PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC – Cutting the Cord

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Discussed here are errors due to which PS4 controller keeps disconnecting From PC and also the solution to combat these issues.

The people reading this article, especially the boys, love gaming, and talking about gaming PS4 has always been a top priority for all of us. But, the main issue arising nowadays is problematic for all of us as the PS4 controller often keeps disconnecting from the PC. This is quite irritating for all of us when during our game we’re having an entertaining period with our peers and suddenly the controller disconnects from the PC. So, let’s discuss the factors due to which this problem arises in our PC and also the solution for all this in detail. For this, read this article till the end.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC

PS4 has always been and still the most wanted thing which we want to play with our friends. The PS4 controller can be tied up with our computer through any USB port or a Bluetooth wireless connection. But, the reason which causes disruption of signals and spoils our gaming may be due to any of the tools which may not properly be attached to the PC or due to a faulty system.

Reasons For Disconnection Of PS4 From PC

Disconnected PS4 Controller

The most common grounds for this disconnection problem may be any one of these:

• First, it may be if your computer is not fully charged
• If the device of your Bluetooth has perished
• If the wiring which you are employing is impaired
• If you are using a defective USB
• Or if the devices are distant apart exceeding the limits over 30 feet

All these reasons are a prior cause of disrupted signals which causes the controller to disconnect more frequently from your PC. You must keep a check upon all these issues before starting your game and make sure that all these tools are working properly and have been accurately assembled with your computer. If not, then you can restore its working for a better game experience.

If you’re experiencing issues with your PS4 controller continuously disconnecting from your computer, there’s a helpful article on our webiste that guides you through the process of connecting your PS4 controller to your laptop. 

The Primary Points For Countering Disruption

Even if your PC is creating an issue or any device that is not working properly because of which the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from PC, you can get help from here. To avoid disruption during your gaming and not to bother your play, here we have mentioned the easy and adaptable techniques for you. These techniques can sort out the issue very well which could be due to any of the defined problems.

1. Examine The Wiring attached

While inspecting the issues which cause the tripping of your PS4 from PC, wiring and cables are also a major reason for it. Even if you are using that wiring for a long period of time, then it may be a reason behind faulty operations your PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From the PC frequently. So, it is advised to you to buy new wirings from the market and enjoy a great play.

2. USB Must Be Examined

USB Cables Issues

One of the issues which may be the reason due to which your PS4 Controller keeps disconnecting from the PC is the inappropriate USB device. If you have connected this device to your PC and still it is not showing optimal performance, then it is advised to plug it off and try with another device. If that device is traced on the computer then your controller device must be creating an issue. While, if not, then you should go for another USB that sets appropriately with your controller device.

3. Scan The Charging Of Controller Device

Before starting your play, properly inspect the battery percentage of your PS4 controller device to avoid any disruption during the play. It is also one of the reasons why your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the PC and to ensure a great play, charge your battery well. Because if your device is not charged enough, the PS4 controller may be blocked. It could be any of the two cases whether the battery is not charged to optimum level or if the battery has functional issues then you might replace it to combat this problem.

4. Inspect The Reach Of Bluetooth Device

Among all the other issues, the reach of your BlueTooth device plays a prime role in proper functioning during your play. Bluetooth gadgets are small, subtle, and near-fetched tools that work perfectly if they are placed in close vicinity to the controller device. But, they won’t work properly if the distance is beyond their reach. So, while setting up your apparatus, make sure that the interspace between your Bluetooth gadget and controller device is not beyond 30 feet for their appreciable working.

Advanced Level Settings

If even through the primary steps your issue is not solved then you may look for the other techniques which involve the latest settings to ensure a quality play for you. First of all, you need to remove the driver of Bluetooth from the PC and again download it. Then, restore the working of your device by rebooting it to refresh its functioning.

You need to inspect whether your controller is operating properly or if the issue of its working is still unsolved. Plug your controller onto another computer, if still its faulty then buy a new one. The other reason may be because of the wireless link. You can also try to employ wirings to attach to your PC which even gives you better results because wires do not disrupt signals due to outreached signals. All this information would quite help you to fix your issue of disruption.


PS4 disconnect form the PC

What is the common reason for PS4 disconnecting from PC?

The most common reasons for which your PS4 keeps disconnecting from PC may be because of faulty apparatus or even if the gadgets are not properly assembled with the computer which may cause trouble during play.

What could be the reason for the controller to disconnect from the PC?

If you are worried about the controller disconnection from the PC then it may be because wirings are not properly assembled. For this, try to fix it either by moving its position to where it fixes or unplugging it and then plugging it again into the device. This time it might work better.


All of our youth, especially the boys, are so driven in gaming that they want to spend hours gaming without any disruption. But, when their PS4 keeps disconnecting from PC it causes interference in their play which is quite annoying. If you are also having this issue while gaming with your fellows then just have a look at this article. Here I have explained the most common errors which we often make while setting up the apparatus and also the solutions to counter these mistakes. These instructions might help you in play.

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