhalation. 
  • Kits: these candies offer a variety of flavors; you can pick the fruity flavors as you like. The fruity flavors of strawberry and banana are delicious. You can also try the chocolate and vanilla flavors.
  • Kookaburra: if you like a subtle taste of licorice with a sour kick, it will serve that. It is not like gummies, but the candy is quite unique from other ones. 
  • Kopiko: while you are craving a sleek taste with a smooth feeling inside your mouth, you can have this one. The taste is flavorful coffee and milk with perfect balance in taste. 
  • Krackel Bar: it is an intense candy with a unique puffed rice-like flavor and nutty tastes. Because of the unique taste, you will definitely want to try it out! 
  • Krinos: Krinos come in crystal clear drop shapes. With each candy, you can have the kick of tangy licorice flavor with the right amount of sweetness.
  • Killer Sharks Gummies: these gummies come in two flavors. Both the blue raspberry and sweet marshmallow flavors are perfect in taste. Not only taste but also these gummies come in perfect shape and design.
  • Krabby Patties Candy: if you like chewy candies, it is perfect for you. The taste is like strawberry, and it feels like the 90’s popular candy tastes. 
  • Krispy Kreme Flavored: the Krispy Kreme is a real game-changer in the bucket with the perfect amount of sweetness. 
  • Kisses: basically, this one tastes like regular milk chocolates. But the flavors are balanced in the perfect way to lift your mood and fulfill your craving. 
  • Kopp Kops: these candies come with a licorice flavor with a chewy texture. It can soothe your cough or throat irritation perfectly. 
  • Klondike Kandy Bar: you will have a choice between the three flavors. The available flavors are caramel & peanuts, cookies & cream, and fudge crunch. All the flavors are awesome in taste, and you must try them! 
  • Krackel: another puffed rice flavored chocolate with the right kick of dark chocolate. You will surely love the nutty undertone. It doesn’t taste like usual kids’ candies at all! 

More For Candy Lovers: 

Is Gum A Candy?

No, gum usually drops in the confectionery variety. But many people consider it candy as it is made with added sweeteners. 

Is Marshmallow A Candy?

Yes, marshmallow is a candy. It is made out of corn syrup, gelatine, dextrose, and egg albumen. The texture might not be solid but it falls into the candy category for all. 

What Is The Oldest Candy In The World?

The Chocolate Cream bar is the oldest candy in the world. This candy was made in 1866. The candy was created by Joseph Fry and then became widely available as the first candy throughout the world. 

Is Mint A Candy?

Yes, if you are asking about hard mints, those are hard candies that are sweetened with flavored mint. There are many min candy brands that you will love like Breath Savers, Certs. 

Drawing To The Closure 

From our candy that starts with k list, you must have found your favorite chocolates and candies all in one place. All these candies are rich in flavor and taste that you will love eating. However, don’t overeat the chocolates as the added sugar can harm you.

After a lot of research and trying all the candies out, we have prepared the whole list and explained the tastes. Still, if we have missed any of your favorite candies by mistake, let us know! We are excited to hear from you.

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