Advantages of World of Warcraft Forums and Sites for Beginners

World of Warcraft Forums and Sites for Beginners

World of Warcraft is one of the most famous MMO RPG projects in the global gaming industry and has more than 10 years of active development of the project and regular release of updates dedicated to expanding game content and features.

Beginners who just come to the world of Azeroth to try their hand should come into contact with a lot of game mechanics, understand and adjust the character and the current meta for themselves, and learn how to farm and conduct PVP. The objective of the Dragonflight update will be to explore new islands that still need to be downloaded.

In order to develop your character faster and more correctly, you need to read auxiliary sites, forums, or contact services that specialize in World of Warcraft and similar popular online projects.



Skycoach is a service that opens up a completely different World of Warcraft for beginners through interaction with professional players.

You can buy game gold in any amount with a money-back guarantee, and get boosting, coaching and raid carry services from professional Skycoach players.

Buying gold

Gold is always needed, and it is not always possible to get it in the right quantities.

The service will help resolve the issue with gold, even if it is a very small amount of gold, because sometimes we are talking about a shortage of quite a bit of a notorious legendary item, and then it will be able to help you.

The service guarantees the anonymity and protection of the transaction from the attention of the game administration.


Boosting is a service in which you entrust your account and character to a professional player to ensure that the player is upgraded to the desired level, saving you from unnecessary routine and running around on quests.

VPN is used to perform the service, and the service guarantees the safety of personal data and is responsible for the security of the account. As technology advances, so does cybercriminal activity. Hackers are continuously finding new and smarter ways to target sensitive data, putting your privacy at risk. Although VPNs are often brought up as a solution for keeping your online activities from prying eyes, some doubt remains.


Instead of leveling a character, take a full-fledged training service, where a professional game player will tell you the main mechanics of World of Warcraft, help you decide on the main character, teach you the technique of proper leveling, advise a class development branch, and teach you how to play PVE and PVP.

Raid Carry

Raid carry

The raid is one of the most challenging, interesting, and lucrative places to get the best gear. Having good gaming equipment also goes a long way.

To win the raid, you need to find a well-coordinated and prepared group, enter the dungeon, and complete it without errors so that the raid does not end in failure and then share the reward with the whole group.

Professional players can take you with them to a group that is guaranteed to pass a raid of any complexity, including Mythic and Mythic +, where you will get all the rewards and the final experience.



Wowhead is a huge database of guides that will help new and experienced World of Warcraft players find the answer to any question regarding the game.

If you don’t know who you want to play

The game divides classes into three main attributes:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence

Players who want to always be in close combat and at the forefront of the attack can choose a tank or dagger.

Those who want to deal large and massive damage to targets from afar will suit mages and archers.

For a single-player game, the master of beasts, or the warlock, is suitable.

To explore the world of Draktir and Druid.

To protect allies, tanks, healers.

Each class has several uses, but these are the main scenarios.

There is a description of each class on Wowhead, with recommendations on leveling, equipment, behavior in PVP, and raids.

If you want to earn more gold, you can find a bunch of professions for each class, which will help not only equip your hero with everything you need but also produce items for sale for a monetary reward.

Try to immediately read about the negative aspects of each class – this will help you avoid disappointment in the future and understand the features of your preferred character.

For example, a mage is mana-dependent and can die as quickly as he can kill a target. Needs strong magical armor with good defense and mana. Requires a good weapon and magic critical chance.

The archer has an advantage in maneuverability, but in battle, you need to move a lot, and not shoot while standing still – only then the potential of the class will be revealed to the fullest.

World of Warcraft Forums

World of Warcraft Forums

Another reliable and useful source of knowledge about the game is the experience of other players, which they can share at any time.

We are talking about forums – on them, players discuss all the pleasant and not-pleasant moments on the project, share their opinions and help each other in mastering new content.

On the forums, you can find like-minded people, or a good guild in the recruiting section.

You can always create your own topic and get answers to your questions, or have a discussion with other players. Of course, the topic should not contain insults, carry misinformation for others, and not be outright nonsense in the eyes of the moderator, then everything will be fine.

The advantage of forums is that the players themselves regulate useful content and important discussions. Uninteresting and untruthful topics are quickly exposed and closed by the moderator.

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