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E-Blue Cobra - The Ultimate Gaming Mouse for Ergonomic Comfort

E-Blue has been on a constant role of rendering one on one state of the art electronic peripheral which takes the entire e-sports of experience to a new height. Besides other peripherals, the brand features an entire range of advanced mouse.

I was in the hunt of a few of the best wireless mouse, and my experience with this beauty compelled me to add it in my list. If you are seeking for a good product at a price within your means, this can be your go-to pick.

High-Performance Gaming Mouse with Ergonomic Grip

E-Blue Cobra Ergonomic Gaming LED Mouse

Even though the brand has not worked hard in terms of appearance, the stereotype shape, and the illuminating LED light makes it a sure love at first sight. Slightly futuristic fled sign, this mouse has two silver plating on the sides.

Furthermore, the switch for ultra-fast response and UV covering are for a smooth feel during usage. The gadget has 6 Programmable keys that you can personalize according to the need. The story makes no end here, in fact, this one has offered ergonomic design specially for right-hand users with all sorts of grip style.

Connection: 2.4G Wireless
Plug: USB
Receive Range: 6-15m
Battery: 2 x AAA (Not Included)
Dimensions: 129 x 64 x 38mm
Sensor: Red-Wave Optical
Resolution: 500/1000/1750 DPI
No of Keys: 6

Pros and Cons

Unboxing E-3lue Cobra Gaming Mouse

This mouse strictly encircles the e-sports lover who wants a reasonable mouse without a dent in their pocket. However, the fact is that merely affordability is insufficient, so let us take a look at the pros and cons of this amazing product by E-Blue.

  • Appealing design and shape is love at first sightnFlexible upgrading accessing to your neednThe ergonomic designnReasonable pricenA product for a comfortable cyber sport experience n6 Programmable buttonsnIlluminating blue LED lightnPower saving modenImpressive wireless mouse
  • Somehow heavy in terms of weight nLimited features

An eminent feature that makes this beauty outshine is that you can play all sorts of games with this one. While the ability to get upgraded adds to the pluses of this dazzling beauty. The wireless mouse has a powerful battery that renders hours of game and fun without a break. It requires 2 AAA batteries in order to function properly. Furthermore, the mouse has an optical sensor which yields DPI up to 2500 for the thrill to never end.

Besides, it has power saving optical sensor technology in-built with exponential power saving ability and low-voltage notification feature. Nonetheless, sleep mode activates after five seconds of inactivity, automatic power off when PC shuts down and receive plug removed for a long life battery. The 2.4 GHz radio connectivity renders stability while it accepts signals within the range of 30 feet of nano-receiver. The OMROM micro switch offers 5 million clicks so let the adventure begin, and 4 switches allow you to modify DPI according to your need.

E-Blue Cobra Junior Gaming Mouse Review!

Now, it’s time for a significant feature of any mouse, which is software. Regardless of the fact that the brand has paid a lot of attention towards the appearance and features, the software of this one so not up to the mark. The OMROM switch renders super-fast speed, while 2500 DPI by the advanced optical sensor is for your convenience. The power saving ability and high-end tracking system are all part of this marvelous product.

The E-Blue Cobra mouse is a good product for the e-sports lovers. This wireless mouse is simple and easy to operate. Nothing fancy the 2500 DPI rate promises speedy clicks during the game when you need to combat the opponent. Moreover, the supreme tracking system and 2.4 GHz connectivity falls under the criteria of a good gadget. Though the software is slightly disappointing, the excellent battery does not interrupt you during the match.

The E-Blue Cobra is quite a good mouse for the people with a soft corner towards e-sports. I would not say that it is a professional mouse, but a sensible pick for digital sports at such a minimal price.


The E-Blue Cobra Wireless Gaming Mouse may not be the most aesthetically pleasing mouse on the market, but it does have some unique features that make it stand out. It has a standard shape with a futuristic design that gives it a distinctive look. The mouse also has an illuminating LED light that adds a touch of elegance to it. It features a silver plating on both sides of the mouse, which gives it a sleek look.


The E-Blue Cobra Wireless Gaming Mouse is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It connects through a 2.4G wireless connection and has a USB plug. The receive range for this mouse is between 6 to 15 meters. It requires two AAA batteries to operate, which are not included in the package. The dimensions of the mouse are 129 x 64 x 38mm.


The E-Blue Cobra Wireless Gaming Mouse is an excellent product for e-sports lovers. It is straightforward and easy to operate. The 2500 DPI rate promises speedy clicks during the game when you need to combat the opponent. Moreover, the supreme tracking system and 2.4 GHz connectivity fall under the criteria of a good gadget. Though the software is slightly disappointing, the excellent battery does not interrupt you during the match.


Is the E-Blue Cobra mouse compatible with Mac or Linux operating systems?

Yes, the E-Blue Cobra mouse is compatible with both Mac and Linux operating systems. However, please note that some of the advanced features of the mouse may not be available on these systems.

How many buttons does the E-Blue Cobra mouse have, and are they programmable? 

The E-Blue Cobra mouse has a total of 6 buttons, all of which are programmable. This allows you to customize the mouse to your specific needs and preferences.

How long does the battery last, and how do I know when it needs to be replaced? 

The E-Blue Cobra mouse requires 2 AAA batteries to function, and the battery life can vary depending on usage. However, the mouse does have a low-voltage notification feature that alerts you when the battery is running low and needs to be replaced.

Does the E-Blue Cobra mouse come with any software, and is it necessary to install it? 

Yes, the E-Blue Cobra mouse comes with software that allows you to customize the settings and program the buttons. While it is not necessary to install the software, it can greatly enhance your experience with the mouse.

Can the E-Blue Cobra mouse be used for both gaming and everyday use? 

Yes, the E-Blue Cobra mouse is designed to be versatile and can be used for both gaming and everyday use. Its ergonomic design and customizable buttons make it a great choice for any computer user.

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